Since rap music became ever so popular, the market has been flooded by rappers in great numbers.
Maybe you haven't really thought about that, but almost every well-known rapper has a specific little sound that he makes throughout the whole song. If you think of yourself as a product, the supply of you is through the roof right now, which means that you need to make an extra effort to separate yourself from all the other rappers. That's your product at the end of the day and as of one, it is the thing via which you make money. If you think about it, all rappers have these chains and shit, but they forgot why the chain should be used. You could perhaps take a technique from him, then take a style from somebody else, mix them together and create something new, bringing innovation to our rap platform. Now everybody got like a million chains on their neck while shooting a video, so it's not cool anymore, even if it shows that fake wealth. The following six factors are the most important areas, for which you should really think about, because they're the things that are making you different.
Be creative and Add that accessory and it would give another reason why people should remember you.
The content which nobody is talking about, but which is still cool and people will enjoy listening to. You have to take small details into consideration, because it is the small details that make the big difference.

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