Here are the best ways I found useful if you want to make your sitelinks appear in Google search engine results page. Sitelinks are automatically generated links that may appear under your site’s search results. This is a step-by-step beginner tutorial so show you how to implement Google login in PHP from scratch. However, Facebook and Twitter are not OpenID provider: you cannot use the above code with them.
I still don?t understand completely how this works, what is the role of Google Adsense to make a website better?
Correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe you have to setup a sitemap page and then tell Google to crawl that page so that your website is shown as the TeamViewer page. It actually doesn't hold no special meta or anything, it's not in first results, but still it appears there, how is it possible?
If I understand your question correctly you're probably looking for 'Google My Business' – the box that sometimes is shown to the right of the search results?

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged google-search serps or ask your own question. If time travel is possible in the future, no matter how distant, why haven't they come back to tell us? However, they are automatically created especially when your blog is getting bigger and popular.
If you have an Adsense publisher account, you can be able to place Adsense advertisement onto your Iconosite web page. Next login to your Iconosites account then click Edit to whatever web page you would like to place your Adsense Advertisement. Scroll down then click the little box beside Yes, I want to have more than one column on this page.
What the OP is showing is the results box immediately below the search box that often shows definitions and concise answers to certain queries. You can choose what sitelinks you want to appear in SERPs by visiting your Google Webmaster Tool.

We’ll do this using the IconoSites website builder, where you can make a website in minutes with stunning design, powerful features, and more. When someone search for my focused keyword (the two words in my domain name), the searcher may see something like the image in figure 1.1. In this example we have selected 2:1 so that we could place the advertisement at the right side of the page. According to search engine optimization experts and professional bloggers, when you make sitelinks appear in Google search, your blog will get more love from different major search engines.
My friend is a SEO expert, he mentioned that if my blog has sitelinks on SERPS, that means my blog is slowly becoming an authority site.

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