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If you SWAY from who you actually are, and give in to the worlds insistence that you join it in its slow-motion misery then you are going to LIVE a life of misery, off purpose, out of alignment, NOT reaching your money goals and probably ending up fat and lazy as well!
Does that mean I think I’m better than other people, or that if you’re ONE OF US then you are too? FUCK YES TO BEING BETTER THAN AVERAGE and fuck yes to OWNING that as well as STATING it, if need be!
I mean really – being better than average is actually not such a lofty goal to aim for, is it?!
In the world of the Stepfordprenenur, the Stepford PERSON, it’s all about blending in, being just the right amount of pretty and perfect but not too much and sure as FUCK not trying to best someone else. So FUCK being average, fuck being better than average, fuck blending in or worrying about whether your OWN badassery triggers the fuck out of somebody else or makes them (cry) FEEL bad because it highlights their own weaknesses and lack of follow through. PEOPLE are not a good starting point for any sort of comparison on which to base your OWN actions, potential, or results.
Hence, the need to admit to being a superhero if you’re to ever stand a fighting chance of doing what you came here to do!
PEOPLE, quite frankly, need to get their shit together and actually part of OUR responsibility is to empower them to do so, the ones who do have it within them and actually want it badly enough. How the heck do you plan to empower people if you’re not going to go all in at being you?
Give IN to the fact that you like the pressure, you WANT the pressure, you fucking THRIVE on the pressure and in fact if you’re really honest? If you’re serious about getting to RICH, then you need to get serious first about being YOU.
Well I market information products, sell my own and I guess you could say I’m a big time Network Marketer.

It’s time to cut the crap – I’m going to show you how to build a highly successful information marketing business in any niche imaginable. As newsflash people; unless you’re an A list celebrity no one gives a damn about you or what you like. 2004 – He completed the ebook and website; he didn’t make any sales and was extremely frustrated.
2006 – He improved the website, sales copy, got a lot more traffic and worked his ass off during the night while obsessing about quitting his day job. 2007 – Finally quit his job, re-financed his mortgage, Truth About Abs took off and made $650,000 in the year. 2008 – Business exploded, started working less, travelling and brought in over $4 million dollars for the year in revenue.
2009 – Started scaling up and launched the project to create Spanish, German and French versions. This is the personal blog of David Wood, and the opinions, or expressions on this site are not the official opinion or stance of Empower Network, LLC or any other corporate entity. But if you are aiming to pass off big ticket fakes, Pamela explains the key is in distribution.
Some, like disgraced Sydney dealer Robert Close, may be brazen enough to take a story like this at face value.
Ask yourself, would you deliberately devalue your investment, or just sell it on at the first sign of trouble?
The truth about why this whole ‘slow down’ movement is such BULLSHIT NONSENSE DESIGNED TO KILL YOUR DREAMS and have you live a life of sabotage and sadness? And how do you plan to get RICH by being anything less than the SUPERWOMAN you fucking are? I created the Multiple 7-Figure Mindset Formula for YOU to learn how to THINK Rich, GET Rich, and STAY Rich.
A lot of my income currently comes from the sales of multiple information products I created along with affiliate sales of other marketer’s info products.

I’ll probably break this mini-course into several posts since the information will be killer. As much as I’d like to tell you it’s all about going with your gut and creating a product about your passion – it’s not.
As long there’s a group of thousands of people who all share an interest in the same thing, you can create a product about that interest and sell it to them. If you don’t do all the research and everything before you start, you’re in for a tough ride like Mike Geary. Right now I know he’s dominating the six pack abs niche and bringing in over $1,000,000 every month on total autopilot.
Pamela James of the University of Western Sydney is an art lecturer whose research centers on art crime in Australia. Fast forward a few years, I’m living in a beautiful secluded Villa in the mountains, drinking out of a coconut and working on a laptop while “getting” money. If you happen to love knitting and know all the secrets in the world that have allowed you to knit kick ass sweaters – doesn’t matter. If you don’t know, Mike Geary is the author of The Truth About Abs, a super famous course on getting six pack abs.
I thought I was going to become a Network Marketer, get rich quick and drink out of a coconut on the beach all day while I just “got” money. According to her, all it takes to make a tidy living out of fake art is some semblance of talent and a lack of scruples. That’s not what info marketing is about – it’s about identifying niches and feeding them with information they want to hear.

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