Don’t do too much personalization on favors so that you can return, reuse, or donate leftovers.
Many caterers charge you in bulk (because that’s how they have to buy) so you pay for stuff you don’t need. Consider purchasing individual serving sizes of drinks so you can reduce the waste and can either enjoy the remainder later or even return it (very handy for alcohol). Try to find vendors you like that are near to the venue to avoid making them drive halfway across the state.
Buy more than you need to be safe but make sure you can return the excess so it doesn’t end up in the trash after the wedding. Not only is giving in to the temptation to take on every conceivable project going to make you crazy and broke, it will make for a lot of pointless stuff that will get tossed. Choose a photographer who shoots in digital and provides your proofs in that format as well. Due to the frames on the mantel, framed table numbers, framed signs around the reception, and an ill-fated “lyrics wall” project, we had a ton of leftover picture frames painted to match each other. You will be stuck with a lot of random stuff at the end of the night from the restroom guest baskets.
Some flowers that are past their prime and begin to droop can still be made into beautiful submerged floral arrangements, saving you time and saving the flowers from a sad fate of never being appreciated. Hold a post-wedding garage sale to turn your leftovers into someone’s brand new object of adoration. January 7, 2013 By ericadeuel 34 Comments At the beginning of each new year, Matt and I go on a date to reflect on the past year and share goals for things we want to accomplish in the coming year. This is my most favorite post I have ever come across on Pinterest, and believe me I’ve pinned a lot! My machine seems to be having some difficulty going over the thickest points when putting Tue long strips all together.
Love the quilt and the ideas for your room makeover, Erica, especially like the LOVE backboard! I think I might try this, except I would like to use denim squares from all the old jeans I have lying around for the backing. You will collect your loyalty points as usual, so shopping at Sainsbury’s will give you Nectar points. If you’re already using online supermarket shopping, using mySupermarket is a bit of a no-brainer.
We get into a state of mind where no cost – financial, ecological, or otherwise – is too great for our big day! Consider edible favors, a donation, something biodegradable like flower seeds or flowers, or simply something awesome that no one will want to throw away. Putting them at every place setting means that people feel obligated to take something even if they don’t want it.
After our wedding we had lots of leftover milk cartons that were good for a long time so we got to enjoy them after we got back from our honeymoon.
Not to mention, it saves you money and the peace of mind you get from knowing your delicate cake isn’t careening down the interstate at 75mph for an hour is a major bonus. Many wedding items are never re-used and you can save money and the environment by sharing with someone else. Print out only what you need and be realistic because most people don’t have room for 100 wedding photos on their walls, nor will they ever look through a binder of photos either. Not only are they a terrible waste of money (they suck…I found out the hard way), but they are wasteful.

I’m very excited to make a photo wall with these items in my home to showcase the pictures from the wedding, our son, etc.
Or, if you share wedding flowers like I mentioned above, it’s a good way to ensure that Day 2 Bride still gets a really cool look. There are thousands upon thousands of cool things available in thrift stores, at garage sales, in your basement, or even in your panty that can made into something unique and exciting with a little love and effort. There are really good sites out there who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of greener weddings.
If you asked for my shirt, I’d give it to you (as long as I had something under it to wear! This can be easy for just one or two items, but doing it for all the things you buy from the supermarket would be difficult, especially if the supermarkets you want to compare are far apart. It actually enables you to shop at the four supermarkets, without going to their own websites.
Another plus is that I feel like we only really got to enjoy our food in the form of leftovers because we were so nervous on the day of the wedding. This means that a half full dish is likely at the end of the meal just so the last people through the line don’t feel like they are getting scraps.
My first suggestion would be cut projects that don’t add much to the overall wedding and are wasteful. Consider other options like a photo sharing app (this one is great) or renting digital cameras for each table (here). Do the earth and your wallet a favor and buy flowers that are in season from a florist who buys at local flower markets. Arrange to have them collected, cared for, and donated promptly to a hospital, retirement home, or even another bride who is getting married within a day or so of your wedding.
Added bonus, items you put work into will mean a lot more to you than the piddly stuff you buy.
We talked a lot about the blog, and it had me reminiscing some of my favorite moments and posts from last year. How Much more material would I need so that the quilt would go over the pillows to tuck them in and go to the floor. I had an image in my head, but seeing it completed (and recently aquiring a sewing machine) really makes me feel that I could do it!!
Going to try and make one each for my kids (twin sized) for their recent room male overs we’ve been working on. Naturally, online shopping makes this easier but mySupermarket has taken the idea much further. No matter which store you choose, as you shop, you will see the total cost at all four supermarkets so you can compare them. In fact, the system will also check your basket and suggest items you can swap for similar products and save money. If you don’t shop online, you may think that having to pay for delivery will wipe out any saving you might make.
Note: If you search for local vendors, you have to put in a category or it comes back with no results.
In that spirit, I decided to repost my favorite post (with some fresh edits and condensed content) from 2012 – my DIY King Size Rag Quilt. I have the same problem…hence why there are so many unfinished projects around my house! If you find another store is cheaper for all the items you’ve chosen, you can switch to that store with one click and continue shopping from there.

According to mySupermarket, you save about 30% on your shopping, which should easily cover your delivery costs. The glass canisters that held our favors have been repurposed in the laundry room and kitchen. I’ve been known to approach strangers on the street, staring at their clothes, and beg them to give them to me to make a quilt. In many ways, the mySupermarket shop is actually nicer to use than the supermarkets’ own web sites. Plus you will find that a lot of these suggestions also save you money or are in some other way equipped with an added bonus.
And by “live” I mean take up space in because I managed to kill the living ones pretty promptly with this awesome black thumb I have! A I decided to cut up my current quilt (and another green quilt we had lying around the house) to use in it.A  If you have ever made a rag quilt, you know it takes three layers of fabric to sew together, before you startA assembling your squares.
A By using my old quilts, I not only saved money by not having to buy two of the layers (it worked for my stuffing and back fabric)a€¦I also only had to cut TWO layers of fabric rather than three! I finally finished cutting the old quilts plus all my decorative fabrics and thought that alone was a huge accomplishment!! A I then sewed from corner to corner to join them together and create an a€?xa€? across the two pieces in order to make them one. A After I had done this to all my fabric, I laidA them out and decided how I was going to attack it. A I got more fabric of some of my favorite pieces than others, so I didna€™t have equal amounts of squares to create a pattern. A  My sweet girl LOVED sitting on the quilt as I laid it out to see which strip should go next. A In this picture you can see one a€?downsidea€? of reusing a quilt as your stuffing and backing. A After changing the sheets, we never could easily tell which way the quilt went back on so it fit the bed the way we liked it. A I added a special touch to the corner of this quilt, that should be up by my husbanda€™s head, to make that process easier from now on. This beautiful quilt was the start of our six month bedroom makeover.A  After making the quilt, I made the headboard, painted the room, redid an old auction chair, and added some fun new accessories.A  The space feels completely different, and it has become my favorite room in the house! I am totally guessing on all my numbers here, but I am going to give you my best estimate of my quilta€™s a€?factsa€? in case you want to try to make your own. Materials: Two queen size quilts (for stuffing material and back material) My squares are 11a€?x11a€? My quilt is 10 squares down and 11 squares across in its rows About 15 yards of fabric. A I got a yard of each fabric except my two favorites ( I got two yards of each of those) Although I bought 15 yards, I have lots of scraps! A I edged with my scraps and I have enough to make the front of shams and probably some creative a€?scrap pillowsa€?, so you could probably get away with maybe 13 yards?
A The important part is the three inches, so the width is the same folded around your quilta€™s edge. A If you make a rag quilt, I would LOVE to see a picture!A  Thank you so much for stopping by!

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