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At Comic Con this weekend Rockstar Games was on the scene with their new and upcoming game for the DS, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
The basic story of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars revolves around a young member of a triad organization Huang Lee. Disoriented and confused Huang manages to escape the confines of the car by breaking through the back window and ends up swimming to shore.
Game play wise the game uses the controls of the DS very unique way that both require touch based controls and regular button input commands. The various touch screen mini games include searching for guns in a dumpster, by lifting the garbage bags.
However, the overall design of the game is very similar to that of Grand Theft Auto IV, if not almost exactly like IV. Just like the previous Grand Theft Auto games the game features full dynamic 24 hour day and night cycles as well as various weather effects, and dynamic shadows. Drug deals play an interesting part in making money in Grand Theft Auto, as each area of the city usually has a certain drug to sell, and a certain drug to buy. However, the most promising addition to Chinatown Wars is the ability to revisit any previous mission you current played. In all honesty, trying to explain everything I experienced in a€?one hands on experiencea€? is not enough to touch every aspect of this game. All I can say is that if you are looking for a game to get on the DS this spring; this is the game you should get. With that all said and done, I am looking forward to this game, are you guys looking forward to it too? The GTA series has given me some of the best gaming I’ve had on any system – after all how many games allow you to fly a passenger jet upside down through a city? True, but it’s a game where you shoot hookers, engage in drug dealing, and mug people.
I respect the moral questioning, but I don’t think this game will make me do something like it on normal life. I’ve never really encountered any obsession with violent games myself but like any creative medium I think that violent games and the effect they have are very dependent on the individual.
Despite this I really really enjoy GTA and similar games that do permit a bit of a rampage every now and then, it just seems different to me I guess.
Thank you Infendo for creating a place where we can discuss a dearly loved hobby in an adult manner.
Interesting discussion this one but I have to say I agree with tylor, the game content is irrelevant, it is all to do with the state of mind of the individual playing it. As far as I can see it, so long as you can determine between real life and fantasy, then there really is no dilemma about playing anything, age ratings aside. I live in Chicago, and in these games it seems like the activities are an exaggerated version of what happens in the city all the time! While there was not much I could get out of the Rockstar guys who were at the event; they did put me in a giant decked out van that was detailed by DUB for Chinatown Wars.
Where he eventually makes it to his unclea€™s place, where he soon informs him that the sword was lost to a group of people who almost killed him, and wasted his unclea€™s men.

As you are sometimes prompted to use either the touch screen or the normal buttons to assemble or hack into a secure lock to complete a mission. Some dumpsters are loaded with weapons and ammo as triad members usually stash weapons around Liberty City.
As the city is modeled directly after IVa€™s version of Liberty City and redone in full done 3D. Also, they have also included a bunch of mini-mission type events like the previous games, ranging from firefighter, paramedic, and vigilante missions. Depending on where you sell and buy drugs you can make a quick and easy profit, while you do not get busted by the cops. In previous games if you wanted to replay a certain mission you either had to save right before the mission and start a new game save or you had to play from the beginning all over again to get to it. As it should cater to all your hard core hand held needs, while being sublimely awesome at the same time. While I’ve never played a GTA game (and never will for moral reasons), this does look like a good game. I won’t condemn those who play it, (and I am sure that they are great games), I would just rather not play them myself. Why did I find these things horrible and disgusting in real life, and entertaining in fantasy? That would be very interesting if someone with a black belt in karate felt the same way I do. Nor do I feel my conscience should be the barometer by which all of society should be measured. That being said I think i appreciate the opposing point of view a little better now – and i respect your opinion. I consider myself a pretty moral person, I’m very much a pacifist in real life and the thought of actual violence tbh turns my stomach.
I am just avoiding it for the same reason I avoid most, if not all (The Matrix being the one exception) R rated movies. You can have honest, serious discussions in the comments without being ripped on by people who think differently than you. I agree that GTA looks technically awesome and have thought seriously about buying it, but couldn’t due to the moral implications. More and more games nowadays emulate life, so to speak, by giving you choices, some of them immoral.
Sure, GTA has become the poster-boy of how amazing story telling can be in video games, but the story seems to me too rooted in reality. Inside I was shown all types of cool things, especially since it was a personalized one on one demo session; where I got to play the the game with a Rockstar employee. However, not all is as it seems as shortly Huang’s father falls victim to an unfortunate assassination.
However, within the first five-ten minutes of the game you lose the sword to an unknown group of people. However, if he wants to make money and live the casual life ever again he is going to have to find out what happen to the familiesa€™ sword. These sequences are usually done in a mini game like setting, or when you use the games main menu that is built to look and act like a PDA device.

Other interactions involve hot wiring a car, rigging together a sniper rifle, and making Molotov cocktails at the gas station. Just like in IV you can expect to see various locations of Liberty City that represent their real world counterparts. Oh and if you ever get bored you can start selling drugs in the game using the in game economy. In Chinatown Wars, that is consider a thing of the past as you are able to check your stats menu and choose any mission you have already completed to replay. Also, speaking of sublime, the game has an amazing Mp3 quality background track with multiple radio stations. And while I’m not going to get on a high horse and condemn anybody for playing it, I choose not to play it myself. A close friend commits suicide by putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger (I was playing COD when I got the call). I consider myself a kind and loving person, yet the things I entertained myself with and fantasized about went against all my principles. But I know myself a little better then I used to, and I would rather obsess over how to get the most for my turnips in animal crossing, then how to get the most for my cocaine in china town. There was a movie called Black Belt Jones starring Jim Kelly that I had on tape and made all my friends watch.
Now Huang no longer has a real source of income and the only way to start making money again is to bring his familiesa€™ sword to his uncle Wu a€?Kennya€? Lee in Liberty Ctiy. This mysterious group shoots the main character Huang put him in a car and have it sent careening into Humboldt River in Liberty City. As well as solve the mystery about the random people who wanted to kill him, and get revenge on the organization that killed his father. This list is as follows: Dukes (Queens), Bohan (Bronx), Broker (Brooklyn), Algonquin (Manhattan), and Happiness Island (Statue of Happiness). You can expect almost all the game play, online, Rockstar Social club, item trading, stat comparisons, and various other things that were in previous versions of the game. Although the stations do not have lyrics to most of the songs, they do have an amazing beat and are very well done. However, they promised me kitty and some candy, and in all seriousness who could turn down a kitty and some candy!
And you will probably have to pay very close attention to all this in order of complete the game one hundred percent; of course, that isna€™t required to enjoy the game. A year later, I’m using the slo-mo cheat and capping scientists in the knees til they pull a grenade, then sniping the grenade in their hand. For me, there is enough crime, violence, and murder in the real world, I choose not to have it in my fantasy world.
I was hooked on fps’s thinking about different tactics I could use, and interesting ways to kill people.

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