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Removing wasp nests by yourself can be very dangerous if you do not have protection and proper tools and equipment. Pestend Pest Control offers professional bee and wasp nest removal services at highly discounted prices. Our wasp and bee nest removal experts are highly trained and experienced and are able to remove been nests and wasp nests in the hardest to reach places.
In this guide our wasp removal expert teaches you how to get rid of wasps and wasp nests like a pro. If after destroying each wasp nest you continue to have a wasp problem, you will most likely need professional help. Far more manageable than other species of paper wasps, umbrella or Polistes wasps also construct their nests from paper. We offer both residential and commercial pest control services and even wildlife control when you’re experiencing issues above and beyond problems with wasps.
All this information goes to show we know the enemy when you’re facing an issue with wasps. Of course wasp nest removal Toronto is a job better left to the professionals, but that doesn’t mean the average homeowner in the greater Toronto area shouldn’t have an overview of the nesting habits of these pests. For example, did you know that the threat of a nest doesn’t go away when the weather turns colder? These are often built from a combination of chewed wood and saliva and when it comes to areas wasps pick around your home, it’s best to check outbuildings and wall cavities as well as any voids in the roof. Good wasp nest removal in Toronto starts with hiring the right wasp nest removal professional in Toronto. All first time raccoon removal customers save an additional 10% on our already discounted raccoon removal services in Toronto! Pestend Pest Control is so confident that we will solve all your raccoon problems, that we have created an industry leading 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee to all our clients.
If we are not able to completely remove all raccoons and their babies from your residential or commercial property we will refund all your money! Our highly trained and experienced raccoon removal technicians are able to remove raccoons and their babies from places that would be impossible to reach without the proper tools and knowledge. Pestend wildlife removal technicians specialize in removal of raccoons from attics, chimneys, walls, crawl spaces beneath buildings, sheds, and other hard to reach locations.
Below are some cute and funny Toronto Pest Control photos of some of the wild raccoons that our technicians at Pestend Pest Control Toronto have rescued and humanely extracted from our clients homes and commercial properties. Pestend Pest Control offers wildlife removal services throughout Southern Ontario including the cities you see on the left of our map above. Sometimes you might be able to get rid of the raccoons yourself, however you will need to purchase a raccoon trap which can cost up to $300. Step 2: Once you are certain that all raccoons have been removed, the next step is to release them in the wild. Step 3: Once all the raccoons have been extracted from your house, including any raccoon babies, and they all have been released into the wild together, the final step is to ensure all entrance points to your home have been proofed so future raccoons that try to enter your home or business have no way in.
Noted for their intelligence, the carnivorous raccoon is part of the family Procyonidae that includes bears and even the Giant panda.
The raccoon is an omnivorous creature, eating almost everything in sight including small animals, crayfish, frogs, birds and their young, fruits, nuts, and grains and corn from fields and storage areas.

Raccoons are often found near lakes, ponds, marshes or streams where food sources are plentiful and prefer the common cover of trees or brush.
Females have a litter of 2-8 cubs (average of 4) every spring with a gestation period of approximately two months. Keep garbage cans inside garage or shed until pick-up day and ensure these containers have secured lids or locking devices when left outdoors.
Safely clean the areas on your property where these animals urinate and defecate, also known as raccoon latrines, being careful not to touch any droppings. Raccoon urine can contaminate water, soil and surrounding vegetation so direct contact should be avoided.
You should always contact a company experienced in wildlife control services when you need help removing raccoons and their latrines from your property. Make sure all household pets including dogs, cats and domesticated ferrets are vaccinated to protect against rabies. If you don’t know what type of wild animal is nesting inside a structure, the concerned person should be present when a technician arrives to share his or her concerns. Every wildlife job is unique and getting rid of raccoons requires special skills, knowledge, tools, materials and methods. We are currently offering a 15% off coupon for a limited time, so act fast while the savings last! With a bowl shaped construction that is uncovered and turned inward or upside down, these single layer nests usually house a small number (less than 12) of wasps. Not only do these professionals do an excellent job getting rid of the wasps that have invaded your space, they even guarantee the work they do.
Although the worker wasps die out during the winter, The Queen survives and hibernates during the colder seasons inside the old nest. If you can’t see a nest right away, look for any holes around your property with wasps going in and out every few seconds. At Pestend we offer a 100% money back guarantee because we’re confident about the quality of our wasp nest removal services in Toronto. Our raccoon removal services are backed by our low price guarantee and our industry leading 100% Satisfaction money back Guarantee.
The final step is to proof your property so no other raccoons can enter in the future and cause the same problem.
This means that if we are unable to solve your raccoon infestation issue we will refund all your money! You will not be able to find a raccoon removal expert even close to the price we offer, especially with our limited time 10% Off coupon. Its very important to remove all raccoons otherwise, if there are raccoon babies in the premises they will die and rot, bringing the possibility of bad odour and disease.
Generally nocturnal, these mammals may become annoying when scavenging for food in garbage cans in populated areas. They also favour the shelter of tree hollows, hollow logs and other natural settings rather than digging their own dens. On occasion, these mammals will enter a home through a chimney, attic, basement, or a crawl space below the house, and are sometimes found living in stables and other outbuildings on a farm like a barn, shed or garage. This is a serious problem because up to 70% of raccoons are infected with a roundworm or parasite called Baylisascaris procyonis and Leptospirosis. They are capable of breaking off roof vents, ripping off shingles, soffits, and siding materials, gnawing on wires and biting on water lines, and damaging drains and gutters that can cause flooding.

A technician may require complete interior and exterior access of the property to identify your wildlife problem.
Pestend wildlife removal technicians specialize in removal of wild animals from attics, chimneys, walls, crawl spaces beneath buildings, sheds, and other hard to reach locations. We have the tools, equipment and the knowledge to remove all sizes of wasp nests from your residential or commercial property. Therefore hiring a professional wasp removal expert reduces risk of injury and ensures wasps do not come back. If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason we will refund 100% of your money. This will not only kill all wasps in the nest but will also prevent them from building a nest in the same location. One dominant queen of the nest will emerge after this brief competition, leaving subordinate females to lay the eggs. Remember wasps prey on insect larvae as well as rotting fruit, making them a major pest in areas where there are fruit trees.
When the weather turns warmer in April and June, she looks for another location to build a new nest.
Many people do not understand raccoon behaviour and will usually miss some of the main entrance points, and this is why we suggest that you hire a professional raccoon removal technician from Pestend Pest Control Toronto to do the job right once and for all!
Sometimes they use rock dens or abandoned burrows of other species, or even the inside of farm machinery like a threshing machine. People, particularly children, become infected by touching contaminated dirt or dust and then putting their fingers in their mouth. Rabies can spread when the saliva of an infected animal enters an open wound although this is a rare occurrence. Our experienced wildlife technician will do a detailed inspection of your premises and take immediate action to resolve any wildlife conflict.
All our wasp nest removal and wasp extermination services are backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you can rest assured that we will get the job done.
Some people use a water hose to spray the nest however in many cases this will not solve the problem. Although rare, these wasps will sting to defend themselves or the nest from being disturbed. New male and female wasps emerge and mate to complete the life cycle, while the dominant queen dies and the old nest is no longer needed. Once the eggs are ingested, they hatch into larva that migrate to other parts of the body and can lead to brain and eye damage and even death. Receiving a rabies vaccine promptly after exposure to the virus is the best way to prevent the disease in humans. These creatures are known to catch and eat all the fish out of man-made ponds and kill pets. Some wasps will aggressively guard the nest by aligning their bodies in line with an advancing intruder, vibrating slightly and lifting the forelegs if the intruder appears too close (this response is a warning that the wasps will attack if any attempt is made to move closer to the nest).

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