On average, the population of today’s world live with more material comfort, less illness, greater equality and far more opportunities than people who lived at any other time in history. Judging from the number of bestselling self-help books out there on how to achieve happiness in life, this question seems to be a pretty big one for a lot of people.
Fifteen minutes on Facebook can often leave us feeling that the happiest people out there are the ones who have an endless number of friends, the ones who go on great adventures overseas and the ones who have amazing jobs. This quote goes right to the heart of the matter, diagnosing the fundamental flaw in our understanding of happiness that leaves so many people frustrated and lost: true happiness is an attitude we foster rather than something we possess. In order to understand what brings us real happiness, we have to understand our true nature as human beings. In order to understand what brings us real happiness, we have to understand our true nature as human beings.  The fact that so many people are struggling to find what exactly it is that makes them happy must mean that we have not yet understood who we really are.  How can we do this?  What can we do to further our understanding of our own nature? One of the most fascinating quotes I have read in response to this is by Shoghi Effendi, who says that the key to knowing ourselves is, interestingly enough, to stop focusing on ourselves! The more we search for ourselves, the less likely we are to find ourselves; and the more we search for God, and to serve our fellow-men, the more profoundly will we become acquainted with ourselves, and the more inwardly assured.
This great spiritual law that the Guardian talks about – knowing ourselves through the search for God and through service to our fellow men – is one that our society has yet to fully understand.  It seems counter-intuitive that in order to become more acquainted with ourselves we should focus our attention away from ourselves and towards others. But imagine what our society might be like if the majority of people began to adopt this approach to life.  Rather than constantly asking ourselves what else we need in our own lives to increase our happiness and being overwhelmed by the number of things that we do not yet have, our minds would be directed to considering what we already have – our skills, our resources, our time – that we can put to use to contribute towards the happiness of others. It is through our concerted efforts to be of service to others that we become more profoundly acquainted with the gifts and talents that we possess, and are given countless opportunities to develop our capacities and our character!
As ‘Abdu’l-Baha tells us in the quote above, true happiness goes hand in hand with attaining the “virtues and perfections of the world of humanity”. The latest findings in psychology have shown that the happiest people are those who have identified and developed their own personal strengths and virtues and use them for purposes higher than their own personal goals.  In striving to cultivate our virtues, we build our spiritual and psychological resources and are better equipped to navigate our way through life’s challenges and to face life’s hardships without being too deeply affected by them. Pursuing happiness as the sole object of our lives can only ever be a formula for frustration and disappointment – we will always find our lives, at some point, to be lacking in one way or another. UNLIKE WHAT MANY CLAIM, it has nothing to do with human conscious acknowledgement of the inevitability of death.
I feel that the fundamental reason is this: for millenia, humankind has had some form of non-tangible source at its core. In short: we (the capitalist West) is (or is becoming increasingly) unhappy because we continually fail to recognise that our happiness lies not in the external material, but in the internal spiritual. This let me think about my own life till now,I am nursing for 36 years, so everything that I do every day is to devote myself to sick people and there needs, to make a difrent to sick peoples life.
I have found happiness to be a state of being – not a process of achieving or even the state of achievement.
It is a great bounty to be a Baha’i, and confident that we are protected by the Covenant of God for all of us. Baha'i Blog is not an official Baha'i site and is purely an individual initiative operating as a not-for-profit entity. The trick with funny Facebook statuses, as with humor in general, is to comment on life, news, sports and everything else in the world with a twist to pull a smile onto the face of anyone.

Marriage is like going to a restaurant and ordering your choice from the menu and then looking at the neighboring table and wishing you’d ordered that. That awkward moment when someone is doing dishes and you slowly put another dish in the sink. I would rather try to carry 10 plastic grocery bags in each hand than take 2 trips to bring my groceries in. America is a country where half the money is spent buying food and the other half is spent trying to lose weight.
Of course, there are scads more funny status updates out there and you should always feel free to add your own! Because Facebook refuses to make thumbnails of linked horizontal images, I upload each one manually here. Allez, je vous laisse en ce samedi avec une selection de photos We Heart It en mode cocooning!
Je ne suis pas fan de l’automne mais quand je vois ton billet je suis tout de suite plus inspiree! Tu as parfaitement defini le mot cocooning sous la pluie :) et les photos sont juste magnifiques. Sur Bordeaux le soleil est revenu avec un petit peu de chaleur s’il vous plait donc pour moi ca sera balade dans les rues de ma ville cherie.
Superbe article, les photos sont tops et donnent envie de rester bien au chaud sous la couette !
Ton article reflete tout a fait mon etat d’esprit du moment :) Profite bien de ta maman! Depuis mon demenagement, je ne vois pas la mienne souvent non plus donc je comprend vraiment ton ressenti. Comment te dire, the, petits gateaux et chaussettes en grosses mailles, c’est exactement le programme de ma journee, la vraie vie quoi!
Moi qui ai plein de chose a faire aujourd’hui, ton post donne envie de se caler devant l’ordi avec un gros mug de the et de ne plus bouger !
If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything. In spite of this, the World Health Organization has estimated that by the year 2030, depression will be the most prevalent and debilitating illness in the world – in both rich and poor nations.
It seems that many people acknowledge that in spite of being financially comfortable, having a good job and an active social life, true happiness remains out of reach. This is part of living in a society that is driven by goals and outcomes, and in which happiness is something that can be pursued and acquired – if not through material possessions, then in a myriad of other ways. Focusing on the things that other people have that we might not have can easily lead us to believe that our happiness is dependent upon our life being exactly the way we’d like it to be.
The fact that so many people are struggling to find what exactly it is that makes them happy must mean that we, as a society, have not understood who we really are.
This is yet another principle that might not spring to most people’s minds when they are asked to think about how to increase their happiness.

By pursuing spiritual happiness instead, and focusing our efforts on service to others and acquiring spiritual growth, our eyes will be opened to the countless blessings in our lives.
Spiritual convictions, whether you believe in such convictions or not, have a proven protective effect against depression. We have the potential to harness and embrace the non-physical and transcend every day experiences. It reminds me of something I read many years ago that has remained etched in my mind ever since. When i think about certain moments in my life that have been the most happiest for me, it has been due to the above mentioned reasons. Any sites linked to Bahai Blog or opinions expressed on Bahai Blog are only those of the authors and editors of the blog and are not necessarily those of the worldwide Baha'i Faith community. The best comedians know that comedy comes from a surprise twist, a comment on something everyone knows about and a twisted look at the way the world is! Remember: a spin on something common to life, a funny twist or a new way to look at the world and you’ll be off and running.
Since pre-recorded history, there’s evidence for a strong spiritual foundation to human civilisation. That is, that happiness is not getting the things that you want in life, it is wanting the things that you have been given. Just like how in the Baha’i Writings it that this world is like the shadow of the next world.
Funny Facebook statuses allow you your moment of comedy and allow you to showcase how you feel about the world without revealing a lot of personal information about yourself.
Eh bien ma maman vient passer quelques jours sur Marseille en ce weekend prolonge et ne l’ayant pas vu depuis le mois de Fevrier, je dois vous avouer que je prefere passer tout mon temps avec elle plutot que de rester trainer sur le net. This serves to unite people in thought and action, and to provide a means to live a fulfilling existence and anticipate a spiritual existence after physical death. This kind of happiness appeareth in one’s soul with the love of God and suffereth one to attain to the virtues and perfections of the world of humanity. It makes us believe that the purpose of nations and individuals is to economically advance. While obviously you want to put your own spin on life and the meanings therein, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites to get you started on your way to Facebook comedic genius! Therefore, endeavour as much as thou art able in order to illumine the lamp of thy heart by the light of love.

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