By 1926, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the manufacturer of Kleenex, became intrigued by the number of letters from customers stating that they used their product as a disposable handkerchief.
So a couple of weeks ago Kleenex announced that they were releasing beauty products and kindly sent me some to sample.
Ads were run depicting the two main uses of Kleenex; either as a means to remove cold cream or as disposable handkerchief for blowing noses.
However, Kleenex is the trademarked name of the soft facial tissue manufactured and sold by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.
Early advertisements linked Kleenex to Hollywood makeup departments and sometimes included endorsements from movie stars (Helen Hayes and Jean Harlow) who used Kleenex to remove their theatrical make-up with cold cream. I was sent all 4 items in the range – facial cloths, facial cleansing wipes, eye makeup removing wipes and Shine absorbing sheets.

By 1930, Kimberly-Clark had changed the way they advertised Kleenex and sales doubled proving that the customer is always right. The products are also made from ecoform fibres meaning the product is made from sustainable, green sources and are all natural which is good. They leave me fresh faced and I haven’t had any reaction to them with my sensitive skin. The packet presents eye make-up removal wipes in the same way as face wipes with a sticky closure. The wipes inside are covered in a lot of product so they are very wet making eye makeup removal much easier.
The cloths again are thick and hold together even with vigorous scrubbing (such as when I had dyed my eyelashes so needed to thoroughly remove the dye.

In this slim, handbag sized box you get 50 shine absorbing sheets which are very thick and work really well.
The thick purple sheets which are patterned on the side that the public will see in the toilets, stick to the grease and remove it quickly and effectively to leave a shine-free face without the cakey-ness of applying more powder.
Cleverly, they also have a sticky tab at the top which means when you close it and re-open the packet, it pulls a sheet out for you! I like the face wipes but mainly because they are thicker than normal face wipes which makes them feel luxury and don’t rip.

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