Many times you are writing to a customer or a prospect about a particular challenge or how to solve a business problem. Talk to sales people and find out what conversations they are having with prospective customers. Find a topic that customers are concerned about and see who is posting about this topic on SlideShare. Skillshare has really come a long way and for only $9.99 per month for a subscription, you have access to a whole bunch of great courses that last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours. I often forget about this tool, but it is so bloody powerful as a B2B content marketing tool. This is the real gold as far as I am concerned because this data basically gives you the headlines for your next five blog posts. This should likely be #1, but because I think it’s obvious I have it further down the list. Content marketing resources to save you time and money in your content development, execution and measurement.
What you likely don’t realize is that your email content would make a great blog post if you took it, made it generic and expanded on the business problem.

We always recommend that the top 10 questions that are asked in a first sales call, make excellent fodder for blog posts.
SlideShare is an often overlooked social media tool that has lots of great content available as Power Point presentations. I searched it extensively over the holidays and found a bunch of new courses to help people structure content, find new ways to be creative and advanced search engine optimization classes to help you think about content. You can really get your creative juices flowing when you start to slice and dice data and look for ideas and trends that relate directly back to what people are actually searching for and doing online.
You can help people self-serve and self-educate when you make commonly asked sales questions easily available on your website. See who is covering a topic, read about their angle on the problem and then review your latest corporate presentations to see if a topic your company presented could be introduced in a blog post with a link to the posted presentation on SlideShare. If you don’t have a lot of time and money, SkillShare is a great way to learn something new and apply it instantly to your business or marketing program. Although content marketing was a relatively new term in the marketplace we noticed that search trends were on the rise and that we were more interested in helping direct people’s digital marketing strategy using content than talking about SEO and SEM types of things.
You understand the relevance of a topic or term by country, which can really help you be specific about the next round of content.

Shoot them a quick email and ask them to list three things they wish they could magically solve in their business. Shortly, we are going to be running a series of posts about what makes a good website (Sign up here if you want to get a copy…) based on the research we did with Georgian College and the National Research Council of Canada. The reasoning being that if one customer is asking about something, there are likely lots of other people interested in the topic.
Not only will it help you present a topic, but it is a great process for sharing and socializing content.
Find a report that you think is credible and well done and discuss it in your next email campaign or blog post. Clients and prospects alike will thank you for bringing research to their attention that they may not know about.

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