This free Workout Chart template focuses on weight lifting exercises, and can be used to structure your overall weight lifting program, including warm up, core body, upper body, lower body, and cool down exercises.
The workbook includes a One Rep Max Calculator to help you find your 1RM for various exercises by performing multiple reps at a lower weight (the safer approach). It may be tempting to test your strength by "maxing out", but the likelihood of serious injury is much higher when trying to max out.
Online One Rep Max Calculator - Calculate your One Rep Max by performing multiple reps at a lower weight.
In my experience anyone can start a business (online business or traditional off line business)- as long as      they are serious and really, really want to be successful. You are tired of doing all the hard work, whilst others get the promotions and the fat salaries? This workout chart allows you to list the type of exercise, how many sets and reps, how much weight, and the resting time in between sets. The printable workout chart is almost identical to the Workout Chart template below, but if you use the PDF version, you'll need to create your workout program by hand.
Starting your own business is one of the most rewarding things you can do, although it is quite challenging.
In order to give each student real quality personal attention, I take no more than 25 at a time.

I am finalising a referral program that will make it even more affordable to join the coaching program.
Die meeste van ons wil graag ‘n eie besigheid begin, maar vind dit moeilik om die eerste stap te neem. Everyone needs a coach – whether you are a sportsman, family man or a business man (or women of course). Ons maak maklik verskonings, soos ek is nou te besig by die werk, ek sal dit volgende jaar doen, het nie nou geld nie, ens.
En ek waarborg as jy ernstig is, sal jy binne 30 dae ‘n trotse besigheidseienaar wees. After the general warm up, you should perform proper stretches, especially for those muscles that you will be working out. If not, do not stress – together we will find something that will be a perfect match for YOU.

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