Banal, CGI-drenched Hollywood tripe, Out Of The Shadows is everything that’s wrong about blockbuster cinema, and is completely void of any charm, personality or originality of its own. From the outset, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is at odds to highlight the differences to Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and, Donatello, just in case those of you who successfully skipped the original film were somehow convinced that the sequel would be a vast improvement. Considering that its four leading characters are life-sized mutant turtles named after renaissance artists that were raised by a rat in the sewer and munch on pizza profusely, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows is painfully derivative.
Director Dave Green actually sets-up and shoots Out Of The Shadows’ opening gambit of action in a cohesive and energetic fashion.
But Shredder seems to spend most of the film pointlessly brooding in the corner, and Krang, who resembles an octopus on steroids crammed inside a microwave, pops up towards the end of the first act, only to then disappear until the finale.
After its impressive opening, Out Of The Shadows’ action set pieces become more and more underwhelming as it progresses, too. Ever since movies like TopGun and Iron Eagle, we have always pursued to find out what it was like to be the top-ace of a state-of-the-art aircraft, shooting down foes and slaying many enemies. In terms of narrative, all you have to know is that you are a top-ace pilot taking off in experimental aircraft, a rauser, in a world that is spun from World War I, World War II, and kind of The Cold War. The game looks and sounds sharp and players will reminisce on arcade games long past that were all about fighting waves of dastardly foes.
The game has an old-fashioned color palette to evoke the sense of an old combat mission underway.
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This is even more frustrating considering that Out Of The Shadows is full of the Turtles’ most iconic villains.
Stuffed with a pack of villains that have seemingly been thrown together without much care or thought, Out Of The Shadows soon sets up the MacGuffins that will dictate the film’s plot, sign-posting exactly how it will unfold.

This disintegrates the entire conflict (which was scant anyway) from Out Of The Shadows’ conclusion, while Brad Garrett almost instantly and then consistently annoys as the voice of Krang. They’re all let down by a dire, overly expositional, and just downright dumb and unfunny script. You are on a suicide mission to kick the enemy’s butt, destroying blimps, battleships, subs, and hundreds of aircraft. Players will take to the ocean and the skies, fighting ships, jets, boats, and other swift military hardware. As your score goes up and you stay alive longer, more enemy ships fill the screen, along with hundreds of white bullets. From the days of the Nintendo SNES and the SEGA Genesis to the PlayStation 3 and the Playstation Vita, gaming has been a big part of me. The interactive arts are our passion, this includes gaming and innovations brought forward with technology.
Instead it succumbs to the same tonal issues that scuppered its predecessor, finding itself stuck in the middle ground between being too dark for kids, and too dumb for adults. In this scene, Dave Green and his team of special effects gurus are able to mix the CGI Turtles with practical effects that includes a speeding garbage truck driven by the turtles, police-van carrying the villains, and its escorts being attacked by an array of motorbikes and a helicopter. Baxter Stockman, while Bebop and Rocksteady inject some much needed fun and light-heartedness into the proceedings.
A police station break-in, a plane jump, and then its ending where New York is overwhelmed by an invading and assembling alien spacecraft are just too similar to scenes from Iron Man 2, Furious 7, and The Avengers, respectively.
They’re more annoyingly moody than anything else, as they flirt with turning into humans after discovering a Retro-Mutagen. Battleships with AA guns and submarines with cruise missiles step in to make things harder and ace aircraft lock onto you no matter what direction or how fast you are flying.
Moreover, you’ll be just moments from completing an objective, only to have some kind of unavoidable bullet terminate you mid flight.

Luftrausers is a unique title that is well-worth your time and highly recommended to players seeking for a unique title with challenging fun. The beauty of being an independent organization is the fact that we have the opportunity to bring back the enthusiasm in a gaming industry which is becoming increasingly corporate and stale. An overabundance of special effects just stops their personalities from shining through and them becoming even remotely relatable. Independently developed by Vlambeer studios, Luftrausers is a nice, refreshing take on good-old fashioned bit-blasting that puts up a very good fight. Finally, the music is a blast to listen to, once again underscoring your fight into the wild yonder and the many enemies that will come you way. The Dual Pixels brand is full of perspective hence the reason why we also go by the appellation "The Digital Crossover". The Turtles, along with the help of the returning April O’Neil (Megan Fox) and Vern Fenwick (Will Arnett), as well as a vigilante by the name of Casey Jones (Stephen Amell), combine to try and bring down this team of villains. Which, when combined with the above, makes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows more half-assed than half-shelled. Players will frequently be saying “One More game” to themselves in that attempt to complete a mission and finally triumph over the enemy. But the stakes are raised even higher when Krang (Brad Garrett) tries to spark an extra-terrestrial invasion over New York City.
You’ll go through the game finding out which customization works for you. Players earn customization through completing mission objectives based on their weapons and rauser choices. As its old school visual style would indicate, some of these objective are incredibly challenging, especially with larger objectives such as destroying submarines and blimps.

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