ObesityHelp is dedicated to the education, empowerment and support of all individuals affected by obesity, along with their families, friends, employers, surgeons and physicians. Ground-breaking studies done in the last decade revealed that saffron has the ability to treat depression.
The same property that heals depression also makes an effective mood booster for women suffering from the emotional symptoms of periods. Another reason saffron helps to calm you down is because it is known to help to slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. In some parts of the world, saffron is applied to babies’ gums when they are teething to help reduce the pain.
Saffron is supposedly quite an aphrodisiac and can be used to control premature ejaculation too. Saffron can simply be added as-is to any of your foods from rice and meat dishes to cold, milky beverages and dessert. It is better to buy saffron threads – the original saffron – rather than saffron powder since the latter may be adulterated. Store your saffron in a cool, dark place and preferably in a dark container too as daylight tends to sap saffron of its healing properties. So what do snoring, ear infections, behavioural problems and overcrowded teeth all have in common? This eclectic array of common childhood complaints may seem diverse and unrelated but in fact they all have a common root cause. The researchers could only come up with a couple of plausible causes for this – including poorer sleep and lack of oxygenation to the brain. For many kids, especially three to six year-olds, loud snoring is caused by enlarged tonsils or adenoids.
From my perspective this is just symptomatic and fails to address the underlying problem, which is nearly always food intolerance and environmental allergens.
My motto is that children are always doing the best they can  – given the circumstances they find themselves in. Let’s start treating kids with the respect, intelligence and sensitivity that they deserve and create an environment and healing paradigm that allows them to truly flourish. From a purely physiological perspective, we know that without a beating heart, we soon die.
Did you know that the circulation in the body actually starts before the heart starts beating? From an emotional viewpoint, we often feel into our heart and may experience an ache or blocked feeling when we are sad or upset.
The Heartmath Institute in America is a wonderful organisation dedicated to the study of the heart. I think this explains the way we can sense what is going on in our environment or with friends before any words have been spoken. So it makes sense that we are tuning and being aware of what we are both projecting out into the world and what we are picking up – from our powerful heart space. Karen put me on a super tonic which I call her ‘magic potion’ and after a few weeks in taking this my FSH levels dropped dramatically and this was my lucky month and my dream had finally came true. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. FacebookKaren McElroy Naturopath & Herbalist 1 week ago Did you know Australian men are at a higher risk of developing many chronic diseases and have a lower life expectancy than women.
Building chest muscles involves patience, right diet and avoiding some mistakes which can hamper your efforts. Eat the right calories so that your chest is able to get its much needed nutrients to grow and stay strong.
Follow the above exercises and tips and you will be able to grow your chest muscles quickly and make them stronger. A study conducted at the University of Illinois shows that children with problems focusing demonstrate greater attention after a 20-minute walk in a park than after a similar walk in a downtown area or a residential neighborhood. Interestingly, the positive effects of spending time in nature were as strong as taking a dose of medication.  Previous studies have also shown that children who have regular exposure to green spaces surrounded by nature and not concrete, have milder symptoms of attention deficit. I was just wondering if you’ve heard anything about this sort of allergy treatment and whether you know how efficacious it would be? Whitney Barthel Whitney will be 21 again this October (unfortunately for the 9th or 10th time).
Among the long list of products gaining popularity nowadays is Shakeology, described as one of the best meal replacement shakes of this health-conscious generation. But looking beyond all these publicity and media promotions, does Shakeology really have what it takes to join the ranks of the best meal replacement shakes in town?
In the past,  meal replacement shakes were to either lose weight or gain weight depending on your fitness goal. The Best meal replacement shakes are not only “healthy” but describe themselves as a “complete package”. Some of the falsely advertised “best meal replacement shakes” even cut the exact amount of vitamins and nutrients into half as part of their cost-effective strategies.
But how in the world can it pass the standard and become one of the best meal replacement shakes ever known? Now that the new Vegan meal replacement was released in February 14th 2012, in the tropical strawberry flavor, even more props go out to this brand as they get their protein for this one from sprouted brown rice. To say that Shakeology is one of the best meal replacement shakes out there is an understatement.
Now, if you’re looking for that “ideal protein”, search no further because Shakeology has whey isolate protein, the top choice for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike included in the greenberry and chocolate flavors. If there’s one thing I hate about these so-called “best meal replacement shakes”, that would be their taste that seems to be uninviting for my palate. Good for us because as times have changed, more award-winning recipes and taste have emerged from the best meal replacement shakes in the market. Although some vegans obviously prefer either Greenberry or Tropical, my heart really belongs to Chocolate. There is more to Shakeology than meets the eyes but if you want to give your body a healthy treat or supplement your daily workouts with a nutritious meal replacement, I really recommend Shakeology above all others. You want to make sure that it is making you healthy on the inside as well during the process of helping you look good on the outside. This is a total of 568 calories which is in my per meal range for my age, gender, and activity level if I want to keep my energy levels for living and workouts while staying strong, lean, healthy, and happy.
False.  Osteoporosis is more common in women than men but studies show that men tend to have more serious complications of the disease.

Of course, it would not make a difference with severe depression as that requires a whole gamut of treatment apart from medication. Just as it soothes the nervous system, the safranal from saffron also soothes the digestive system and basically just brings it back on track. This means that you can lower your risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease with saffron. That mild sedative property of saffron which helps with depression can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Indeed, it continues to work that magic on the respiratory system which is why it is great for those suffering from something as simple as a cough to a more serious respiratory issue like asthma.
This is a very natural and safe remedy for baby tooth pain but it is still advisable to check with the paediatrician before trying it out. So whether its arthritis, a stomach ache, rheumatism or muscle pain, take some saffron and see the difference. It is also believed that saffron can help boost sperm production and thus aid in improving fertility in men. Saffron is just one of the many spices that is now known to have antioxidants and therapeutic properties which reduce cancer risk. But you would have to take a huge amount of saffron at one time for it to count as ‘too much’ – over ten grams.
Enlarged tonsils and adenoids are also linked to recurrent ear infections and of course tonsillitis. If we suffer from stress and anxiety our heart is the first organ to respond with increased heart rate and blood pressure.
The term neurocardiology describes the intricate connections between our brain and our heart. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who is going through the whole ‘roller coaster’ journey of IVF. I always feel so positive every time I leave Karen’s rooms, I’m so glad that I found her I can never thank her enough for my positive out come!Megan WolarczukI have been treated by Karen for many years and she is a wonderful naturopath. Slightest mistake or wrong diet will slow down your muscle buildup and you may feel that in spite of the hard work you are actually gaining nothing. However, this exercise is not going to help you in gaining chest muscles if you are doing it without any kind of resistance. When you are lifting at a faster rate, you are involving more muscle fibers which helps in chest growth. Squatting and deadlift is highly recommended since this helps in increasing the release of muscle building hormones and also growth hormones.. The chest has 2 main heads but this is a single muscle which contracts as one or as a whole.
When he gets “out of control,” the best thing for him is to let him go outside and run around. My two year old has mild symptoms nearly every time we go outside or sometimes even if I open a window.
As the competition heats up, more brands are bragging themselves as the leader of the pack but when we talk about top notch quality, only few are immune from the chopping block. Exclusively made by Beachbody to complement intense at-home workouts like Insanity and P90X, Shakeology is an all-natural product offering tons of health benefits and fitness wonders. Let’s try to answer this intriguing question by going over the three essential things that make a meal replacement a cut above the rest. In other words, they provide the most complete list of health-giving nutrients that other cookie-cutter brands fail to offer. It would benefit them but as a consumer, you don’t want to waste a lot of money for some hyped-up but substandard meal replacement, do you? Plain and simple: By combining the best ingredients in the world to provide people with the best nutrients known to improve the quality of life. Some of the highest quality protein out there, not to mention that these shakes are all gluten free as well. Shakeology is a life-changer and I can personally attest on how it has improved my overall health in just a matter of time. And when I say protein, what I mean is a nutrient that doesn’t just repair the body but also gives other outstanding health benefits.
This protein repairs damaged tissues especially after a bout of intense exercises such as P90X or Insanity.
Of course not everyone likes the taste of shakeology, but that is just the way of the world.
Shakeology, for example, are widely known for its three mouth-watering flavors such as Chocolate, Greenberry and Tropical Strawberry.
The taste is nothing short of fulfilling that I sometimes even forget that I’m drinking a meal replacement shake.
Most of the brands out there don’t have a complete solution in their product so you must know what to look for and know what you are needing to reach you health and fitness goals. Some brands are all natural but don’t provide enough calories needed to be classified as a legit meal replacement. You can always modify the proportions to adjust the calorie intake for your specifications. Because it takes approximately 70,000 flowers of the saffron plant to make just 250 gm of the saffron that can be used in cooking.
But people who suffered from mild depression reported a definite improvement in their moods and general outlook on life after taking saffron capsules over a month and a half.
Saffron also helps to alleviate other symptoms of PMS including cramps, aching joints and headaches. So whether you are constipated or have loose motions, debilitating nausea or excessive flatulence or heartburn, a daily dose of saffron will help. Saffron is known to open up respiratory pathways which is why ancient medicine recommend mixing it with hot milk and drinking if your nose or head is stuffed with phlegm. Or you can apply saffron essential oil directly on to your skin after mixing it with a carrier oil like jojoba or grapeseed.
Usually, when using saffron for cooking or for medicinal purposes, not more than .02 gm is used per person, that’s about one pinch of it. The tonsils (and neighbouring adenoids) are a first line of defence and where our immune system does much of its production of the important immune cells.
Their capacity to cope with the world is a combination of learnt behaviour and modelling from the adults closest to them,  alongside a delicate interaction with their environment – food, water, allergens and other everyday exposures. So it kind of discounts the idea that the heart is merely a pump and is solely responsible for our circulation – which is what the mainstream medical folk would have us believe.

Contrary to long held beliefs, the researchers have found that the heart actually responds to events before the brain.
It was so lovely to actually have someone that actually listened to me, it was in 2010 when we decided we would give IVF one last go before having a break. You have to lift at your fastest best but when you are weighing down you need to be slow and under control. Overhead press and bench press are one of the best and quickest ways of building bulk and strength. After each walk, an experimenter who didn’t know which walk the child had been on tested their attention using a standard neurocognitive test called Digit Span Backwards, in which a series of numbers are said aloud and the child recites them backwards. You just rub it on and around your nostrils and it’s supposed to block allergens from entering your system. And with 70 world-class ingredients to its credit, it’s safe to say that Shakeology really deserves the buzz.
It takes the traditional meal replacement shake, and adds a variety of superfoods and natural earth ingredients into a shake to improve not only weight goals, but also your cholesterol, blood sugar levels, digestion, energy, mood, skin, and more. Well, lucky for us because Shakeology has been proven to stick to its principle which is to promote health through a high-quality meal replacement product. Shakeology is a meal replacement shake containing a wide array of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics, whey protein isolate and other components you would normally get by eating an overwhelming variety of fruits and vegetables. You can’t please everyone, but it taste great in my opinion compared to most out there. Where the difference can really be told is on the right side of the label and it’s ingredients. Remember, it must have at least approximately 120 calories to be considered a meal replacement. I believe in the power of the subconscious mind and that everything around us happens from the energy we project from within.
Its cost makes it prohibitive for everyday meals, but if you’re looking for natural solutions to health problems then we recommend that you splurge on this orange spice. The heart chakra is also much favoured by many folk – with it forming a central point between the upper and lower chakras. She helped support my body before conceiving to get it ready to have a baby, throughout the pregnancy and also postnatally. Now, while training you need to be careful so that you do not make some mistakes which will waste all your efforts in chest building. There are times when I can see him getting extra jumpy, and I will ask him, “Do you need to go outside?” And he will say, “Yes.” It calms him down within just 5 to 10 minutes. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the product, but the commercial features a woman walking through the park with a linebacker walking in front of her and pummeling piles of leaves and whatnot. If this topical treatment is effective and approved for toddlers that would be great for us.
This is done by all natural ingredients that were put on this earth to benefit the human body. As a matter of fact, whey protein also helps in regulating blood sugar to keep those sugary spikes at bay.
More often than not, the overpowering taste of protein becomes too unappetizing for me to take that I end up gulping milk shakes instead. Is it all natural or are you taking something that does damage to your insides like artificial food coloring or sucralose? Check out the different ailments that saffron can help you with and how you can improve your health with it. This health benefit of saffron is enabled by its essential oil safranal which has a mild sedative-like effect on the nervous system. By soothing your nervous system and balancing out your digestion, saffron will calm you down which is often the key to feeling less tired. Our hearts also generate the largest electromagnetic field of any organ – about 60 times greater than the output of the brain!
She has given me a wealth of information, helped guide me through making informed decisions and provided me with emotional support. During the walks, all of the children were unmedicated — those of the participants who normally took medications to control their ADHD symptoms stayed off their medications on the days of the walks. In addition to that, this protein contributes largely on the development of lean muscles in the body, which help in reducing body fats in the process. Intolerances to common foods have been linked to digestive issues and in turn can affect the way the brain functions.
I had difficulty breastfeeding and Karen was able to encourage the flow of my breastmilk and was a key resource in helping my daughter and I have a wonderful breastfeeding journey. Thank you Karen for all your support, no doubt you will continue to support my health and my family’s for many years to come.Melissa HatelyAfter finding Karen, for the first time in what seems like forever, I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. An alternative to a meal would be a cheaper quality product that contains just enough to replace a meal with the right amount of protein, carbs, fats, and calories.
She waded through copious amounts of information and scenarios and managed to start me on a path to wellness. Countless people have suggested I try meditation, but that was where the advice ended and I just could not bring myself to do it. Karen not only put me in touch with great information, her words are still what get me through my meditation today. THANK YOU KAREN!Leigh Ann SampleHaving Karen as my Naturopath through my IVF journey has been wonderful. Her knowledge, genuine interest and caring nature have made an otherwise stressful time, less so.
Using herbal medicine, nutritional advise & professional nutritional supplements, Karen helped me turn my health around. Her knowledge is phenomenal, as is her ability to piece all the complex bits of the puzzle together.Brooke CoplandAs a Mum of three girls I want to express my sincerest gratitude for your care and support. My family is blessed with a Naturopath who not only has a fundamental knowledge, but also a holistic approach when helping us and others.

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