Travel to the location shown in the video, dive underwater and find the end of a sunken crashed aircraft. This is a full tutorial on how to steal a tank in grand theft auto 5 WITHOUT CHEATS, I break down all the important things to think about when attempting this so you can get your own rhino tank worth $3 million dollars for free, stay tuned on my channel for a video where I’ll explain how to get away from the police in the tank after you have stolen it from the military fort zancudo. After everyone’s dead, come out (carefully, in case the last tank is still occupied)and collect your prize.
Stealing the tank begins a new wave; pull back into the compound and spam the entrance until everyone is dead again. Outside the gate, turn immediately left, up the hill, shoot down the 2 helicopters and ride along the fort fence.

Be sure to throw a sticky bomb onto the tall tank to your back-right and make sure no one climbs it; but most of the fire will come through the gate itself. Blow up any jeeps that come after you, but keep your eyes on the road; escape is your priority. Stop when the cones appear on your radar, quick save, wait for your wanted level to drop, quick save, drive to your garage. Get out, get back in, and enter your garage as you take your seat, but before you close the hatch. Pick up the item (you'll be rewarded with $12,000) and then immediately switch to another character.

Run to the NW corner and hide behind the square building to the left of the only entrance to this compound. Slow down as you approach the gate; this is better than having crashing and losing ALL of your speed. Switch back to the underwater character and the item will be respawned with your character having a full air meter.

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