The Wichita Falls Police Department reports a rise in the usage of counterfeit currency in the Wichita Falls area for the last few weeks.
The funny money collected ranges from tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds with twenties being predominant. Most banks have not reported many cases of phony cash, although a representative from Fidelity Bank in Parker Square says that they have come across 1 or 2 counterfeit bills over the last couple of months.
The Wichita Falls Police Department’s main goal at this time is to make business owners aware of the situation and are asking everyone that handles cash transactions around the area to pay close attention to the currency that they are dealing with. While the Wichita Falls Financial Crimes Unit has not yet found the source of the fake bills making their way around Wichita Falls, they do have several leads and possible suspects.
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Todd Myracle of the Wichita Falls Police Department Financial Crimes Unit says that he is seeing about 1-2 cases of fake bills being reported each week, and expects to see the number of reported cases rise over the weeks to come. Most banks have electronic cash counters that are equipped with laser counterfeit detection technology, making it very easy to spot a fake.
Myracle, most of the bills show up sporadically in convenience stores, retail stores and fast food restaurants. Myracle believes that it could be a combination of individuals and groups producing the counterfeit bills.
Dating Scene 12 Tips To Mastering The Fine Art Of Living Together How’d You Know? Sure, paper money now includes color-shifting numbers and portrait watermarks, but counterfeiters are getting how-to guides on how to print the fake stuff straight from the Web.Ironically, many of the “printers” are using basic household items such as glue, soap and office printers to mint their own money.
One alleged counterfeiter, known as “The Printer,” was arrested by authorities in Georgia with five other men in November.

They purportedly printed more than $1 million in counterfeit bills using office printers and glue before their arrests.
Meanwhile, police apprehended a Rhode Island man who allegedly used a chemical soap to wash the ink off of $5 bills, replacing it with $100 printing.
He and his team ran paper through a printer to tint it yellow, according to the New York Times. To create the security threads embedded on all paper money he used pens with colored ink that would appear under ultraviolet lamps. Then—here’s the kicker—he glued the two sheets of paper together to create a counterfeit bill.And the guy who washed off the $5 and replaced it with $100? He didn’t get caught by any high-tech scans or lights, but instead by a clerk who noticed the $100 bill had a picture of Abe Lincoln where Ben Franklin should be.

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