6) To get it to lay flat I push all the petals through the holes so that they are all facing the same direction. Knit the free pattern flower in the Homespun to match the hat and this was a good pattern for that bulky yarn--cute for giveaways for less fortunate kids in the Tucson area!
I use a straight needle, not sure if you can do it on a circular needle but you can definitely try.
Try to use a thicker yarn like a worsted weight yarn, and acrylic yarn works well to and keeps its shape better! I recently have bought some really cute balls of wool and wondered what to do with them this was perfect it looked the pattern looks very simple but it is perfect for me as I am yet to become part of my mum and sister's knit and natter between themselves I am only 11 though I hope this project will show them that I can knit properly thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Createry Shop creates uniquely cute knitted items, delectable custom cakes, and easy yummy recipes.

Lo and behold, after 13 days I qualified to request my funds and was able to receive it via paypal!!!!
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I meant to say that the loops that form the petals, you may need to adjust them so that they are laying down the same way. I think it means to repeat knitting a row and binding off 5 at a time until all are bound off. Perfect for thebaby sweater and hat I'm knitting for my first granddaughter (due in Sept).
I too get frustrated with supposed knitting patterns that turn out to be crocheted flowers!

But, if you stick with us, you have a good chance of earning easy cash for stuff like gas, groceries and movie tickets. Then carefully slip all the stitches off your knitting needle so that all your stitches are on the yarn tail and gathered together to form the flower.
You should then have a total of 16 stitches remaining on your right needle.I will try to explain this even further, however it may be more confusing!

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