WATCH: Dad Abandons Her On A Dirt Road But When He Looks In The Rear View Mirror There's A Shocking Twist!
YouTube Description: Walk On The Wild Side is a brand new comedy series that seeks to provide a long overdue forum for the views and opinions of the animal kingdom. WATCH: Soldier Saves A Puppy Before He Has To Leave Iraq, Watch What Happens When They Reunite! A Stray puppy was found on an army base in iraq and quickly won the hearts of every soldier at the camp. A 550 pound black bear named Sequoia at the Sacramento Zoo has an unlikely friend in a stray cat called Little Bear.
Twinkie the Jack Russell terrier just broke a Guinness World Record and the video is fantastic to see!

The talent of balloon popping runs in the family as Twinkie's mom Anastacia broke the record twice, once in 2005 and again in 2008. The great game physics and super bonuses make this game unforgettable.With each level of play will be increasingly difficult, just waiting for you in the game fight with the boss 4.
A This woman was just on her iPad (didn't even look like she was taking video) when a dolphin jumped up, grabbed it and dropped it into the water!! A With all the serious news happening lately it was nice to watch something simple that makes you smile. A The black cat started hanging out around the bears home, eating food and Sequoia didn't seem to mind. A And full disclosure anything short of this dog getting legit hurt bad I'll still laugh at.

A I can't tell you how many times I have taken my beagle for a walk and had to figure out a way to get him to drink water (if I don't bring a little bowl with).
A Instead of leaving him behind, he raised the funds needed to bring him back to California.

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