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I think that the most famous place for theories is Lavender Town, from the first generation. Okay, so people believe that the first generation of Pokemon was actually supposed to have a split evolution.
This is a blog specifically for listing all my myth, legend and conspiracies for Pokemon that I accept as headcanons for the franchise. Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Details of the next instalment in the Pokemon franchise should start to come out very soon, and we're interested in what you would like to see from the newest addition to the Pokemon family, or just the future of the series in general.To get you thinking, I've thought of some areas that could evolve the series in interesting ways when Pokemon Sun and Moon come around - check them out below. Although Pokemon X & Y included a little customisation for the playable character, there's nothing to stop it going a little further in terms of physical and personality options. For some reason the rivals in the games have got less and less menacing and more friendly in recent times. Mid-battle evolutions would be a nice unexpected way to get the thrill back of your Pokemon evolving. Lou has been a fan of Nintendo since receiving a Game Boy Classic as a hand me down, and remembers dropping said GameBoy out of a car window when Super Mario 6 Golden Coins got too difficult. But did you know that Arcanine was supposed to accompany both Articuno and Zapdos as the legendary Pokemon in generation 1? The evidence that was provided was the similiarities between Kangaskhan and Cubone’s body shape.
The first rival Blue really made you want to beat him, and who could forget Silver pushing you away? There are currently 721 Pokemon, and although some of the designs are fantastic we must admit that some are terrible, or just plain forgettable.
Pokemon is pretty much always going to be based around a young, charismatic character on an adventure.
Although we are always proud to see them grow, it would be rewarding to know that your Pokemon just HAD to evolve right then and there as you were doing such a great job. The EXP share and Mega Evolutions meant the Elite 4 were no longer much of a challenge, and one hit kills were a little too common.
Using valuable space in your team, or one of your Pokemon's four moves on an HM, is annoying and avoidable. Since then she has learned to control her temper and now plays all kinds of games, with the SNES being her favourite console.

A lot of people think that Ditto is actually a failed attempt at cloning Mew; the evidence is pretty convincing for the most part. One rumor is the music; apparently in the early versions of the game, the music had a frequency that only children could hear. But, because it seemed weird to have two legendary birds and a legendary dog basically, the creators decided to scrap Arcanine as a legendary and thus Moltres was born.
A lot of people believe that the aforementioned Missingno is actually supposed to be a Pokemon called Kangaschan. I accept submissions, but I'll only post if they genuinely interest me (post queue = once a day) No posts will include shipping or even bashing of shipping. To match the Pokemon personalities, there could also be character personalities so if you are, say, a relaxed character you will suit a laid back Pokemon type.
Adding a limit of new Pokemon would mean that more time can be spent on expanding the map, adding an expansive world to cover and filling the need for new content with just more to explore instead. However, after many, many years of the same story it might be interesting to change some aspects of it.
A slightly harder challenge would mean more strategy is needed to complete a battle, which means more thought goes into your team and more pride is felt when you beat a particularly hard gym leader. It would be great to encounter more challengers once you have all eight badges, and have the opportunity to unlock more rewards and things to do than just completing your PokeDex. Both Mew and Ditto are the only Pokemon that are capable of learning the move Transform naturally, thus suggesting that both have the genes of all Pokemon flowing through them.
This theory is further given fuel because Arcanine’s species in the Pokedex of generation 1 reads legendary. It’s obvious that this thoery was fueled because missingno has been known to evolve into, yup you guessed it, Kangaskhan. It would be nice to once again have a rival whose team builds alongside yours, someone to try and beat to the Pokemon League and also to hear the menacing 'rival' music again!
While we are at it, maybe the whole fire-water-grass starter aesthetic could do with an update too? Although Pokemon Amie offered you the chance to be super close to your Pokemon, a nice touch would be to see the first in your team walking behind you to improve happiness. The Eon flute used in ORAS allowed us to use Fly without teaching it, and this is an idea which we hope could be employed to all HMs in future.More Post-Game Story? Of course, this was disproven and rightfully so; a frequency that can brainwash children to kill themselves? I’m guessing that because it was scrapped as a legendary, the creators quickly gave it a pre-evolution form and that was that.

This had interesting results though, resulting in the 6th item in your bag being cloned and giving you a crap load. With new types of Pokemon, this could mean a whole different approach to the start of your journey.Change the story?
Team Rocket are absolutely imperative to the anime, but the evil plans of the bad guys in the game have become a little stale and more of an annoyance than anything else. It would also look great with the new updated graphics, but can be optional for those who don't want to be followed all day. This sort of makes sense and would indeed explain the skull helmet that Cubone loves to wear.
Being on a mission to be a PokeMaster is enough of a tale in itself without them, or perhaps your involvement with them could be an optional side quest?Take more elements from the Anime?
In the 1st generation, your rival has a Raticate and the last place you face said Pokemon is on the S.S Anne. Of course, there is also the fact that Ditto can be found in abundance in the burned mansion and also the Cerulean City Cave, Mewtwo’s home.
Now, fast forward to Lavender Town and you find your rival at the tower, mourning his Raticate. Oh, I almost forgot, before I finish with this particular myth; there were rumors that the evolutionary stages were to go Kangaschan, Cubone, Marowak, and then Kangaskhan. There, you would swim along the coast line, beside the gym, and shortly after encounter Missingno. But that could be coincidence as I remember finding my Ditto outside Vermillion, if memory serves me correctly. But despite that, the rest is pretty convincing, especially the fact that both are the only Pokemon that naturally learn Transform.
Yes, Pokemon faint but the story goes that Raticate had suffered in the battle and your rival wasn’t able to get it to a Poke Center in time, thus leading to death.
Another one was putting Lavender Towns music through a special program that showed the soundwaves.

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