Pidgeot, the Bird Pokemon, and a staple of the first generation (Pokemon Red and Blue), was KingK.Rool's second MYM 3 moveset. Later, near the end of the contest, after following the Detail Movement, K.Rool regretted how light on detail and originality the moveset was, and went back to rectify his mistakes. Pre-remake, Pidgeot was a rather bland character with several attacks that used wind in interesting ways. Pre-remake, the layout was even sloppier than Magikoopa's, just an assembly of random colours, and detail was truly minimal. The original Pidgeot received few comments and little attention; the most it got was from TWILTHERO, who considered it better than his own, earlier Pidgeotto moveset. The remaking brought the moveset again to the public eye and to the foreground of attention.
Interestingly, despite being voted Best Pokemon Moveset, one other Pokemon moveset did place higher in the Top 50 itself: Plusle and Minun. Wikipedia is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a video (narrated by founder and CEO Jimmy Wales) and an infographic showcasing the organization's major milestones over the years. The State of Wikipedia is a project that takes into account Wikipedia history, site statistics and results from the March 2010 Wikipedia survey conducted by the United Nations University.

It also incorporates real-time data from Twitter, an interactive timeline of Wikipedia mentions from around the web and the beautiful aesthetic that typifies JESS3's work.
All creative materials come from the JESS3 team members, who released the site, video and infographic under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Take a look at the video below and the following infographic, then let us know what impact Wikipedia has had on your life during the past decade.
It was selected out of a general desire to make a Pokemon moveset and because K.Rool figured that there needed to be more air-oriented characters to cancel out the overwhelming number of fire-element and electric-element fighters. Applying his new and updated organization, he quickly made Pidgeot more than equal to his more recent (but pre-Headless Horseman) movesets, essentially remaking the moveset entirely. This was primarily to blow the foes around the stage, compensating for Pidgeot's lack of powerful KO moves. With consistent updates from K.Rool, many familiarized themselves with it, which was brought still farther when the completed moveset was reviewed (quite positively) by MasterWarlord.
It was also voted Best Pokemon Moveset in the MYM Awards, just barely beating out Plusle and Minun. More than a million people have contributed to make the site what it is today," JESS3 adds.

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K.Rool saw the potential of Pidgeot for an interesting, unique moveset, and speedily churned it out, as he had done with Magikoopa. Upon being remade, five glide attacks were added to go along with Pidgeot's flexible and quick glide, making it one of the most aerially adept characters, topped only by later movesets like Dyna Blade and Peter Pan. The result was an extremely neat moveset, which, once remade, has copious amounts of detail and a very consistent playstyle.
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