The SE-C3500's large flat keyboard (72 key positions) make this machine a perfect fit for small quick service, concession and take-out operations. The SE-C3500 two (2) station thermal printer provides receipt copies for customers and hard printed journal tape for the retailers records.
An optional electronic payment device can be connected to the cash register allowing the store owner to integrate credit, debit and gift card transactions.
The Casio SE-C3500 cash registers are a great entry point into the mid range of cash registers. An SD card slot is available to save a secure program back-up, and use the device to download the same program to multiple cash registers.
The SE-C3500 10-line LCD provides the operator a reference for the current transaction to eliminate errors. The flat keyboard will accommodate those items deemed fast movers or frequently sold items allowing operators to speed up transaction time. Customer receipts can be customized with a graphic logo or programmable top and bottom messages along with the detailed item descriptors printing as well. The integrated payment device will decrease the time it takes to finalize a transaction and the close out process at the end of the day.

This saves huge amounts of time on not needing to individually program multiple cash registers. It detects the type of electrical current incoming and makes the adjustment so as not to overload the cash register.
Up to five (5) items, the transaction subtotal and the price of last item entered are all displayed for the operator's review.
It does not matter whether you have 110 or 240 volt power, the voltage variance will not harm the register. The Casio SE-C3500 offers a bright LCD 2X20 pop-up customer confirmation display with the last item's name, price and the transaction subtotal. This is a great feature if you want to operate this cash register in countries outside the USA.

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