Of course, to see the game in 4K, you’re going to need a PC powerful enough (and monitor capable) to make that happen. For more on Grand Theft Auto V, check out our review and impressions of the recently added online heists. I would really love to believe the police worked the way that photo shows, that you can be somewhat hidden where he is, but we all know the police can see that and are suicide driving through the forest to kill him a second later. Like I said beyond a certain point my need for graphical fidelity and capability is switched off. A listing on the Korean ratings board suggests a remastered version of Gravity Rush is heading to PlayStation 4 at some point.

While we’ve tagged this as a rumor, this particular ratings board has been spot on numerous times in the past. Team Gravity and Sony teased a sequel for the Vita title back in 2013 at TGS, and even the year prior, but next to nothing has come to light since. If you were wondering if it’s worth the wait, these new 4K screenshots might help you decide. Also, you can check out our previous coverage to learn more about what hardware you’ll need to play GTA V on PC.
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I have it for my PS4 and it's gorgeous and GTA Online is finally getting to where it should have been from the start.
This 4k crap is for people purely worried about those arbitrary numbers and bench test markers. Just gimme actual vehicles and I'll spend hours upon hours smashing up Mustangs, Porsches, Lambos, and Ferraris.

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