London is the hub of the UK’s road network and is easy to reach by car, even if driving into the centre of the city is definitely not recommended. I had just gotten off a plane and back to my room in Prague…all I wanted to do was sleep and get ready to start my full time job in two weeks. The doors have just opened and it was a mad dashed push to get through this bottle necked door.
It is one of world’s best capital cities with a unique blend of ancient and modern attractions drawing millions of tourists from all corners of the world. Parking4Less can definitely give you some help and make your trip a lot easier and stress free. I was lucky to have a friend in the “Tourism Biz” who had a free spot in his car and a place for me in a hostel (Mad props to Isaac: Owner of one of Prague’s Clock Tower Pub Crawl).  6 million+ people visit Oktoberfest during the 16-day span…this was an opportunity I could not pass up! It was a quick 4-hour drive in our Skoda, racing on the Autobahn (no speed limits!) We checked into our hostel and went out for a few liters of German Beer.  Tomorrow was opening day of Oktoberfest aka “die Wiesn” to the locals. You start by drinking a lot of beer, go outside to stuff your face with food, and then finally hit up all the carnival rides.  What a great order of events.

They have an awesome business model that puts together incredible trips for young travelers.
Being the economic leader of Europe and a hub for business and creativity, London is renowned for tourism, commerce, politics and different activities. We took it semi-easy because to get a seat in a tent you need to be there EARLY…we were up at 6am. We hopped on the metro and did not bother getting a ticket.  We stopped outside the main gate for an early morning photo shot, and then headed to the most crammed line I have ever.
We went outside and you really are a kid at a carnival for grownups.  The rest of the day got a little blurry, but I made it home safely to the hostel after a great festival. The city is also a bustling centre for poets, musicians, scientists, theatres, museums, parks, historic building and modern day captivations.
The previous 3 months were spent traveling to 15+ countries around Europe and my final month was spent working a Pub Crawl in Croatia (where I was paid to drink in a Paradise city on the beach. It was full of local Germans and some very young Germans (age 15 accompanied by an adult and 16 to drink by themselves), it was going to be a local spot as we knew beforehand.

We had our full table ready and sat down next to two Germans who immediately got up and left because they were trying to save seats. No matter you are a tourist hunter, art and entertainment lover or a shopaholic, London is a one stop store for anything life has!
Comparing prices of car parking and booking in advance is something you can find very handy.
Anyway, I was living out of a backpack for three months…and VERY excited to get back to my left behind wardrobe. We got to the line around 6:30am and waited there until 9am when they opened the doors…I was ready for some beer after the sardined packed line. The first keg would be tapped in this tent and first beer poured by the mayor.  We got to drink the opening beers of Oktoberfest 2011!

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