Garage sales are a great way to reduce your household clutter and make some extra cash at the same time.
Gather the items for the sale – Look through your home and garage for all the items you wish to get rid of. Check the weather forecast – If rainy weather is expected, do you have an inside alternative?
Advertise – If you plan to advertise in a local newspaper, call the newspaper to find out how far in advance they need your ad.
Plan your display strategy – Deciding how to display your items can make or break your sale. Curb appeal – People will often make a decision on your sale from the appearance of your home and yard. Gather packaging – Make sure you have enough grocery bags, boxes and old news papers to package the items sold. Get Change – Obtain plenty of quarters and dollar bills to make change, from the bank.
Cluster like items together – Arrange kitchen items together, all the books and magazines together, etc.
Gather miscellaneous needed items – Gather pens, additional stickers, tape, scissors, and packaging materials you may need and place in a basket or box. Decide on left over item disposal – Invariably, there will be items left over after your sale. If you’re new to this whole Online Business, Internet Marketing, and simply making money online from the comfort of your own home type of thing, Then you have come to the right place, I can help you make money online but first I have a very important question for you. It wasn’t until one day when I took a serious look at my online income and compared to the full time job income that I noticed I was actually making about the same and some months in a little more than my 9 to 5 job. I was a Corrections Deputy and worked in a Tri-County jail in The Dalles Oregon for thirteen years.
Now in 2013 I was working full time as a Corrections Deputy and part time online but to be perfectly honest with you, the choice to give up my full time job was actually a very scary thought, I knew I didn’t like my job but at the same time I had three kids and a wife to think about and take care of.

On May 17, 2013 I walked into my workplace with my uniform, belt, and badge in hand and gave them over to my captain. So now you know why I decided to quit my job and work full time online but only you can really answer that question for yourself.
Now I want to show you step by step how to create your very simple blog in less than five minutes. This guide will keep you organized throughout the garage sale planning process and assist you with managing a successful sale.
This is the time to clean any items that need it, and make sure everything looks good to sale. Check with your local permit department or clerk’s office for your local requirements. Put a price on each item so you won’t get stuck negotiating each price the say of the sale. It is important for your items to be both attractive from the street and comfortable enough for the browsers to take their time looking at everything. You may want to have $50 – $100 of change on hand, depending on the size of your sale. By planning for a quick and easy lunch and dinner for the sale day, you won’t end up wasting some of your earnings on take out. This way you will have everything you need in one place, and can work your sale instead of searching for items in the house.
Do you just want to make some extra cash to pay off some bills, take your family on a dream vacation? Are you looking to quit that 9-5 job you hate to wake up and go to everyday. All I wanted to do was make some extra cash so I can go out, have some fun with my wife and kids. Now although the pay was good and working twelve hours shift allowed me plenty of days off with the family, there always seemed like something was missing in my life.
Listen to everything I have to say, Learn as much as you can, and when you’re done listening and learning, you MUST go out and Implement.

Children’s items (clothing and toys) are always good sellers, also think about furniture, kitchen items, books, magazines, movies, tools, sporting equipment, etc. Colored stickers can also be used for either a common price (for instance blue for 50 cents or yellow for $1, or to identify the owner of the item for multiple family sales. Place the change in a fanny pack, so you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on the money the day of the sale.
You may also want to advertise the types of items you may have a lot of, such as furniture or children’s items.
In a minute I’m going to share with you why I started working online but before I share that with you, lets talk about the different type of people who come online to make money. So in 2007 really by mistake I began learning how to work online and for the next five years treated it as a hobby. I was so tired of working for someone else, I was so tired of being told what to do and how to do it. Just know that what ever you’re doing now, whatever type of person you are, whatever situation you’re in, that YOU can make money online. You need to go through the learning curve before you can start making that easy, fast cash. In order to live the “easy life” you must put the sweat and tears into it from the beginning. Not for one second did I think or believe that I would be in the position that I’m at today. I knew with a little hard work and determination I would be much happier doing something I loved as well as provide for my family.

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