If you are shopping for ANYTHING online, then do some research before you run out and click buy. Be Patient – If you email a seller about an item that is overpriced, and they refuse to negotiate, just give it a few days before trying again.
Look for furniture or appliances or anything that needs restored at garage sales, flea markets, or on Craigslist. I’ve made thousands of dollars by simply buying items that work great, then turning around and reselling them for a higher price. Description – When you list an item on Craigslist, make sure to write a positive and promotional description which addresses all of the questions you would have if you were looking to buy. If you are looking for additional ways to make money online, consider reading my guide on making money taking surveys and starting a blog and making money.
This is awesome, I have read a whole whole lot of blogs in my day but I don’t really remember ever responding to this one. Those who are complaining about not being able to find stuff to Flip I just want to tell them that they are not serious if that is the case. I am in the beginning stages of starting a part time furniture updating business for fun with the hopes of making a little extra money. I’ve been dabbling in this for a while now, and I have it down to science at this time.
Ken Skaggs is a 30-year veteran trucker and safety professional, who has always been a writer, and an entrepreneur at heart.
I’m not sure how this works in Texas, but here in Indiana (and in Illinois) you can just hand the title to the new buyer without ever putting it in your name.
The other option is, go ahead and transfer the title into your name and pay the fees and taxes, then add it to your price. When one buys a car and then resells it but does not register the car before selling it has committed tax fraud. If you hand over the title to the new owner just like that, how can the new buyer be sure that you are the owner of this car since your name is nowhere on that title.
Most states allow you to drive a car home, or to the DMV (where you purchase your license plates). You will learn exactly how to sell on Craigslist: make extra money to fund your passion project. I created this course because I believe that money should NEVER stand in between you and what you want to achieve. Selling on Craigslist is one way for you to make extra money while getting rid of stuff that doesn't serve you anymore.
In this course, I let you look over my shoulder as I teach the exact same strategies used to make $6000 (and growing) selling on Craigslist.
Python Programming Bootcamp - Learn the Language Behind Google + YouTube - 50 Hours Training! This works for almost any category of item, but you have to know the value of whatever you want to flip. I’ve bought and sold dozens of video game consoles, computers, and computer peripherals.
Air conditioners, heaters, motorcycles, hunting season goods, sporting goods, and many more are seasonal items.

It’s easy to sign up and list your items, and you can begin by selling the junk you don’t use! I just launched a website that will scan the products on craigslist and compare the prices of the items with amazon and ebay and display the potential profit. It would take time for Amazon to ship the item and by then there’s the obvious flake factor.
You can always look for stuff worth flipping on CL or you could go to your nearest goodwill with a scanner app and if you are not very unlucky you will find something worth flipping.
I have an ad on CL to haul away metal scrap for free and have gotten used washers, dryers,mowers,tools,storage shelves etc that were in good working condition and sold for profit. The one thing I am not keen on about selling on Craigslist is having people come to my house often.
The town I live in (North Judson, Indiana), is located midway between Chicago and Indianapolis.
Study your nearby Craigslist cities, and determine which one has the most people with money. Take some good pictures and post your ad on the larger, more lucrative city area Craigslist.
A lot of people shop Craigslist from their mobile phones, and many of them can simply click on a phone number to dial it.
Since 2000, he’s had 150+ articles published by Ten-Four Magazine, Careers in Gear, Driver Story Magazine, and dozens of websites.
An I make a few bucks– Butt what th HAY I guess thats what its all about.Most of th time after I get a vehicle -Haul it -clean it- fix all small problems-That previous owner would not fix-It trueley is a pretty reliable vehicle !!!!!!!
But after you get it home, and get it cleaned up and ready to sell, don’t drive it any more if you can help it. Getting a signed bill of sale is really important because it proves that you just now bought the car. All states also have a law against how many cars you can sell in a year without a license, usually about 5. In fact, I am very mechanically inclined, I learn everything I can about any car I sell, and I relate ALL that to my customers- I am TOTALLY honest- more honest than the average person selling a car.
I called my state DMV office and they told me it was completely legal to sell a car without putting it in my name first. Before you ever look to purchase, put in the time to research prices, quality, and customer feedback.
Many folks on Craigslist don’t have a clue about the fair market value of items listed. This gives you more negotiating power and allows you to mention the items inability to sell at the initial price point. I’ve bought sale items on Amazon and immediately listed them on Craigslist for a 100% profit. They can be found during the off-season at a fraction of the price that they will fetch during peak buying season!
The leverage i create is i tell the buyer that if they pay full price, i will include delivery. There are many new card readers that you can attach to smartphones, but they take a percentage for the swipe.

You should read my latest post on How to Never Lose Money where I hit most of these as well.
In fact, For the past three months, I have averaged over $1000 in extra income by doing exactly this. So, although it is a rural area with very few jobs, it is an excellent location for making money on Craigslist.
In my case, there are some rural areas near me, where people have very little money (like Kokomo, Indiana), and areas where people have more money (like Chicago).
I have found that most people who have owned a car for a long time will tell you all about it- what it needs, how dependable it is, etc. Sometimes just a little touch-up paint in a few strategic spots can make a huge difference. This way if something is about to pop, it won’t happen to you, it will happen to the next guy. I know it is illegal, but I simply put any old license plate on it and hope I make it home! Whatever it is, find out how much it costs, click on the TAKE THIS COURSE button and let's get you selling on Craigslist quickly so that you can make the money you need. That’s what I teach my grand children and I am sure some of them will take over my empire. I was considering a cash only option, but am realizing this will exclude a lot of potential customers. I don’t know enough to recommend any particular brand, but maybe another reader knows? If yes, that means I will have to cover the cost of sales tax on the car by jacking the price of the car. You’ll see all sorts of wild pricing and you need to know the value of items before jumping in the game. I’m just going to lay it all out, exactly what works for me, step by step, right here on this page.
If I find one that catches my eye, I’ll email them and explain that I am on a tight budget and only have $500. Don’t try to get the price lower because it needs work, or simply offer less for no reason. Please correct me if i am wrong..How do you cover yr money for sales tax in this whole equation? This way, if I do get pulled over, I can show the cop that I just bought it, and I have insurance.
I’ll tell him I am on my way right now to get plates, and usually they will give you a break.

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