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Kors on the other hand is the finest and most exclusive vodka you can actually buy and is extremely popular among celebrities, royals … well rich people.
Another renowned vodka brand, individuals at Absolut set out to craft an expensive and extravagant container of vodka for their Absolut Crystal project.
The mixture of French vodka, strawberry, lychee and rose petals located inside these bottles encrusted concerning Swarovski crystals much better taste great.
Kors is known as the most expensive vodka and is extremely popular among Hollywood celebrities, billionaires, Russian oligarchs, NBA and NFL athletes and people that have no problem paying $16,500 for a bottle of the finest vodka you can find.

Russo-Balitque may not be a household name in the United States, but over in Russia they’re renowned for their high-end deluxe automobiles.
One of the most costly vodka in the world has a label that isn’t really very accurate.
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You can easily combine it with nearly everything– or if you simply wish to get drunk Soviet-style and you can take it directly.
And vodka brand name Iordanov was finding to celebrate that past with its premium, limited versions of this very special blend. For this special edition vodka, they joined Chopard Precious jewelry that had a hand in creating the Magnum’s unique cage-like carrying instance. The effects is an incredibly special blend that comes housed in a limited edition Crystal Pinstripe bottle. Made out of grains and distilled using diamond distillation it’s the Number 1 vodka both in terms of price and quality. An additional significant feature is the crystal-studded stick that runs through the facility of every bottle.

So it makes good sense that when they decided for into the vodka game, they did it in a significant means. You do not need to be a billionaire to afford its $ 3.7 thousand asking rate, yet it most likely aids. Costing $24,500 it’s definitely something not many can afford but if you are one of the lucky few, you will definitely drink vodka that is best of the best.
The $ 4,150 asking rate is partially accounted for by the 14,000 Swarovski crystals, however the stuff inside probably does not come economical either.
And if you wish to equip it in your own home, you’ll need to spend practically $ 7,000. If you wish one for your own self you’ll need to make it out to Colette in Paris, where a bottle chooses about $ 815. Each container is a $ 1,350,000 million artwork unto itself, decorated with diamonds and white and yellow gold. And the bottle comes with over 3,000 diamonds, so you could at least consider it a financial investment. Check out this checklist of the most expensive vodka brands that will cost you the most and find reviews, prices and photos.

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