After Issues with PayPal Withdrawal in India this February many Indians have opted to go for Non-PayPal based payments methods and so am I and after testing few alternatives the one that is working the best for me is Payoneer. I have been using them for more than 6 months now and am going to share a detailed review about Good and Not so good things about Payoneer. Indian’s can opt for a virtual US bank account (There are some minimum eligible criteria which you need to ask your account manager).
Payoneer provides you with a Master Card Debit card and so it works with almost all ATMs in India and World Wide. I am not sure if this should be an advantage or a disadvantage but let me first put few numbers and then you can decide for yourself. I am not sure why but unless you find a site like Elance or some other channel partner you cannot own a prepaid debit card. When working for clients at times I get few high payments but they have a restrictions of 1000 USD that can be sent privately at any given point of time and there is no way you can raise this amount.

ATM withdrawal fees is listed on your Payoneer partnered website and it is somewhere around 2.5 USD for many partners but confirm yourself with your Payoneer partner.
Now that you are using payoneer, could you share a possible way (not the virtual account) to transfer paypal funds to payoneer? Google’s Nest Cam Security Camera is a very cool product, but $200 is a very tall order for a device like this.
Apart from that if you have a Virtual US Bank account the payment from sites like CJ which takes couple of months (1 month of check arrival time and next 21 business days for funds to get cleared) to get credited in your account now takes hardly 24 hours. Having a virtual US bank account means you can withdraw funds from PayPal, CJ and many other merchants and get the cash in just few hours.
Receiving money costs a fee depending on your account type, withdrawal costs per transaction charge and forex rates are bit lower than expected.
You may need to make your own calculation as fees can vary depending on your card type and merchant through which you get the card.

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I tried transferring funds from PayPal to cards but PayPal only does a Visa Transfer and Payoneer issues only Mastercard. If you have some extra money to burn and you’re looking for a simple setup and ease of use, then the Nest Cam is a terrific option.

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