Since this style of roundup is new to me I wanted to start with the very basics: emergency fund essentials. If you’re trying to get out of debt or just starting to work on improving your financial situation, this post is going to tell you everything you need to know about emergency funds.
Also, as you’re reading through I want you to keep something in mind: your situation is unique to you.
You would need money to fall back on if you lost your job, needed to repair your car, or had a large medical expense, among other things. What an Emergency Fund Is and How to Build It This post covers short term and long term emergencies funds and breaks down exactly why you need one. Start an Emergency Fund This post covers all the ins and outs of emergency funds – how to start one, why you need one, and ways to save.
There’s no golden rule when it comes to the amount of money you should have in your emergency fund. However, in my opinion it’s better to have too much in your emergency fund rather than not enough. Money Savings Goals for Single Moms In this post I suggest that single moms (this is actually true for any single person – not just moms) should have a years’ worth of bare bone expenses in an emergency fund.
The problem for many of us (myself in included) is that it’s hard to save money on an already tight budget. Here are some posts that will show you how to squeeze some more money out of an already too-tight budget. Start a Side Hustle: 50 Legitimate Online Jobs Sometimes the only way to have extra money to save is to earn that extra money. 5 Ways to Save Money – The Tough Love Edition Sometimes it’s you standing in your own way to financial freedom. Invest Your Emergency Fund in I Bonds Want to get a little technical with the emergency fund interest?
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On Fridays this December, I’m going to try to incorporate some Christmas fun into our day. I had created a similar version earlier in the year for him when he was learning CVCe words and he loved playing it.

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The amount of money you need, how you save, and where you keep your stash should be tailored to your personal circumstances. Lance from Money Manifesto go overs the reasons you need a small emergency fund before paying off debt. Jason Cabler lists thirteen smart ways to save money on any budget and even shares a tip for bringing in extra income. This post from Money Saving Mom gives some insight on what you can expect (the frustrations you’ll go through) when trying to fund your emergency fund on a really tight budget. This post from Consumerism Commentary offers fifty (pretty easy and very specific) ways to build your emergency fund. Some people think that you should keep your emergency fund money in savings, others say invest, while others go with certificates of deposits.
This post courtesy of Fidelity walks you through investing your emergency fund in CDs, money market accounts, and short term bonds.
How much money do you think should be kept in an emergency fund and where should you keep it? This is really comprehensive for someone who wants to know more about e-funds – and even for people (like me) who thought they knew all about them!
Thanks so much for including one from my site ?? I would like to have our e-fund at 3 months worth of expenses, but it’s a work in progress.

He suggest having anywhere from $500 – $1,500 stashed away, depending upon your expenses, before slaying debt. These investments aren’t completely risk free but they offer a higher return than savings accounts.
Since you have to keep the cash you put in an I Bond for one year Harry shows us how to space out those investments. All that really matters is that you have that money set aside so that when disaster strikes you’re prepared!
I think I’ll incorporate it in my reading groups and then a free for all on Fun Friday afternoons.
For instance, if you’re self-employed you should have a much larger emergency fund than say, someone who works for a government agency.
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