Most of us enjoy the company and companionship of others in our personal lives, and all of us value strong relationships in the workplace and in our other day to day interactions. It doesna€™t matter what kind of relationship you may be enjoying or having trouble with, being proactive in improving that relationship will be mutually beneficial to the people involved as it will develop an attitude of maturity within you as well as them, and you will develop a higher level of respect for yourself and others. Below we will cover five ways you can improve your life relationships and form stronger bonds with the other individuals in your life.
If you have a friend, family member, or business associate who knows without a doubt that you are listening clearly and striving to understand them you are building trust. It can be very easy, particularly when you know and associate with an individual who seems to be crisis oriented or have a wide array of problems.
Be on top of your tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions at all times; you may be able to make your words sound nice and sweet, but if you are not smiling or your body language is aggressive you have nullified your words and damaged any trust that exists. Any solid relationship of value, whether personal or work-oriented, can only be built by an equal amount of give and take. 5.A A  Forgive for the sake of not only you or the other person, but for the sake of the relationship itself.
Our day to day interactions and relationships with others are what make being a human being such a wonderful gift. Many of you will be asking what the difference between flax seed meal and flax seeds are, well the answer is really nothing.
Flax seeds also help reduce inflammation levels through the lignans and omega 3 acids contained in them. The doctor always tells people to have a larger amount of fibre in their diet if they want to help regulate bowel movements.
Due to the nature of slower digestion with flaxseed, people may experience a slower absorption rate of medication that they have consumed. Mozaffarian (2005), Does alpha-linolenic acid intake reduce the risk of coronary heart disease?
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. According to some studies and statistics run in the United States, 72% of the population chooses salads as one of the preferred foods and one person in five reports eating salads almost every day.
Diet and exercise is in everyone’s to do list and a lot of people are embracing new and healthy habits. We can eat big portions of salad with very little dressing to increase our feeling of fullness and to lower the amount of calories consumed. The advanced machinery that we use at our factories, allow us washing and cutting fruit and vegetables rapidly. Contact the Select a Salad team today to find out more about the variety of prepared products that we offer to different businesses in the catering industry.
The medicine ball has been around for ages and has been used by ancient Greek and Persian warriors in a number of ways.  Persian wrestlers used bladders filled with sand to train and Greek warriors used sacks made up of animal skin to improve their flexibility and agility. Nowadays, medicine ball exercises are performed by a number of and different types of athletes and sportspersons to improve their core strength. You can add an extra component of strength to your stretching regime, using medicine ball exercises. A medicine ball will give you an explosive workout and you really don’t even need to do anything extra with it. A medicine ball is not an expensive piece of equipment like a bench press or a treadmill and can be used in a million different ways which will never bore you and add an element of fun to your workouts.
A medicine ball workout will add strength to your core, chest and arms and help improve your balance and flexibility. Always warm up before any exercise as that reduces the risk of an injury and also helps stretch out your muscles so that you recover faster. Stand with your feet apart and hold the medicine ball in your hand and pass it around your body as you switch hands. A medicine ball core workout will give you a comprehensive workout to tighten and strengthen your core muscles. Hold the medicine ball in your hands and place it on the floor and lift yourself, keeping your back straight. Medicine ball exercises for upper body will give a very good workout to your arms, shoulders and back. This medicine ball exercises for the upper arm is very good for people who want to build good triceps and for women who want to lose their bingo wings (those pesky bits of flab under the arms).
You can add intensity to your regular push ups  by placing your hands on a medicine ball instead of on the floor.
Stand with your feet apart and hold the medicine ball in your hands as you press it to your chest.
You can get a comprehensive lower body workout with a medicine ball and target your glutes and thighs. Keep your feet a little apart and hold the medicine ball in your hand, keeping your arms straight.
To add intensity to this squat, balance yourself on one leg and then squat down as much as possible, hold the position and lift yourself up. Hold the medicine ball in your arms and take a wide step, bend down till your other knee almost touches the floor and then twist yourself to one side. A medicine ball is an easy and inexpensive exercise equipment which can be used on the go and anywhere. Whether you are a highly motivated workout expert or a novice trying out new exercises for fun, a medicine ball workout routine has something for everyone. Samridhi is a writer, filmmaker and a fitness enthusiast who has been into body transformation and fitness mechanisms for over two years now. Content (text, audio, video) on this website is only intended to provide general information to the reader and is not intended to be used as medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment. Signup to get the most important weekly news roundup from across the web about Health, Wellness & Fitness.
France – French women soak their nails in warm water and lemon juice, a practice that helps take the yellow hue out of nails that have been painted red. England – London girls avoid washing their hair in regular tap water because it’s full of harsh minerals that can leave hair dry and brittle. Sweden – The Swedes and the Finnish make regular trips to the sauna (many even have them in their house). Turkey – Women in Turkey, particulary those with blonde or light brown hair, will rinse their hair with water that has been boiled with daises. Greece – Not to be outdone by their southern neighbors, Greek women rinse their hair with rosemary water. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to become a natural European beauty – just a trip to the grocery store! Read previous post:World Cup for Novices(Photo Source) Barely in it’s first week, the World Cup has taken the world by storm. In addition to the strength, the plank also works your muscular endurance which is very important for tennis players - you need your core in each shot, for hours. Your athletic performance will improve dramatically if you have a strong core, and the risk of low back problems will decrease as well. Here are a some plank exercises from Suzanna McGee, former Miss Natural Olympia, to build a strong core.

Some can be done with added level of difficulty: you will be lifting your arm and leg at the same time. Get your balance first, breathe in and lift your left arm and right leg at the same time and keep them straight and parallel with the ground. When you feel like you have a good balance, raise your left arm vertically to the ground and in one line with your right arm.
Push yourself up again, bend your left leg and bring the knee across toward your right elbow until they touch. Reducing weight has never been easy, but these 10 ways are surely easy to help you reduce weight naturally. They will be launching services at this weekend's Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on the 17th of January. Analyzing the causes and factors why your workout regime might not be working as per your needs.
Experience the sports in a new way with the all new Panasonic HX-A1 wearable sports camera. A look at Novak Djokovic's gluten-free diet that helped him become a dominant tennis player. Indian Sports & Fitness Carnival (ISAFC) is an attempt to bring all the fitness freaks on one stage from across the globe to create awareness about the importance of a healthy and wealthy life. Professional tennis player and fitness guru Neha Uberoi advises you on how to work on your serve and game.
Mental toughness is a necessity in competitive sports as competing against other athletes, or even against your personal best, can be a stressful process. No matter how brief a meeting or an exchange between two people may be it will produce an outcome of some sort, whether the outcome is immediately recognized and validated or not. Whether at home, work, or play you can practice habits and behaviors which transform those superficial associations into productive relationships of depth while simultaneously bringing the more personal relationships to a much stronger, more stable, and lasting state. As we all know, trust is the foundation of any solid, lasting relationship, and showing interest, concern, and care are vital to building this trust. Put yourself in their shoes by thinking of a similar experience you have gone through or by simply imagining yourself in their situation. Do not put the burden of worrying about what you think of the other person on their shoulders. Realize the fact that the relationship in question is not all about you; there are many other facets to the individuala€™s life you are in relationship with which you know nothing about. When you hold grudges against another you are hurting yourself more than anyone else, and you are damaging your own ability to trust and form strong relationships with others. Allowing others into our lives and worlds is equal to giving a part of ourselves away, and this involves risking pain and disappointment. Liganans protect against the hormone related cancers such as prostate, overian and breast through their ability to mimic the hormone estrogen. Personally I don’t have it so I can’t give much personal advice on the topic but I am aware of flax seed meals ability to help manage diabetes. Please be aware of this and take the medication a few hours before eating the flaxseed meal. There are several reasons for that and we will list them all shortly; but before we do that, let’s discuss some interesting statistics that will attract the attention of business owners operating in the food industry.
More and more people are growing aware of the importance of having a healthy life style to avoid diseases and to enjoy a longer and happier life. Salads contain a lot of fiber, which is great to control the appetite and to improve the digestive function.
All these contribute to a good general health and can lower the risk, in a long term, of certain diseases.
We are a well-known and trusted fresh produced supplier in Johannesburg, who specializes in prepared salads. We can offer you and your business a great service if you choose us as your preferred salad supplier. Hippocrates then started using the medicine ball as a way of treating sports and war related injuries as it puts minimal pressure on joints. Wrestlers and boxers use the medicine ball to simulate pressure from their opponent and build strength in their arms, chest and shoulders. The main advantage of using it is that unlike traditional dumbbells, it does not put pressure on your wrists and joints but can give you a similar exercise and training experience. Holding the weighted ball adds weight to your exercises and has considerable benefit for you.
Add a medicine ball to your regular push up routines or dead lifts and as you try and balance your body for improving your core strength and burn more calories.
You can toss the ball around, hold it in your hands or place it around your body to add an extra punch in your workout.
From simply holding the ball and rolling, you not only add strength to your core muscles, but also have a fun exercise to add to your workout. Also, it does not put any pressure on your joints, while you strength train with it and will help give you a good workout without the risk of an injury.
As you try to get that perfect beach body, this is one of the best workouts to effectively burn more calories and give you definition without hurting your joints. Now, keep the medicine ball on your shins and with your lower back on the floor, try and reach towards the ball with your shoulders. Now, hold the medicine ball in your arms and twist from left to right with your stomach pulled in.
Men who want a well defined back should do this diligently and women, who tend to usually ignore the upper body, should also add this in their workout routines. Now move your hands up and down behind your head, all the while keeping your arms straight and your elbows closed. Now, lie down in the push up position and push yourself down and up, all the while trying to maintain your balance on the medicine ball. Now, raise your arms all the while keeping them straight to shoulder level and then lower them. You do not need a gym to do these exercises and when you are on a vacation, or when visiting a gym seems like a pain, medicine ball exercises will always come to your rescue. Nobody can be bored of doing medicine ball exercises and in fact, there is just so much that you can add to your regime all the time. With a keen interest and health and overall fitness, she believes that the human body is a great gift and it is up to us to maintain it with as much perfection and care as we can. But, you may be surprised to learn that many European women rely on very age-old, natural beauty enhancers that you can find in your own pantry. The heat helps with skin circulation – oh, and it keeps them warm during the cold Swedish winters! They have been known to use whipped egg whites in their hair to offset their sun-damaged locks and to boost shine. It deep-cleans the hair and helps prevent build-up – all which helps give the hair its shiny, healthy appearance. While the looks of nice abs are great, the strength and functionality of the core are even more important.

Give you the ability to hit your shots with better balance and as a result with more precision and power. Reduce or eliminate injuries as all the joints (hips, knees, and shoulders) will load and work in more harmony.
You have to do this exercise slowly, or you will find that you will be losing your balance more often. You have to keep your entire core very tight and contracted, and move forward in your shoulders, while keeping the hands in the same spot. While touching the knee to the elbow, if you don’t transfer the weight forward (which is easier on the shoulders) it’s hard to reach and touch. Keep things in perspective and be responsible for showing concern for the other person and yourself equally.
Just because you forgive does not mean you are giving the other person a lifetime pass to trample on or hurt you; it simply means you care enough about yourself, the other person, and the relationship to move past any issues. If you practice the above behaviors regularly and make them a part of who you are in any life relationship you will find you have far more fulfilling relationships than disappointing ones. The reason that I believe flax seed meal is more beneficial to the body comes from the body’s way of absorbing the nutrients easier through having the flax seed ground.  If you are grinding your own flax seeds be sure to do it just before they will be consumed as to not let go of too many vital nutrients.
Just like Soy Milk, it reduces LDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels and helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
Whilst it is a great way to reduce the risks please be aware that it is not a sure fire way to remove the chances of getting cancer all together so make sure you are still having your regular check ups!
I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty of how it works but through the fiber contained in flax seeds they are able to slow down the digestion rate resulting in a slower and more gradual increase in a persons blood sugar levels.
Flaxseed meal contains so much fibre it acts as a natural laxative helping prevent constipation.
It has been recommended to eat only 2 tbsp of flaxseed meal at one sitting to prevent any serious side effects. Our mission is to improve the quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning. You are about to understand why there has been an increase on the number of emerging fresh produce companies specialized as salad suppliers. Furthermore, if you are interested in winning the loyalty of those customers that are passionate about salads, you better make sure that you also offer variety in your salad menu. For those of us who have not seen this ball, here’s a little introduction- A medicine ball is a 14 inch ball that has weight and is used for a variety of exercises and fitness regimes.
Also, many athletes who have been injured, use a medicine ball to regain their previous strength and agility as the medicine ball does not put any pressure on joints and simulates strength and core training. Also, a medicine ball can be worked around during a stretching regime to ease pain in the joints and muscles.
In fact, medicine balls are being increasingly used to add intensity to workouts without increasing weights or repetitions.
Infact, a medicine ball is so versatile that you can include it in any workout you do,  whether it’s a push up routine or a ‘Pilates’ move and you will be guaranteed better balance, flexibility and increased strength.
Hold the medicine ball in your hands with your arms straight and now crunch your abdominal muscles to come up towards your knees. Now, gently push the ball down and then lift it up, all the while keeping your elbows close to the body. As all the above exercises are low impact exercises, you reduce the risk of an injury by a considerable amount. Another big benefit of a medicine ball workout, is that you can incorporate it into your lunges and push up regime.
It can be used for increasing the intensity of your regular workout or you can go easy on your body and do light medicine ball exercises.
We do not undertake any responsibility or liability of any health issues caused by following advise on this website. Women’s Health magazine recently featured the natural beauty products that women in 20 different countries use to improve the look of their skin, hair, nails, and more. Double check that both hands are even – you always want to look for the symmetry and balance of your body, because a lack of it is the main reason for the aches and injuries.
Hold the top position for 1-2 seconds, then slowly put the hand and foot on the ground again. The more forward you lean with your shoulders, the easier it is to reach the elbow, but it is harder on all the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder. If you transfer your weight forward, it is easier to touch the knee and elbow, but it makes your shoulders tired faster. The point is to demonstrate your willingness to be objective and understanding without coming across as judgmental. Begin to strengthen the bonds you have with others which form your social, personal, and professional life and experience success, fulfillment, and happiness today. As well as this, jack’s magical seeds, or should I say beans, help decrease the stickiness of platelets which further reduces the risks of suffering a heart attack. However, please don’t fear that you will be running suddenly to the toilets like laxatives appear to do in movies!
By choosing to use Norwex in your home and life you not only decrease the amount of time it takes to clean but you can also save money!
It is made up of nylon, rubber or any other similar material and can weigh anywhere between two to 25 pounds.
There is no dearth of the number of permutations and combinations you can use with medicine ball exercises to create a wholesome medicine ball workout routine.
Now, bend down with your back straight up against the wall and hold the position for as long as you can. Also, as medicine ball exercises help improve your balance and flexibility, they play an important part in your muscle grooming regime and should not be ignored. Keep your body straight from the above view as well – don’t stick your booty out or push your chest forward. Not only was it a great way to add them into my diet but I did not have to recreate new meals to suit my new found love for the seeds.
Because all these foods added to your salad, with a little bit of olive oil, assist absorbing some of the key nutrients in tomatoes and dark green vegetables. It was soon after a talk with a friend that they suggested actually grinding the seeds down before I consumed them. The number of chemicals and cleaners that I once owned was astounding and I was never confident that the surface area in my home was ever clean enough. A lot of my friends have experimented with adding the flax seed meal on top of their pasta dishes which they seem to love.
The Norwex antibacterial Microfiber cloth removes dust, dirt, and grease from all washable surfaces, while only using water, and the silver within the cloth inhibits the growth of bacterial odor, mold, and mildew. Since switching to Norwex I now (mostly) enjoy cleaning and don’t worry about the little ones playing on the floor.

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