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Blueberry pickers in the northeast are cashing in on the latest crop of blue gold, a moniker given to the lucrative, short-term industry.
This year's blueberry season is underway and that means side-of-the-road berry vendors are back.

The people who park these trucks and cars along northern Ontario highways don't just sell berries, however a€” they buy them too. Mirjana Vrbanac, who works at the Canadian Wild Fruit stand on the side of Skead Road, said the price they'll pay for blueberries is determined around the basic principles of supply and demand.
The berries are often sent to southern Ontario, where people snap them up a€” often paying upwards of $40 per three quart basket. On a good day, she sees more than 60 blueberry pickers and a couple of thousand dollars can be paid out, Vrabnac said. Longtime blueberry picker Renford Blake said the vendors are convenient and provide cash fast.

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