Some essential tips that business owners should focus upon to send good first impression to the users.
If you have uploaded a template on your site, make sure to check how it’s reacting to different resolution. If you have a business blog that gives tips on trade, business secrets, and forex marketing ideas, then make sure there isn’t any broken link. Fortunately, most of the premium and even free WordPress themes have responsive design now.
The best plugin to turn embed videos responsive is Advanced Responsive Video Embedder which supports more than 20 video sharing sites. Another, solution is to use Shortcodes Ultimate, which is the greatest free solution to add various elements to pages such as spoilers, boxes, buttons and many others.
So, if you want to make your WordPress site responsive you should use a proper theme first and with some mentioned plugins above you can make it full responsive.
Responsive Web design (RWD) is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). Here is where we are going to take all of our hard work so far and make it look nice for mobile devices.
The first thing that we need to do is to set all base font sizes and line heights in your css file. Basically, if we did this correctly, our type should adhere to our originally set specifications. We will need to get used to the idea that our images and media will need to scale according to their parent elements. Now that our parent elements are responsive, we need to make all of the child elements responsive as well. Here is where we are going to start using media queries to make our child elements adhere to percentages of the max-width of their parent elements.

We can then change the width of our child elements and the horizontal padding of the parent element to percentages. Now that we have set our elements to scale accordingly, we need to make some choices as things scale down for mobile devices. Here’s where we can take things one step further by adding a menu system tailored to mobile devices. Next, we will want to make the image visible at our 600px break point and float it to the right. You didn’t add the part where you fix the disappearing menu when you expand your window. HC 4 Points that Make Responsive Web Design Worthwhile You are using an outdated browser. Author: Jason Gervais Jason Gervais has been helping grow businesses in Southern Ontario since 2005 when he started the WSI Milton.
There are few things business sites have to do in order to have a strong impact on both users and Google. If you have a web template that looks good, but the loading time is increased significantly, then optimized it to reduce loading time and make it under 15 seconds. Some people might have a particular resolution set on their computer and that may cause problem. Google react strongly toward broken links so check by using a plugin to ensure you don’t have any broken link in web design. We just install them as any other themes, and we have a responsive website which works well with all the mobile devices and browser resolution.
But what if we include elements such as embed videos, sliders, carousels or lightboxes etc. After installing the plugin, a small icon will be displayed in the editor which lets us to embed videos.

Since the full video url is not included in the shortcode, it does not work with Google XML Sitemap for Videos Plugin.
It’s something that you can read in a night and it will cover all of the basics you need to know.
You need to optimize the website so that users frequently visit from one page to another without leaving the site. I think, serving the needs of the mobile users is essential nowadays considering that within the near future the number of mobile users will increase drastically. This plugin automatically generates video sitemap for the site and builds it by checking the content for video links.
This is a highly customizable and easy to use lightbox plugin that is completely responsive. Make sure there is enough information on the page that force user to click and visit more pages.
On the other hand, it puts the full url of the Youtube video into the shortcode, so it works well with Google Video Sitemap Plugin. We can choose from 4 responsive lightbox scripts, and it works automatically with any images, galleries and even with videos.
Minimize the white space in your site, put graphics so that it looks good to users, and make it neat and clean. In addition, the previous shortcode plugin I used did not generate responsive elements either. It may cost more up-front, but you don’t have to design two sites and systems to manage people.

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