According to range of sources, including KDB Daewoo Securities, Apple will ship (pdf) a pair of larger smartphone models. While Cupertino has been confounding pundits, analysts and idiots for years, it is the received wisdom of all that Apple must deliver a phablet class iPhone in order to remain relevant in the smartphone market — don’t hold our breath one way or the other, though. For what it’s worth, the iPhone 5s offers 1GB RAM, A7 processor and a 4-inch display.
Is the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 more your speed or have you been dying for an Apple phablet — MOAR enough for you? When compared to iPhone 6, 6S comes with a smaller battery but with the power efficient A9 chip, the battery life offered is the same.
Turn off the battery hogs: Now that you know the power draining apps, save your battery life just by turning those apps off.
Brightness: Due to high-resolution display of the iOS 9, you can set it to auto brightness mode to save lots of energy.
Background App Refresh: In enabled mode it allows to refresh the contents of an app when on Wi-Fi or cellular in the background. Mail fetching: choose for manual fetching of emails, calendars, contacts, and many more instead of going for the automatic fetching feature.
Siri suggestions: This suggests you regarding apps, people, locations, and more when you go to search even before you type. Disabling location services: This service uses your GPS, Bluetooth, crowd-source Wi-Fi hotspot, and cell tower location to track your current location. Besides above-mentioned tips, you can go with few general tips too like setting auto lock interval, disabling auto downloads, disabling 4K videos, disabling motion effect wallpapers, turning Bluetooth, Wi-Fi off. You can turn on Low Power Mode when your battery drains up to 20%, you will automatically receive the notification for the same once it reaches 20%. Usually, iPhone HDR Images and Slow Motion Videos are the one filling your iPhone storage memory quickly. You can use hardware connected or WiFi connected memory to expand the storage of the device.
Cloud based solutions will work best to backup your contacts, photos and videos from your iOS device. These hard disks can act as additional memory disks connected in Wi-Fi network and can be utilized to backup your iPhone media files. Wireless Flash drives are coming with built in Wi-Fi and internal battery that let you to connect between other Wi-Fi devices and transfer files. With this Wireless Flash drive in your pocket, in your bag or across the room, you can wirelessly access your media and transfer files, stream HD videos and music, and save and share photos and videos to and from your iPhone or iPad device.
These devices can transfer the data faster than wireless and does not need any additional battery to operate. You can’t connect this device permanently on you device, since your device port need to connect your charger cable to recharge your phone. This wonderful technology is a three-in-one solution packed with external battery, extended memory and protection cover for your iPhone.

The first batch of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 have emerged, and we have to say that these images show no difference between the upcoming smartphone and an iPhone 6s, at least to our eyes. The second reason would be to reduce the overall thickness, and we see no evidence of a headphone jack, thus confirming to an extent the limits that Apple intends on crossing to reduce the thickness of its future iPhones.
From a hardware perspective, the upcoming iPhone 7 models are going to feature an A10 SoC, and from the looks of it, the chipset is powerful, but not as much as we would want it to be. Apple is also said to adopt a new chip developing technology called FoWLP, which stands for fan-out wafer level packaging platform. Digital Compass – It has a magnetometer, which works with a Compass application and is integrated into the Google Maps application. The majority of the respondents were already current iPhone users (84%), while Android users comprised 11% of the sample size.
However, rumors from near and far a coalescing a configuration that’s all about more. The company’s iPhone phablet class device will ship in the usual September-October timeframe running iOS 8.
Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date. This is just the claim made by Apple but what if it is not the case, then you really need to think of the problems related to draining batteries as the phone comes with huge price tag. However, All the mentioned tips need not be followed by you instead you can opt for some of them which suits best according to your requirements and usage. These solutions will help to save your media files like photos and videos to an extended memory. Your memory device need additional power supply to operate and establish connection with iOS device unless it is cloud based. These built in Wi-Fi based hard disks can connect directly to your iPhone without any additional WiFi router. This new technology basically let you to connect more than one devices to this stick through WiFi network to transfer data.
SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick lets you stream video or music to as many as three other devices at the same time, or gives you access to all your stuff from the pocket of your jeans. Once solution is the Flash memory stick that can directly connect to iPhone or iPad Lightning USB post. You can auto sync photos and videos from the camera roll when connected and also watch popular format videos directly from the drive. The additional memory offered with these device is coming as built in memory with the battery pack.
If you are the one traveling a lot with your iPhone, the best solution will be the battery back up model.
There was a rumor suggesting that the upcoming iPhone 7 was going to feature a ‘click less’ 3D Touch home button, and we can think of two reasons for this. The phone could also feature LTE modems from two different companies, along with a significant RAM upgrade as well.

We expect that 256GB will be nice little upgrade for those who have capped their 128GB internal memory (for a premium price obviously). With this technology, smartphone OEMs can greatly reduce the thickness of their mobile devices since FoWLP does not require a PCB. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more.
A larger screen was the second most-desired feature, with about 85% of respondents saying a size increase would positively influence their buying decision. Among iPhone users, it looks like battery life is still the predominant issue (as it’s always been), but there are plenty of folks who want to own an iPhone with more visual real estate. Display size, RAM alotment and storage capacity all increase, while Apple holds line on the camera’s megapixels. The camera in Apple’s current 5s also has an 8 megapixel and, as reported by Tapscape, earns top marks from users and experts alike.
Also, identify the number of times the app have been used by tapping on the clock icon next to the last 4 days tab beside knowing the apps background running time. Since this device connecting directly to your phone, you can use this device to transfer data without any WiFi network. If you want to save your media files and other large files, you may need to purchase additional iCloud storage or use other cloud based solutions like Dropbox, Google drive, Box etc. If you are staying at home most of the time, then cloud based solutions will be the best bet. Apple could want to make its iPhone 7 more waterproof than its predecessor, as the latest report suggests that the device will be able to remain submerged for a longer period. Additionally, it is able to increase the efficiency of chips by 30 percent and reduce the thickness of smartphones by at least 0.3mm.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. There are several free Cloud Services to upload and backup iOS Photos and videos that you can depend on. However, this does not mean that the smartphone will receive the IP68 certification, which is only given to smartphones that can survive for 30 minutes while being submerged in water till a depth of 5 feet. We bet Apple’s ears must be ringing when they were pitched that smartphone thickness could be using by employing this technology in mobile devices. Rather you can manually follow some steps to customize your battery life than going with Low Power Mode feature which will surely help to improve iPhone 6s Battery Life.

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