Welcome To "Get Rich Quick ?’rom Me!" You know how it is Lame how your going to like rally and all that people call you noobs and all that Aren't You tired of it wel aren't ya!
If you give me gold i will put your name in a drawing and if trade 5k-10k you get one drawing put in and if you put in 20k you get two drawings put in and so on and in the end of the month i will draw a person from random and the person i draw get 90% of all the donations so the more donations their are the more gold you have a chance to win.
I will also hold other events in my guild that will give you a fare chance to get gold or items. I guess if you're gonna rerecord your lines, I can overlook sound quality for a bit, but do remember that I'm trying to get this project done as quickly as possible, so the less back and forth-ness, the better.
Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! I chose to play Illusion of Gaia because I saw a picture of a quaint little town while doing some research on it.
My journey started off at school at South Cape, and apparently me and my three buddies (Eric, Seth and Lance) are the only ones who attend. As soon as I left school I explored town (which happens to be the same town I saw in the photograph which prompted me to play IoG) and one of the things I came across was Gaia, “the source of all life”. I mean, I’d like to think that I actually guessed the correct card, but I think the game is rigged so no matter which card you pick you’ll always find that damn Ace of Diamonds. You’ll notice I haven’t updated the game log – but if I had to make a guess I’d say I’m probably about halfway through the game.
I’ve found Illusion Gaia can be difficult, especially when you’ve somehow managed to consume all of the limited herbs you’re given, which leaves you without any means of healing yourself in the middle of battle. Okay, so if it isn’t pretty obvious by now…I totally, accidentally, consumed my last two herbs. Incan Gold ship: I somehow boarded the Incan Gold Ship as the King, and everyone wanted my nuts.
Stranded with Kara: The ship was eventually attacked by a giant sea monster or some shit which caused everyone to fly overboard. Sky Garden: We ended up looking at the Nazca Painting, and from there I was teleported to the Sky Garden because I looked at a rock in the painting that represented the Condor’s left foot. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the vampires are the final boss in Mu, a level in Illusion of Gaia.
I’m pretty sure the entire world knows about the unfortunate events that plagued me last week, so I won’t go over that SNAFU again (plus, the wounds are freshly healed) so I’ll get right to it. Each battle was started with a full tank of health, but – and this this an annoying thing about Illusion of Gaia – anytime you die you spawn with only HALF of your total health.
After I defused the bomb (which was an act that took a few seconds, so I’m wondering if I would have been able to do that with only three seconds remaining anyway) Lilly decided to un-fairy herself and finally make an appearance. We needed to get out of Mu, so we took the same Seaside Tunnel that the other people took to escape Mu WAY back when. Apparently his body has changed to Riverson’s, and Seth said Riverson told him evolution is being affected by the light of a comet.
We eventually made it out of Seaside Tunnel and travelled to the land of Angels (or something) and oh boy — once we did things started to get REALLY sappy. Maybe it was because I had settled in this land of Angels (who apparently are just descendants of the Mu people) but I feel like every character in Illusion of Gaia hit puberty and was shot in the ass by cupid or something. Kara had ran off earlier to be by herself, which is never a good thing, and as expected I found out she had been, like, abducted by a painter named Ishtar. I eventually found Kara, but you see the problem was that she was sorta-kinda trapped in a painting.
First of all, the puzzles were insanely easy because I had my handy-dandy camera on me and snapped photos of each original room before they were switched up.
Once I completed all three or so puzzles I was instructed to report back to homeboy-painter. We made our way to Watermia, where we were posted up in some random kid’s house named Luke. Apparently Cupid’s arrow is still lingering in the characters’ asses, because A) I got ahold of Kara’s diary and found out that she, like, wants to wish over a lotus leaf so that her love will notice her. With that little tidbit of knowledge, I headed back to our temporary housing and we celebrated Lilly’s 15th birthday by giving her birthday cake. The next morning Lance left me a letter explaining he was going after the, ahem, bodily fluids of the aforementioned insect in hopes of reviving his father’s memories.
As it turns out, this great insect resides at The Great Wall of China, or in Illusion of Gaia terms, China’s Great Wall. By the time I ran into The Great Wall of China’s – I mean, China’s Great Wall’s boss I hadn’t found Lance yet, but s’all gravy because I defeated this thing called a Sand Fanger and from it a Mystic Statue materialized.
Thank GOD Will is psychic because the very freakin’ first cup I chose to drink was the one filled with poison – but Will stopped me from drinking that one.

BUT this turned out to be a good thing because the deceased’s wife gave me four Kruks, which are weird camel-esque creatures. After I acquired the tears of the spirit variety I went back to Euro and poured them on Neil’s parents. Why that was significant I know not, but this meant Neil had to stay in Euro and run the trading business.
Upon arrival to the Natives’ Village we noticed it was abandoned and all that remained were, uh, skeletons of people. Sure as shit we woke up TIED UP with natives dancing all around us with a fire pit in the middle.
Oh, faithful reader, I would love to do so — however, I am stuck with 20 minutes of gameplay before the final battle ensues.
Once again, another old post that I want to comment on: have you ever played Seiken Densetsu 3 for the SNES? Try to get the sound quality as good as possible--The deadline is this coming Sunday night.Meanwhile, added Buttons the Pierrot as a character to voice for! Seeing as how my 360 is currently out of commission (GRRRRR…) I thought I’d get my feet wet with some old JRPG goodness. Maybe it was explained to me at some point and I simply forgot, but whatever – sometimes it takes odd acts of valor in order to save the Earth, so I shall simply do what I’m told so that I may save it. But once I found the “safe” zone, aka the corner where his attacks couldn’t get me – it was a piece of cake.
I ended up being stranded with Kara for at least twelve days, and Will admitted to himself that he had feelings for her.
I saved people and all of that good stuff, and ended up with reuniting with my friends in town.
Seeing as I died, you know, a LOT, and seeing as the vampires health would be fully restored as opposed to my half-restoration, I’d have to reset the SNES every time I died. Besides dodging their attacks (HURRR) I found that I would have a three second lag period at the beginning of the battle, during which I could slash the fuck out of the male vampire. You mean to tell me that bitch had been chillin’ in my pocket that ENTIRE time and she didn’t try to lend a hand? But that tunnel must have been long as FAWK, for over two weeks had passed and we still hadn’t found our way out.
I also eventually found homeboy-painter who told me I needed to solve several “CAN YOU SPOT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE TWO ROOMS?!” puzzles before he’d give me the magic powder which would allow me to release Kara from aforementioned painting.
And when I did, he had, uh, painted himself into a portrait NOT before leaving the magic powder for me in the room.
It seemed like nice enough place, until, you know, Kara told me she had heard that the townsfolk gamble with their lives. And I did receive verification that she did in fact wished over a lotus leaf B) Lance and Lilly pretty much got married.
But I think he had lost his memory and didn’t remember how Lance was (or something rather unfortunate like that).
But seeing that I had six characters in my party and only four Kruks, two characters needed to stay behind or leave my aprty. The remaining three of us went to the Natives’ Village because Ankor Wat was nearby and AND Ankor Wat…well, Ankor Wat didn’t have a Mystic Statue NOR a boss. And, yeah, this fight is HARD, especially when I only have two herbs to my name, so I know I would die several more times before I got the knack down. I still have a very good portable microphone, but I just received feedback from one of my auditions that I sounded a bit far away from it. Folks were being turned into terrible monsters, thanks to some machine running in the basement.
In any case, Seth (or Riverson?) said he wanted to “continue the journey” with us, but because he is uh currently a massive sea creature he is unable to do so. But someone in town told me that there was an insect whose bodily fluids could cure any ailment.
She too had been looking for Lance, but since I was clearly more capable of finding him than she was she decided to be a little poon and chill in my pocket.
I mean, it’s like he had the damn thing sitting inside of his stomach and he was somehow able to survive all this time.
Lilly un-unfairied herself (poon) and confronted Lance – she said she had been worried sick about him, Lance apologized (or something) and told her that he was able to extract some, ahem, bodily fluids from the Sand Fanger to use to heal his father. You and your opponent would switch off drinking the entire contents of a cup until someone either ingested the poison, thus dying, OR until everyone was still alive and it came down to the last cup.
So I chose another, my opponent chose a cup, so on and so forth until it was my opponent’s turn to drink the very last cup.

It was a very strange dungeon with a lot of mushroomy looking things and vines and spiders. Well that’s all well and good until Hamlet the pig, my favorite character (despite the fact he’s only made four or five brief appearances) decided to trot on in and, you know, THROW HIMSELF INTO THE FIREPIT SO THE NATIVES COULD EAT. And because I was forced to use one of my three herbs leading up to the battle with Dark Gaia (you sorta-kinda have to fight all of the prior bosses BEFORE taking on Dark Gaia) this left my crippled ass with only two herbs. The Ringmaster has a reputation for accepting new members, but you'll have to pass the trials of the mentor he assigns you to if you want to become a star!This is another project for Gaia to practice my producing skills. Anyway, demons have appeared outside of town and our teacher lectured that if any of us have to venture very far we need to bring our parents. I always thought one of the staple moments in JRPGs is when your character is told that he is the “Chosen One”. AKA “You have to do something else before we can initiate this cut scene” SO I went and found my brosephs at the Seaside Cave. Like I said before, there aren’t badass weapons to find and equip (although Dark Knight Freedman is a pretty badass weapon himself) nor are their moniez to collect nor epic items to purchase. You know, Seth, the guy who was swallowed by Riverson, that giant Sea Monster on the Gold Ship? So, homeboy-painter snatched Kara up, turned her into a painting, had be figure out a few different “SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!” puzzles and then he gave up the magic powder that would save Kara only after turning himself into a paiting.
Lilly then re-fairied herself (again, poon) for about 12 seconds before un-fairying herself and then told Lance that she loves him and that she wants to be with him forever. I know it’s a 1994 SNES title, but my God, I’ve seen little to no character interaction between the two, so it’s very eyeball-roll inducing. I can’t remember the specifics except that it was shady and some of the townspeople were skeptical about the honesty of it all.
As if that wasn’t weird enough, the tears caused their “true form” to appear and they were, uh, moon people? The last project I made was released last year and got publicized on Gaia's home page and got 23,200+ views on YouTube. It has all of the JRPG elements I’ve been craving, however the combat isn’t turn based, which I wasn’t expecting (it plays like a Link to the Past) but that’s just dandy with me. Admittedly I’m enjoying the differences – I can’t recall the last time I played a JRPG like this one.
But then I fell asleep, woke up and discovered I was actually on the GHOST Incan Gold ship. Lance then exclaimed that love was like “a million summer days!” and we rolled back to Watermia. How am I supposed to believe you two love each other when you’ve shared maybe, what, 15 lines of dialogue? The weather was also piping hot, so Kara suggested that we stay in one of the abandoned huts for the night. I totally KNEW where that was going as soon as Hamelt appeared but I was in sincere denial.
This item-thingy (hard to explain) was released yesterday and I'm jumping on this while it's still hot, especially now that I'm much cleaner about my work. I mean, at least Will and Kara spent like 15+ DAYS together on a raft, and THAT was depicted before my very eyes. Kress that supposedly reflected one’s true form if the contents inside were poured on them. After school was over Lance told me to meet him and the others at the usual spot – “the cave at the seashore”.
I wonder if the reasoning for him being a master of disguises will ever come into play, or at least make any sense. I don’t know — probably because “Give her a sealed copy of Earthbound” wasn’t an option.
I’m willing to bet that each character model in every town for the jeweler is different, and Enix was like “OHAI that doesn’t make sense. If Will gives the jewels to one character how does this other character have them in the next town?

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