I often remind the students I work with that the body is a “tool” that must be kept healthy in order to do well in school. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is a stage of sleep that happens 4 to 5 times during an 8-hour sleep period. In order to increase brain power and stay at your peak academic performance, you have to focus on taking care of yourself physically.
So you’ve decided to apply to graduate school and need letters of recommendation, but you study online. A good portion of my conversations with students this week have involved the phrase, “I think I need to drop a class.
Those are points that would have taken most people 3-5 minutes to name 4-5 of them, but you have this beautiful little device that allowed you to do it in 10 seconds.
Your brain will associate the words WARRANT and PEACHIS, and anytime a warrant exceptions question pops up on the bar essay, the image of the lazy cops eating peaches will pop up in your head. That’s the goal of this article—to assist you in passing the final gauntlet with the least amount of stress possible.
I’ve performed massive amounts of research on food, vitamins, memory techniques, and the best practices in optimizing brain functioning and performance. Using these techniques, I put together a somewhat comprehensive plan for the days of the bar exam.
This article will walk you through 6 things you can do to help your overall score on the Bar Exam, and specifically explain how to use 60 mnemonic devices (or bar exam acronyms) to boost your score on the essay portion of the bar exam.
In order to take out the potential for arbitrary scoring by the bar examiners, the National Conference of Bar Examiners decided that the most appropriate method for testing the essays would be through creating a scoring criteria. So, to fairly grade the essays, the bar examiners had to create an objective scoring criteria that allowed the test taker to accumulate points through statements of law and their application to the fact pattern. The idea was that this objective format would allow the scoring to be free from the caprice of the bar examiner. Some people have termed these fixed points as “the low hanging fruit.” These are the points that you pick up on the essays by merely reciting the basic elements of a claim or by explaining the foundational elements of the law.
The Uniform Bar Exam, also known as the UBE, is a standardized version of the bar exam that has been accepted by 16 U.S. While the Uniform Bar Exam is a barrier to practicing, tests have shown no direct correlation to Uniform Bar Exam performance and the performance of the lawyer. Note: Because the UBE is more universally applicable and because that’s the test I sat for, the mnemonics discussed in this article are only applicable to the UBE (which may carry over to various other states, but no guarantees). Essentially he suggests that you load up with probiotics and other fermented foods to increase digestive health, which in turn makes your brain sharper. Berries are one of the most powerful foods you can eat for boosting brain power and memory. Kefir aims at increasing the good flora in your stomach and intestines to allow you to better absorb the nutrients.
Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes which keeps you hydrated and provides sufficient potassium for the sodium-potassium exchange that makes neurons fire. Based on testing in rats, researchers found the human equivalent of about 1 cup of coffee given to rats increased long-term memory performance. You’re going to want to see how your stomach and the rest of your body responds to the foods. Because canned salmon is typically produced with wild caught fish, it may be your best alternative for the salad. Click here to see a list of 31 brain foods to choose from when creating your meal for day two of the exam. You want to be able to eat a small bowl of oatmeal and a glass of milk before bed as the combination of the milk (contains tryptophan) and the carbohydrates from the oatmeal can facilitate the tryptophan’s crossing of the blood-brain barrier will allow for better sleep. Don’t starve yourself, but keep these concepts in mind when you’re planning your bar exam diet.
Across numerous sources cited throughout this website, the foregoing pills have shown to be the most effective in consistently aiding cognitive function and memory (both long-term and short-term). Remember nature gives us signs — pay attention to them–See how walnuts benefit your brain! You remember where the bush or tree is located because your body’s survival mechanism naturally makes the spatial relationships in your brain, which allows you to better remember things. This instinctual memory tool can be transitioned into studies for the bar exam if you use outlines and arrange the legal concepts into a certain spatial format that allows you to relate the terms. Continue making cards for any key terms that you believe will be tested on the essay portion. Bring the notecards when you go on walks, put them in your bathroom, and even put them in the passenger seat of your car for when you get to stoplights and want to be productive. When you read this in an evidence essay, it should trigger the declarant unavailable exceptions.
Now, without looking anything up, what are the exceptions to hearsay when a declarant is unavailable?
You can use the mnemonics to maximize your time as well as remember these important concepts.
The next step is to associate the acronym with something that relates to the Declarant being unavailable.
Because the bar examiners often have a tight curve, it is important to rack up any available points possible. So, what’s the best way to memorize the massive amount of study material required for the bar exam?
Mnemonic devices have been used for years and years to allow people to easily memorize voluminous amounts of information.

Let’s face it…most of the people reading this article are probably sitting on more than $50,000 in law school debt.  If you’re not, congratulations!
For those of you who have the debt, consider how much you have invested up to this point in time… You’re probably paying around $2000-3000 on the bar exam prep class.
Don’t cheat yourself out of valuable study tools…one point may be the difference between passing and failing.
Research has long shown that the hippocampus, a squishy seahorse-shaped region found on both sides of the brain that’s essential for learning and forming memories, becomes highly activated during exercise.
Gray matter, the meaty, wrinkly stuff we often think of when we conjure images of the brain, is really only half the story when it comes to understanding what’s going on up there. The human brain is an intricate organ made up of millions of cells that can hold more information than ever thought possible. Our brains can be trained and here are some of the unusual exercises that people do to exercise their brains and think more sharply and more readily. Sudoku, crossword and other brain training puzzles are an excellent way to keep your brain healthy and active well into your golden years.
By switching dominant hands once in a while, you will be exercising your brain and making it constantly learn or relearn things that you would normally do during the course of your day.
Your brain gets used to the things that you do every day and if you have a set way of doing them, change it up. By listening to music or learning to play an instrument, your brain will get a workout like it has never had. Performing multiple tasks at once may seem very easy, but your brain sees it as an intense workout as it works hard to keep your body functioning throughout the tasks being performed. It may seem obvious that our brains are very much a part of our bodies, and a properly functioning brain relies on the rest of the body being well; but it’s easy to lose sight of this. If you only sleep a few hours a night, your accumulation of REM will not be enough because the first REM period of the night only lasts about 10 minutes.
Eating proper nutrients and staying hydrated will increase brain power when you need it most. It helps you maintain body temperature, metabolize body fat, lubricate and cushion organs, transport nutrients, and flush toxins from your body. It is better for your brain if you eat several small meals throughout the day rather than one or two big ones.
She has worked as an academic advisor, faculty member, retention specialist and assistant director of student success.
Few deep breathe of the day, enough and continued sleep of 8 hours and last proper food with enough nutrition. Immediately you should think: what are the exceptions to the warrant requirement for police officers?
As we know each professor weighs factors differently, each bar examiner would weigh the writing styles and other attributes of the writing according to their own personal preference. The mnemonic devices, however, are specifically aimed at helping you remember important concepts on the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)—that’s not to say that the mnemonics are not applicable to all bar exams, but they were not specifically created for such use. Perlmutter is a well-known neurologist who has his own opinions on how food affects brain functioning.
But recent studies have revealed new, more complex and nuanced ways in which exercise activates and affects the brain. Recent research from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign examining both children and older adults shows that the brain’s white matter—the network of nerve fibers that connect and transmit brain signals from one part of the brain to another—becomes more fibrous and compact with physical exercise. Our brain is the king of our whole body and a very sensitive important organ which controls our whole body functions. Training your brain to remember better, think faster and learn more intrinsically is actually a very easy process. By learning a new language, you are waking up that part of your brain that hasn’t been used since you learned your native tongue.
Listening to music takes a lot of work for your brain as the intricate sounds and lyrics coincide with thoughts and memories that you have stored and associated with that song.
Read it aloud or read it quietly, but reading a book to yourself works in the same manner as reading to small children, it will increase cognitive function and wake up the brain’s receptors.
Let your brain look at things in a different way and it will begin to respond better learning new things. I know life can get busy and you might not be able to think about your health constantly, but there are a few simple things you can do for your body to increase brain power. Have you noticed when you’re stressed or nervous that your heart races and breathing gets shallower? Exercise — especially yoga — and meditation are also excellent ways to practice breathing and keep your stress under control. Eating sugar, carbohydrates and a lot of fat can cause you to crash quickly and be sluggish.
Everyone should drink at least 64 ounces a day, and if you exercise or are overweight, even more.
She holds a Master of Education degree in Counseling and Career Development from Colorado State University, and also teaches a “First Year Experience” course to new college students, helping them set the foundation for college success. You’ll see why you want to save oatmeal and a banana for bedtime rather than eating it before the exam. It’s also lean but loaded with good omega-3 fatty acids, which form a flexible, receptive casing around neurons to promote better neural communication.
It takes some time and some dedication, but soon you will see results and start noticing marked improvement in overall brain function. This stems from the body’s “fight or flight” reaction that gives it more oxygen to either run away or fight in a life-threatening situation.

REM sleep plays a major role in facilitating memory storage, retention, organization and reorganization. If you want sustained mental and physical energy, be sure to eat whole grains, lean protein, and at least 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Her passion lies in helping students see that they can be successful and giving them permission to dream.
Perlmutter describes a gut microbiome which is something that refers to the bacteria and microorganisms that live in your stomach. This will enable the brain to make use of its sense receptors and introduce new scents that it isn’t familiar with. The food can affect the flora living in your stomach and allow you to better absorb nutrients as well as heal numerous ailments. Your body doesn’t differentiate stress triggers, though, so you react similarly to school work as you would to encountering a hungry bear.
The best natural tonic to charge and recall memory.Almonds with Black PepperTo increase your memory within 4-6 months crush 500 grams Almonds and mix 10 grams Black Pepper powder in it. Chronic or severe stress reduces the rate at which learning is converted into long-term memory.
The best and effective natural tip to increase memory from older times.Almonds, Walnuts with HoneyCrush 8-10 Almonds and 1-2 tablespoons walnuts, boil it in 1 glass of milk. Daily take 1-2 tablespoon with warm cup of milk before going to sleep because it is always better to take brain foods before going to sleep or an empty stomach.
Use it for one month and see the improvement in your brain power and memory.A Almond Oil Massage to Increase MemoryMassage your scalp with Almond oil, and drink a lukewarm cup of milk adding 1 tablespoon Almond oil before sleep. The best natural remedy to increase your memory.Almond Tonic for BrainAlmond milk shake with Honey is the best tonic to increase your memory fast. Almonds, Dry Dates and WalnutsGrind 12 black peppers and 250 grams Almonds, 100 grams dried dates (chuharay) and 100 grams walnuts kernel. Keep it in a glass jar before using it mix 1 teaspoon honey or natural sugar in 1 tablespoon mixture. The best tip to get sharp memory.Almonds and Poppy SeedsSoak 7 Almonds and 1 teaspoon Poppy seeds (khashkhash) overnight in 1 glass milk. It strengthens your memory power.Almonds and Grapes SeedsBoil 7 Almond kernels and 7 Grapes seeds and have it along with a cup of A lukewarm of milk with an empty stomach for 40 days. Best tip to increase brain power, nerve system and memory.A Dried black currants with SeedsEating 9 dried Grapes (currants) with its seeds and 1 Walnut kernel along with 1 cup lukewarm milk on an empty stomach for 21 days. The Best natural tip to improve brain power, memory and concentration.A GrapesTo improve the blood circulation to the brain and power to speed of mental response. In grapes season increases the use of grapes in your kids.Apples, sunflower seeds Apples have been shown to be another potent brain food. People with the highest consumption of vitamin E from food were 25% less likely to develop dementia than those who ate the least amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E is most abundant in almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and green leafy vegetables.Apple JuiceNowadays we find more people with weak brain and low memory.
Eating apple strengthen your brain and drinking apple juice increases your brain power its muscles. To recover weakness due to low blood level that can also causes lose of memory, use this remedy for 1-2 months.A Omega 3 fish oilOmega 3 fish oil has healing benefits to our whole body. Omega- 3’s is good for the brain, eyes, heart, kidney, skin, joints, bones and health.
A pregnant woman should also use Omega 3 fatty acids daily in her diet to reduce pregnancy complications. Those who do not get enough Omega-3’s Fatty Acid from their mother in the duration of pregnancy have to face many health and mental problems after birth.
Salmon fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which reduces inflammation in the brain and improve brain function. Eating a handful walnut 2-3 times weekly is as much beneficial to boost memory.Sweet Corn oil Corn Oil contains high amount of Omega 6 fatty acid, which is necessary for our body and brain function, growth and health but our body can not make it we have to get it through food and sweet corn is the best source to get it. Now add 10 g pine nuts, 10 g walnut kernels and 200 g sugar or to taste, 5 minutes before turning off the stove.
Best effective natural tip to increase brain power and memory.Flax Seeds with MilkBoil flax seeds in 1 cup milk for 2 minutes and sip it. Vitamins, carbohydrate, protein, minerals like iron and fiber in fresh or dried Figs very much beneficial to sharp the memory for all ages. Within few days must feel improvement in your memory.Figs, Almonds and WalnutsBoil 3 Figs (Anjeer), 5 crushed Almonds ,1 Walnut kernel (giri) , 2 Green Cardamoms in 1 glass cow milk for 4-5 minutes.
Daily eating 10-12 seeds of Nigella with an empty stomach is very effective and helpful for brain function. A Nigella Seeds water Wrap 21 nigella seeds in a cotton cloth piece and put it in half cup of boiled water. Now drop 2 drops in the right side of your nose and 1 drop in the left side for three days. One of the best tips to improve brain function and also best to cure mental health from diseases naturally.Nigella Seeds Oil with Pure ButterA Mix 5 drops of Nigella seeds oil in 2 tablespoons pure Butter or 2 tablespoons of fresh milk cream and add sugar to taste in it.
A gift for those who are dealing with weak brain.Ginkgo BilobaThe ginkgo tree has been around for over 150 million years and is one of the oldest and tallest tree species on earth.
Ginkgo Biloba proves benefits in patients with less memory after 60 and slow down aging effects that comes with aging.

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