Not even once a week.Do you really want to stand over the sink each week trying to get coffee stains out of your best button up?Hell no! It all comes back to the same thing, rushing.The only way to eliminate the main issue is to make more time. It can slowly go away while you begin to savor the victorious moments.You just have to be proactive about repeating your successes more than your failures.
Don’t end up like the millions of people who gave up on their dreams, get unstuck and to the next level. It’s so easy to get so caught up in the present that we fail to invest meaningfully in the tomorrow we want to arrive that.
Thus, my alarm (my hubs) wakes me when he leaves for work so I have an hour extra in the a.m.

I find on the days that I rush doing something, especially getting out of bed, the day tends to be all out of whack. Taking my time throughout my morning gives me more balance as well.Thanks for the added inspiration. In fact this past weekend I was rushing and ended up missing the one thing I was rushing for.
No wonder after time they feel miserable if they make the same sometimes unnecessary actions which lead to mistakes again and again ,getting aware of this and make changes and as you say ,break the cycle will help.

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