It’s not as easy as it sounds so don’t expect to rake in the cash the moment you set up your blog.
Here, we ask the people who are helping the bloggers make money and also the bloggers themselves in Malaysia, to see if there is real money in the Malaysian blogosphere. However, there are some bloggers who have made a name for themselves as lifestyle bloggers, such as Kinky Blue Fairy and Chuckei.
For the lifestyle bloggers, the persona they have created online has attracted various brands to advertise on their website, either through banner advertisements, product reviews or advertorials.
Another way to make serious money is what a foreign blogger in Malaysia, Zuzanna Chmielewska, does.
According to an anonymous source from a digital agency in Petaling Jaya, on average, popular bloggers in Malaysia bring in about RM4,000 to RM5,000.
Bach recommends starting simple, by putting at least 10% of your gross income into a pretax retirement account, such as a 401(k), Roth IRA, or traditional IRA. It’ll likely grab $100 million-plus in the debut (it might be as high as $140 million), which would be a record breaker for August. Focusing here on a ragtag group of bad guys who aren’t as iconic to audiences as Batman and Superman, Warner Bros. But with two films from its DC Comics cinematic universe being slaughtered by critics, Warner Bros.
Software developers who make games like Grand Theft Auto V earn a lot of money from the get-go. The nine highest-paid graduate jobs have been announced by salary benchmark site Glassdoor. The key takeaway is that if you want to make a lot of dosh straight out of uni, you should study engineering. Unlike structural engineers, civil engineers are more concerned with the whole design of a structure, which can be anything from roads and buildings to bridges.
The umbrella profession under which structural and civil engineers operate, engineering can cover projects both big and small, from designing the mechanics of a skyscraper to creating a new electronic gadget. Cars and planes are central to the modern world, which means there is always a need for mechanical engineers. The debate over whether there’s a difference between a software engineer and developer rages on, but at the moment it looks like the engineers pip the developers in the graduate pay stakes. The markets may have had a tough time since the 2008 crash, but that hasn’t stopped analysts being the highest-paid professionals straight out of university.
Beyond love, commitment and endless promises of the moon, being married can actually play a role in how much you are making. Statistics from the 2013 Current Population Survey (CPS) in the United States show that a strong marriage premium persists for both young and middle-aged men.  The figures indicate that married men aged 28 to 30 years old earn almost US$16,000 (RM53,252) more than their single peers in a year.
Meanwhile, middle-aged married men aged 44 to 46 years old reportedly earn almost US$19,000 (RM63,241) more in a year than their unmarried peers.
Some attribute this to the common perception that employers take a man’s marital status as an indicator of his character, such as being more stable and responsible and is paid accordingly. Employers might also consciously or unconsciously give preference to married men when considering promotions, on grounds that the married employee has more financial dependents or a family to support. On the other end, it might just be that married men are more likely to tough it out at work, because the other option is to “let your wife and kids starve to death.” Meanwhile, single guys are more likely to take a sick day off or sleep off a bad hangover.
Interestingly, the same survey did not show any statistical difference in personal income between married and single women.
Couples are also more likely to pay substantially less for basic living costs than a single person. Having two income streams also mean you are able to put more into your financial investments than you would if you were single.
With soaring property prices, the only way that many people can own a home is to opt for a joint loan.

The reason for this is because home loans tend to be so large, that a person’s income may not be enough to fulfil a lender’s desired debt-to-income ratios.
Financial institutions will take this into account when assessing your repayment capability, as well as your other debt repayments such as car loan, personal loan and credit cards. If you’re planning to buy a property in the city centre, be prepared to pay about RM600,000 for the most basic condominium unit.
The 2012 findings by the Household Income Survey (HIS) showed that the mean monthly income in Malaysia is about RM5,000, which means that many will find it difficult to secure a home loan in this point of time. A joint loan makes it easier for applicants to qualify for loans by combining incomes and credit scores.
However, getting a joint loan is by no means an easy decision as it will mean that your credit rating will be tied to the other person who you signed the documents with. In some instances, filing for joint assessment can help married couples save on their taxes.
According to Section 45 of Malaysia’s Income Tax Act 1976, all married couples have the right to choose whether to file individual or joint taxes. Previously, only a woman can elect to be assessed separately from her husband if she derived income from employment, a pension or a qualifying profession.
Joint assessment is beneficial to the couple if either the husband or wife is a salaried employee and their spouse has no income or earns less than RM35,000 in a year.
Joint assessment can also help mitigate financial losses incurred if you are running a business.
Studies also show that financial success is tied to sex (which is closely related to higher confidence levels and self-esteem according to a study), which comes with being in a relationship.
Given the financial perks and benefits you’re missing out while canoodling with your cats, singletons may just have to work harder to fill the gaps in their love lives and money pool. The post Why Being Single Is Bad For Your Finances appeared first on iMoney Learning Centre. Though many students may be embarrassed to share their obstacles, writes Ellis, it is actually one of the biggest mistakes not to. Over the last week, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has campaigned with three billionaires: Michael Bloomberg last Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention, Mark Cuban on Saturday during a campaign event, and Warren Buffett on Monday. These three men can make the case, more credibly than almost anyone else, that Donald Trump is a bad businessman. Mr Trump ego must be dented by his 3 adversaries who is not only richer but more savvy & cleaner in doing business than Mr trump.
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At the same time, the company raised a new $45 million financing round led by Union Square ventures with the participation of past investors like Andreessen Horowitz, but it reportedly had to take a cut in its valuation to do so.
Foursquare’s Steven Rosenblatt (president), Dennis Crowley (founder and executive chairman), Jeff Glueck (CEO). In this case, he said, “When we announced all the changes we made, it was an hour and a half long company meeting in which we walked people through all the financial details and walked them through the fund-raising process and showed them the deck. There are humans behind Marsbot, but they’re not monitoring and answering every question. The hobbyist who blogs for fun and doesn’t earn an income, the part-time blogger who blogs to earn a side-income to supplement their monthly salary, and lastly the full-time blogger who earns their main income from the blog.
Most bloggers who made it full-time in Malaysia are niche bloggers, such as Paul Tan, who started out with a blog on automobiles and KC Lau, who blogs about personal finance. They blog about their life and experiences – and their readers are enticed to find out more about them through their blog. By lending their credibility, they charge a fee for their effort and for exposing their fans and readers to the advertising.
Chmielewska who blogs in Polish about Asia (mostly Malaysia), has established herself in a niche travel market through her blogs.

It is pure common sense as it is more profitable to make your visitors customers, rather than sending them all to your advertisers,” said Lau, the personal finance blogger, adding that bloggers can create and sell their own products like books, e-books, courses and even membership on their sites. After this weekend, it’s likely to take a dive in sales following bashing by critics (it currently has a 29% ranking on Rotten Tomatoes). Companies want the best people to run their organisation so they’re willing to pay to attract talent. Their imagination can run wild on a grand scale, and graduates need to have a mixture of pragmatism and imagination. An understanding of kinematics and thermodynamics form the basis of the discipline — not easy stuff. Big banks take recruitment so seriously they often headhunt potential candidates before they have even left higher education, not to mention paying them through the roof to keep them around. You save money on expensive dates, have full power over the remote control and revel in the hubbub of the dating-and-mating scene.
It does, however, show that married women who clock in fewer hours than their single peers do not earn less.
The most obvious reason is because when you combine your incomes, you are able to get a lot more done and increase your buying power very quickly.
One explanation for this is because they are more likely to share expenditures, including for food, groceries, utility bills and fuel. When a person’s income is put solely toward paying utility bills and daily expenditures, a portion of the spouse’s income can be put towards saving for retirement and other investments. For instance, if you lose your job but your spouse still has a job, it will likely be easier to cope financially than if you were single. With 4.45% interest over a 35-year loan tenure and a 90% margin of finance, buyers will need to fork out at least RM2,802 instalment every month (not forgetting the 10% down payment). So not only do you have to pay your share, you are now responsible for insuring that the other person pays their share too.
For example, if a husband is making some small losses in his business while his wife is a salaried employee, electing for joint assessment under his wife’s name would help to maximise the business loss deductions and relief available. Make your Tuesdays special by treating yourself 25% off to the KFC Snack Plate at ALL KFC Restaurants!! The real question is if there is enough money there for it to be your only source of income? Polish tourists have been contacting her through her blog to engage her as tour guide in Malaysia. If you can still persist after that, your blog will most likely grow further,” Lau advised. But for that knowledge you’re rewarded with some of the best graduate pay in Britain. Meanwhile, rent for a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre generally starts at RM4,000.
With the chicken’s natural juices sealed-in, leaving a special mouth watering taste that cannot be replaced. Some people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars writing their blog (or sold their blogs for millions), while others have yet to make a cent from theirs.
KFC prides itself as a fast-food restaurant that give customers great tasting chicken with a selection of home-styled side dishes and desserts to make a wholesome, complete and satisfying meal.

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