Have you stood in the store juggling children and a school supply list from multiple teachers, trying to figure out how many spiral notebooks and what kind of pencils everyone needs? Before we get too far, grab all your supply lists (most schools provide these or have them on their websites). If you are buying more than 5 of anything, I found I can do better shopping online and sometimes getting bulk prices versus my local stores.
Before you start shopping online PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and open an Ebates account.

As soon as you get home LABLE everything with marker or your homemade custom labels and divide into reusable tote bags for each child. Then scanning the school’s supply list, mark the quantity and any special instructions next to each item. This is a no-brainer cash in your pocket, no gimmick, no couponing, way to save when shopping online.
If you have any questions about the products you see listed in my posts, please feel free to ask.

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