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Many people starting out in their college careers are learning that you can make money simply selling the assets that you create.
Many popular software companies for 3D animation and Game Development offer asset stores or marketplaces. The best thing about the Unity Asset Store is that it can be easily accessed directly from an open project in Unity Pro.
Since opening the website we have noticed users trying different strategies for doing this.1.

There are many outlets where artists and developers can sell anything from background images, to 2D and 3D characters, music, game templates and animations.
That means if someone is working on an environment and needs a chair, they can select a drop down menu and purchase it while still in the software. GameSalad is strictly a 2D development tool that uses drag and drop behaviors versus writing code.
Along with following DAZ3d’s criteria for entry, you also have to undergo a review process. This generates a lot of buzz and people coming back to the store front to check for new designs week after week.

The people that do come back week after week and love your work want to support you and will donate a few dollars to their favorite 3D printer designer to keep the magical designs coming.As we learn of more ways the we will share them. If you have other strategies then please share them in the comments or start your own 3D printer shop on MakerShop and tell everyone in a shop blog post.

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