I took the GT up and over some of the most challenging, technical canyon roads Southern California has to offer. Instead of being an also-ran, value proposition in need of lots-o-mods, the “evolution not revolution” 2010 Mustang is a good performance car right out of the box.
Did any of the cars have the Premier trim option that added a leather stitched dashtop to the 2007-09 cars?
Would it be a stretch to say that one could reasonably cross-shop this car with the 370Z (which you’ve also driven)?
The V6 now comes with a forged cranks shaft, fully floating pistons and re-designed valve springs for snappier response. Jonny: are we sure the leather on the doors is real leather, and not a convincing imitation? I live in New England and spend a lot of time on twisty winding roads with occasional little surprises in the pavement. As to the mushy brakes, well, I’m not sure Ford can be held entirely at fault on this one.
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I was very intrigued by the last generation mustang’s exterior but found the interior very lacking. My opinion is that Ford makes some (some) very competitive products, which makes it easier to review them. We complain about how American companies dump a good thing in search of another instead of steady improvement.
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Where the (suddenly) last-gen Mustang falls down is the lowest bidder interior, questionable handling and non-track day brakes. More bracing, tighter spring rates, more damping, thicker sway bars and greatly improved aerodynamics work together to create the first Mustang in memory that thrives in the twisty stuff.
I could go hard into essentially every corner and confidently blast my way out (some of the uber tight, near-180 degree guys require a soft entry).
The real question though, is whether you should buy a Bullitt right now for several grand off sticker, or wait a month and grab the 2010 Mustang.
If this version can maintain some pretense of civility when the road goes to pot, it may be pedantic to dwell on the rear axle design.
When is Detroit going to learn to not make the low end versions look like crap and letting everyone within a 1000 ft know you could only afford the stripped down car. It was hard to push it because of the size of the car and rear end would hop if there was roughness.
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Stick your head between the mufflers and you’re still greeted by a thick live axle. The side mirrors are painted body color (yay!) and the antennae has been moved to the rear.
The steering is a bit over-boosted and the 19” wheels could use souped up tires, but I’m splitting hairs. After seven hours of constant, aggressive driving I encountered exactly one patch of asphalt that upset the rear end.
Sure it has some Camaro cues (hooded lights, downhill curve) but they’re good cues and segment appropriate.

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