Jeannel King is a Graphic Facilitator, Stick Figure Strategist ®, coffee drinker & a Past President of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners. About Big Picture SolutionsAt Big Picture Solutions, we help leading organizations bring ideas to market faster. When Apple upgraded to iOS 6 last June, it added emoji depicting gay and lesbian couples for the first time.
Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". My grandfather Frank Cavaliere was born in New York on December 1st, 1923 and my grandmother Mary Cavaliere was born on June 18th, 1921 in Sicily. During my time with my grandfather I have learned how to make a delicious pasta sauce with freshly picked tomatoes from his backyard.

The next time you want to show that you like something, pick up the pen and pop out a thumb! Our visual thinking approach helps diverse thinkers - from engineering to marketing to finance - understand each other's fields, generate insights and crystalize ideas. But if you look closely, you'll notice that, among emoji with clearly delineated ethnicities, only a handful appear to be non-Caucasian. It's not the first time, but users are asking Apple to once again consider expanding its emoji catalog to more accurately reflect reality. I do not know much about my grandmother because she passed away before I could really get to know her, but she did board a ship from Italy to the United States with her family when she was only three years old. On the other hand, I have spent a lot of time with my grandfather who has dabbled in quite a few professions such as owning a restaurant, cooking, and working for United Airlines and the air force as a plane mechanic.

Improved productivity, from everyone being on the same page … rapid innovation … and actionable plans that all can agree on. Whenever I am with him, he tends to instill the fact that we are Italian by either speaking it to me or teaching me to read it.
But of the more than 800 emojis, the only two resembling people of color are a guy who looks vaguely Asian and another in a turban.

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