Coloring Pages are a great way to teach children GOD'S WORD and WISDOM in a fun and creative way. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Managed:  Reminding myself to be respectful and discovering some great ideas for kids that model the respectful behavior you want to teach them in a fun way. Children learn so much through experience, so be sure to take the opportunity to have a discussion with your child when you see someone acting either very respectfully or very disrespectfully. When reading to your child, select books that demonstrate characters learning about and showing respect.
Phoenix Fund have reported a sad find of  eight Amur tiger skins recently seized in Pimorye. Eight Amur tiger skins were seized from a resident of Arseniev town in Primorsky krai (Russian Far East). The Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) is revered by most people in Primorye as the most beautiful and majestic animal, a symbol of the region. The man is now facing a heavy fine or a two-year imprisonment under the article 175 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Acquisition or Sale of Property, Knowingly Obtained in a Criminal Manner). We are thankful to unindifferent people who informed the police about the dealer, and police officers should be applauded for their prompt and successful actions ended up with an arrest of the dealer and seizure of tiger skins.

If you encounter a disrespectful individual, model calm respectful behavior for your child.
Role play a disagreement between two people, so your children learn that they can disagree without being disrespectful. Have them determine if the behavior is respectful and, if not, what could have been done differently. Turn the pipe cleaners into glasses by twisting the ends of the long pipe cleaner together to create a circle.
Have the children compare the pieces of paper with one another and talk about how each of the children is different. Although there are some people who consider it just roaming “striped money” and try to get, by fair means or foul, a skin of this rare animal listed as endangered species in Red Books of the Russian Federation and IUCN.
Unfortunately, his appetite has significantly increased since then”, Primorsky Police’ press service informed. He will be also punished under the article 222 (Illegal Acquisition, Transfer, Sale, Storage, Transportation, or Bearing of Firearms, Its Basic Parts, Ammunition, Explosives, and Explosive Devices). Petersburg in 2010 the Russian Government is allocating big money to conserve Amur tigers in protected areas, poaching, however, continues to be a major hurdle yet.
A child needs to be taught that we look people in the eye when they are talking to us to show that we are respectful listeners, and we don’t interrupt.

Role play future events for your child such as an upcoming party, showing them expected behavior like how to greet the guests and thank them for his gifts.
Then discuss how the difference makes them special or unique.  Explain that no one else’s fingerprints are the same as their own.
Judging by the difference of quality the skins were processed, they are likely to have been bought in different districts of Primorye. Unfortunately, the government is suffering defeat in its fight with poachers”, says Sergei Bereznuk, Director of the Phoenix Fund. Attach a 6-inch pipe cleaner to each side and bend at the ends to fit around the student’s ears. The man allegedly bought up the goods from poachers in order to sell them later on in China”. During a search the police accidentally discovered 148 bear paws, 2 skins of the Himalayan bear, 3 skins of the brown bear, two skins and 5 tails of Amur tiger and 5 carcasses of a sea eagle. For example, about 8-10 adult Amur tigers live in Lazovsky Nature Reserve (120,000 ha), one of the largest nature reserves in Primorye.

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