ShareOn Saturday afternoon, Jo-Anne Reyneke held a PJ party with very few friends to celebrate her 8 years career as an actress. Today I decided that now that I am leaving this company, why not just use their internet ngibemnandi.
No apology no nothing from JC, except that small nyana tweet they wrote informing us that the site is down. Hhayi Annalise there’s def something wrong with your ears angeke, Lira and Zonke are one of the best female artists in SA.
Do you guys remember a story of ‘my friend’ who was late for an interview appointment last month?
Nintendo probably expected the game to be popular with children of the 90’s who remember playing the Pokemon card game and some of the people who still play today. While the game is still huge, as told by the number of people wandering daily around Discovery Green Park in Houston while playing Pokemon Go, there are people who will never open the game again because they have already written it off  because they couldn’t access it when it was on their minds.
What would be your game plan if all of the sudden you had national news outlets calling you for interviews and brands wanting to work with you? Bloggers and brands that were ready with relevant and timely Pokemon Go content saw the return.
So I went to waptrick and downloaded every kinda music I ever enjoyed when I was still at school.

Some see it as a fun app for your phone that gets you out and walking during the hottest summer days. Rather than staying securely in a niche and doing exactly what successful bloggers have done, bloggers need to take a chance. While people that never expected to be interested in a game such as Pokemon Go was giving the game a chance, they were blocked from falling in love with it simply because they couldn’t login.
A craft brand that hosted a Facebook Live video on how to create a Pokemon Go t-shirt had 17,000 views on their Facebook Live video.
Niantic was a part of Google, and it used Google maps info to build Ingress, which used location data and smartphones to bring reality gaming to the real world.
It started as a video game for the Gameboy, then became a popular trading card game, then branched out to television and children’s shows. Take your best content, the posts that really resonated, went viral on Pinterest, got the most comments, and take it to new platforms.
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Wishing Jo-Anne all the best and more successful years in this industry that she chose to be a part of. I also think Brandy is a very good artists but after Full Moon things were never the same for her.
What if they spent too much time and money on the development of the game and didn’t see a return?
Still others have learned how to capitalize on the app, setting lures and getting more foot traffic and customers to their shops. Create something that will get the entire world talking about your product, kinda like creating an app based off of a virtual reality map. Parenting blogs were successful in using affiliate links to help their readers find where to find the best Pokemon gear for their kids.
In the same way, bloggers are only successful if they are able to build a long term platform that overcomes all problems and keeps the interest of it’s followers.
So many new blogs are just clones and fascimiles of successful blogs in the niche, right down to the colors, fonts, and category names.

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