You can use the 2MP rear-facing camera to take beautiful photos or use the 0.3MP front-facing camera to chat over Wi-Fi® with friends and family. Surfing the internet was never more pleasant with this 10,1 inch capacitive screen and the 1 GB RAM memory.
Unfortunately, neither of the two has a card slot that would allow you to increase this limited capacity. Regarding formats, both mp3 players will play the following: MPEG, WAV, SMV, JPEG, BMP, MP3, WMA, and support other formats as well, provided that you install transcoding software. The built-in stereo FM radio is a handy feature that partially, and I emphasized partially, compensates the limited memory. Grundig also says that the lithium-polymer battery ensures 21 hours of continuous listening, which is pretty decent for an mp3 player.
The good news is that Grundig has reasonable prices for the MPixx 2001 and MPixx 2002, the former being available for close to 80 euros (107 dollars), while the latter for approximately 90 euros (121 dollars).
Good filing and music management will make you maximize the available amount of space on the iPod.
When you are able to maximize the space in your iPod, you can listen with ease and have greater choices for music.
I know, it was a surprise for me too, since the only Grundig products I remember are some ancient TV sets from the '80s.

Personally, I find the capacity too low for today's needs, especially since the Chinese are striving to release a 16GB Teclast mp3 player. The MPixx 2001 and MPixx 2002 also support the WMA DRM 10 function for that licensed music you have.
The devices also have a built-in mic that allows for voice recording, or as the Germans call it, the "dictation function". That's why we thought it would be a good idea to create an email address for you to help us a little in finding gadgets we missed. Some people wonder why a 1GB iPod Shuffle come with only 964 MB of storage space available.
If you use the iPod for storing music and computer files, you can allocate the amount of space you want available for each through summary and settings tab of iTunes. This format tlaes lesser space than MP3 and involves very minimal loss in sound quality. You can compress large files through a program like SoundForge, Audacity, or CoolEdit to compress files and leave more space. Interesting links are bound to be posted with recognition going mainly to those who submit. This is because there is internal software that occupies space in the total memory capacity.

Prioritize playable, portable media and use a different storage medium for storing files not used by an iPod.
These tips will allow you to maximize the advantages of having your iPod regardless of the model or generation. That already amounts to an entire digital music collection in 2 or even more computers – perhaps the entire music collection of a music store. Some people may just want it simply for music purposes; others can use it for other forms of audiovisual entertainment.
However, there are still fanatics and avid computer users that require more space in their iPods. You cannot physically add storage to your iPod because it is designed with sophisticated engineering making it not user-serviceable. The best thing to do is properly allocate what files you want to store and make modifications to the files being stored in the iPod.

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