The BIGGEST challenge BY FAR that people have when it comes to making money on Twitter is how to get more followers. If you have a website or blog, put a Twitter widget on your sidebar so that your website or blog readers can easily and quickly follower you on Twitter!
If you already have a business with a loyal customer base, try adding a call-to-action after every sale, asking your customers to follow you on Twitter.
I’ve shared a lot more details in my other blog post about how to use TweetAdder to get 100 followers a day. This is one of the most obvious ways to get more followers, yet most people still don’t understand it or apply this principle in their business. All else being equal, the person who Tweets 5 times a day can never compete with someone who Tweets 20 times a day – because not only will the person who Tweets 20 times a day get 4x as much exposure, but that extra activity will attract more followers who over time will turn a 300% advantage in marketing power to an exponentially more powerful marketing exposure.
How to get more Money- Inhumane Way :: Troll Science tag at the top of your page -->homerandomsubmitmoderateaboutlogin (new)Ads by Project Wonderful! When I heard about Paul Urwin’s new audio course for translators, I jumped at the opportunity to get my listen on. Let Paul Urwin’s voice be your guide on a focused, entrepreneurial journey through social media, sales, negotiating and general information about how to generate more money in your translation business. Paul shepherds you along, letting you know when to do research, when to be patient, when to investigate the lay of the land, and exactly when to get that convincing voice on. This comprehensive audio course comes with a sample proposal, quotation, Excel client monitoring sheet and more to help you get going. We start off with marketing, because that’s what you do online or offline to attract clients – it’s what gets clients to your door. Paul gives great tips for choosing a domain name and managing your website and explains Google ads step by step. Paul teaches you how to make the most of your business, but first, you must have a top quality product.
Emphasize referrals in your practice: shift from a passive to an active strategy by prompting people to refer you.

You’re in the get-clients zone when you ask for and get referrals – it attracts clients to you and takes the ‘cold’ out of contact with leads (potential clients). Get together with local clients in person to see if they are satisfied and to remind them about your services. Asking for referrals in person is the best way to go – have your pen poised when you ask satisfied clients for names of companies and people. Making a misstep here can be the difference between getting a basic contract (which is call for rejoicing!) and getting a well-paid contract with some – or even all – of your terms included. Condition the client: ask when they’ll send the text and when they’ll pay and factor this into negotiations. My greatest takeaway from the course, besides a trove of tasty tips, is that quality is the cornerstone of your business. Jesse Tomlinson moonlighted as a translator until going full time in 2015 with voice over work, interpreting, translation and editing. The power of anticipation in boosting our well-being is incredible.You know that feeling you get when you’re dreading giving a public talk or going to the dentist? Here are some of the basic action steps you should take RIGHT NOW to start getting more Twitter followers. This little piece of software is responsible for my personal Twitter account getting over 100 NEW, Targeted Twitter followers a day! It’s the only thing you need to pay for when it comes to Twitter software – and it will pay for itself in less than a month (at least it did for me)!
These sample documents will get any solopreneur salivating as they’re completed in great detail and are sure to come in handy for anyone who hasn’t yet made that six-page proposal quotation or multi-columned excel spread sheet for client contact follow-up and monitoring.
If you don’t live in the same area as them, this translates into talking on the phone or via Skype. He focuses on support and education for someone who already has a high quality product, but who needs more sales, negotiating and client contact support. For starters, this could involve telling clients that your process involves a reviewer and that two people will be working on their document to ensure the highest quality product.

You’ll find suggestions in this section of the course that are indispensable if you deal with direct clients.
Quality is often a given in the business of translation, but it’s worth going over your texts and services and making sure that you’re over-delivering with insider cultural knowledge, subject specific expertise and impeccable service. Originally hailing from Canada, she now lives in Mexico and translates from Spanish into English and interprets in both languages. It’s not about using or not using Google ads, but about education related to marketing for your business.
It’s all about making a connection with your clients – in person if possible and if not, then electronically – to find out what they need. The only way to implement Paul’s how-tos is to consistently over-deliver with your clients. At a practical level, this involves emphasizing to clients that your translation is not interchangeable with another translator’s version of the same text. When you’ve got that in the bag, you’re more than halfway there … to making more money as a translator! We get enormous amounts of pleasure from looking forward to good things in the future (Bryant, 2003). This is when you emphasize the value you bring to your client’s business and not simply what you charge per word, hour or project. When choosing for the future we’re like sensible grown-ups, choosing things we know are better for us.

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