Manish Chauhan 357 CommentsHave you ever wondered what will happen if you accidently transfer money online to some strangers bank account ? From that date I called so many times to customer care and visited the respective branch but I am not getting any proper answer from them and not knowing that what action is taken from your side. Do you also think that if you transfer money to someone by adding their name, accounts number and IFSC code and if one of those does not match the transaction should fail and you should get back your money in your account. If you mess up with the account number, the transaction can go through you the money will be transferred. As per RBI directions, the final and sole responsibility of cross checking the account number, Name of the account holder, amount and every other detail lies with the remitter (the person who is sending money) and not the beneficiary (who is getting the money) . If the account number does not exist, then surely the money will come back to you, because there is no valid destination to send the money. The first step is to make sure you inform your bank the moment you realise that unintended money transfer has taken from from your end. In some cases, where the other party is greedy (when amounts are quite big) , the other person might not revert back at all or just delay the whole thing and withdraw the money or just don’t take any action . You should then meet the branch manager of your bank, who can go one step further and talk to the destination bank and if they can help in this or in communication with the beneficiary. One important point to note here is that bank cannot reverse the transaction from their side without the customer approval, because its a breach of agreement and is not the right thing. Precaution is better than cure, I personally believe that we are ourself responsible for any money transfer done online. Most of the times, we are typing an account number which we have got in our emails, we look at the number (few digits at times) and then type it in other window when we are adding the beneficiary. If you are transferring a big amount to someone, you can go one step ahead and first transfer Rs 1 and then confirm with the beneficiary if they have got it, and then on confirmation, you can trasfer the full amount. Generally we are programmed to read left to right and we also match the account number that way, truly speaking, it might happen that we sometimes get fooled by our own confidence (4 zero , might look like 5 zero) .. I hope you are clear by now that its your mistake if you transfer money to someone else account and you cant held someone else responsible for your mistake.
I would be happy to know if you benefitted by this article and if there are any real life incidents around this area.
I have received some huge amount in my PPF account from an unknown source that too almost close to a year now, but no one contacted me in this regard. I have transferred 15k to wrong account instead of my MIL by IMPS,Which she required for her medical bills settlement at of the account number digits was wrongly entered.
Also, I am not willing to tel my college by my own as they had looted me for 4 long years and gave this caution money cheque after 7 years. 1 more query….can the credit amount through checque be reverted back without the permission of the beneficiary???
Looking at your query, I think your case is complicated and you should discuss and consult a financial planner, because just a random answer will not help you at all.
Sir while doing online transaction using sbi quick transfer to a syndicate bank account i entered only 13 digits of the account number instead of 14, ie.
No, All account has similar digits, if you mentioned 13 digit, you money will get rejected.
Holders of US bank accounts can save on fees for international funds transfers by transferring funds from the United States to Thailand via the US Automated Clearing House system (US ACH) and Bangkok Bank's New York branch. By stipulating the 9-digit routing number for Bangkok Bank's New York branch (026008691) in your US transfer instruction, the funds will be transferred via the US ACH system directly to the receiver's Bangkok Bank account in Thailand, for a lower fee than most other international wire transfer services.
Fees for funds transfers via the US ACH system and Bangkok Bank's New York branch are up to USD 20 lower than most other international wire transfer services in the US. You can make transfers directly online via the internet banking service provided by your own bank in the US.
You will enjoy a better exchange rate because the USD amount will be converted to Thai Baht at the daily Bangkok Bank exchange rate in Thailand.
The service is available for holders of US bank accounts transferring funds to recipients with a Bangkok Bank account in Thailand.
The recipient will get a better conversion rate for their funds because the USD amount will be converted to Thai Baht at the daily Bangkok Bank exchange rate in Thailand.
Funds will be received in Thailand within two business days after our New York branch receives the money transfer from your US bank account. You can check your inwards funds transfer via Bualuang iBanking for personal accounts, BIZ iBanking for business accounts, or Bualuang Phone 1333 or (66) 0-2645-5555.
You can initiate the transaction via the internet banking service linked to your US bank account.
Enter the name of the recipient account in Thailand, if required.If you want to transfer funds into a third party account, you must use the internet banking service of banks in the United States which allow the remitter to specify the beneficiary’s name.
After the registration process, the US bank will initiate two trial deposits by sending small amounts of less than USD 1.00 to the recipient’s bank account in Thailand. You will then need to ask the recipient in Thailand to check the exact amount of the two trial deposits. Advice to Bangkok Bank customers receiving payments from US government agencies or private organizations (Direct Deposit)The  US Treasury Department has ceased issuing paper cheques for the payment of Federal retirement benefits such as pensions, annuities or payroll, including Social Security and Veterans Affairs payments, and now requires direct deposit of your benefit into your bank account. Funds will be converted into baht using the rate for receiving electronic funds transfers (Buying TT rate). Complete a 'Direct Deposit Service Application' form, which you can pick up at any Bangkok Bank branch (except the micro branches).

After verifying your documents, Bangkok Bank will submit your application to the government agency asking them to approve your request to receive the funds via Direct Deposit.
After the request is approved by the US Government Agency, your payments will be electronically deposited directly into your Bangkok Bank account. ImportantIf you use a direct deposit service to receive funds from a US Government Agency, you must appear in person at a Bangkok Bank branch to withdraw the funds.Bangkok Bank cannot authorize the withdrawal of funds from your direct deposit account by an appointed representative, or via ATM or any other electronic channel. Request the 'Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits)' form or ‘Related Direct Deposit’ form from the organization or the Agency that will be making the payment to you. Request your home branch to issue a bank reference letter to certify your bank account details such as account type, account number, date of account opening and current balance to be provided to your agency. Indicate the Routing Number 026008691 of Bangkok Bank’s branch in New York and your account number with Bangkok Bank in Thailand on your 'Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits)' form or ‘Related Direct Deposit’ form.
Submit the form with the required information such as your Identity Card or Social Security Card, or evidence of your right to receive the payments from the company, together with Bangkok Bank’s Reference Letter. After the request to receive direct deposits is approved, your payments will be electronically deposited directly into your Bangkok Bank account. Better Baht exchange rate - Bangkok Bank will receive and convert your US Dollars funds from PayPal into Thai Baht using the bank's prevailing daily exchange rate in Thailand. Fast payments - You will receive your funds within 3-4 days after you instruct PayPal to transfer funds.
Free SMS notifications - You can receive an SMS as soon as your funds arrive in your account. Open a savings or current account at any Bangkok Bank branch in Thailand, or use your existing Bangkok Bank account.
Bangkok Bank will be able to credit the recipient’s account in Thailand only when the name and account number of the recipient in your transfer instruction from the banks in the US matches the recipient’s name and account number at Bangkok Bank. If you have a USD account with Bangkok Bank in Thailand, you can have the funds  deposited into your USD account without converting them into Thai Baht. For more information, please call Bualuang Phone 1333 or (66) 0-2645-5555, or Bangkok Bank's New York branch on (1-212) 422-8200.Subscribe now for free SMS alert!  Enroll to receive an SMS notification when international funds are credited to your account. US ACH is an electronic fund transfers system that connects over 12,000 US financial institutions. Payment GuideAccess China Travel accept the most popular and safest payment methods such as wire transfer (Bank of China), credit card, Paypal and Western Union for our clients convenience. A deposit which is equal to 30% of the total tour cost is required at the time of booking with Access China Travel. Please follow the steps below to make pay by Western Union: if Western Union Transfer Service is available, you can choose it to pay for China trip, which is faster and more convenient than regular wire transfer. This is very sad to me that your are not taking any action and not giving me any assurance of my money. You can check numerous times before clicking the final button and after that no one else is responsible for your loss or transaction. There are thousands of cases where while typing the account number, one last digit got interchanged with another digit and the person did not realise this and their money is then at stake and in most of the cases , they never got it back. But if the account number exists and its active, then there are high chances that the transaction will go through . The bank will then contact the beneficiary account holder and try to explain the situation to them.
In which case you really are in a fix and it becomes almost impossible to get back your money. What I personally do is once I have typed the account number (you cant copy paste the account numbers in all the bank website, as its disabled) .
But I suggest to use it only in extreme situations when you really want to make sure if the account is genuine or not.
All you need to do is check with UTI on this and also send me the screenshot of your account where the debit is clear. It has been approximately 15 days now since the credit but i havent got a call from the Bank and the college.
I suggest better keep the amount as it is anyways for quite some time, so that incase its deducted back you dont face any issues! Only Corporate account has different series of account no, but in those account also digit count is same. Otherwise, the payment instruction Bangkok Bank receives may not carry the correct beneficiary name and Bangkok Bank will have to return funds to the remitter.You should check with your US bank for the correct transfer menu for ACH payment. You will therefore need to notify the US government agency providing your Federal benefit how you wish to receive payments.As Bangkok Bank is the only provider in Thailand offering a direct deposit services into a Thai bank account, you can ask the relevant US government agency to route your payments into your Bangkok Bank account via  Bangkok Bank’s New York branch. If you already have an account with Bangkok Bank, you can use your existing bank account for this service, however we will need to change the type of account in line with the Direct Deposit’s terms and conditions. You can also opt to fill out an SMS Remittance Alert Service Request Form to receive an SMS notification on your mobile phone when funds have been successfully transferred into your Bangkok Bank account. If you already have an account with Bangkok Bank, you can use your existing bank account for this service.
Mail the signed form to the US company asking it to approve the request and initiate direct deposits into your account. Please note, the name of the new or existing Bangkok Bank account must be the same as the name registered with PayPal (if a mismatch occurs, funds will be returned to PayPal).

We recommend you do not respond to this request, as it is only applicable to those who maintain their accounts with banks in the US, and is designed to allow PayPal to automatically debit your Bangkok Bank account. Apply at any Bualuang ATM or via Bualuang PhoneImportant Note You cannot transfer funds from Bangkok Bank's account in Thailand to your account with banks or online payment service providers in the US via Bangkok Bank's New York branch and the ACH system. Routing Number or Routing Transit Number (RTN) is a 9-digit number that is assigned by the American Bankers' Association to banks and financial institutions. Find our Bank information either from the same E-mail that your print out just now or below on this page!
If you choose to make the payment through wire transfer, please be aware that it may take at least 10 days for the money to reach our account. While making wire transfer, please don't forget to write our tour code on the transfer sheet. You are supposed to pay via wire transfer for China tour booking 30 days before your departure date.
There are thousands of real life cases where a person transferred the money to someone account and then realised that one digit in account number has changed by mistake .
After few days when I enquired about that same we came to know that you have filled a starting digit incorrect that’s why your payment had gone to other person accounts.
As per RBI guidelines, at the end of the day only bank account number should matter and name of the account holder and IFSC code are additional information which should be ideally checked by bank on their end, but there is no rule like that. In that case you can just copy your account number from email, and type CTRL-F and paste the number there and you can visually see if it matches with what you just typed. At times, you might come across someone who gives you their account number and you are aware that they are careless by nature, and might have made some mistake while sharing account number, In that case you can take this extreme precautionary step !
I personally cross check an account number digit by digit 2-3 times because I transfer any money online. The Billdesk payment gateway connected to my Kotak Bank account, debited the account, but then errored out.
The bank in the US will send an email asking the recipient to check and confirm the trial deposit amounts.The sending of trial deposit amounts depends upon the terms and conditions of the originating banks in the US and may vary from bank to bank.
Using the information provided by the recipient, you will be asked by the bank in the US to confirm the exact amount of the trial deposits. You can, however, open a normal savings or current account and transfer the funds from your direct deposit account to this account. Bangkok Bank will not allow PayPal to debit and transfer funds from your account with us to the US. If you initiate direct debit or ACH debit transactions to Bangkok Bank's New York branch, banks in the US and online payment service providers may suspend your account. The 9-digit number is used in instructions for fund transfers from the sending bank to the receiving bank via the US ACH system. Should the tour booked within 30 days before departure for your China tour, full payment is required.2.
We recommend you do the transfer via Bank of China, as it will reach us much faster than using other banks. Here my question is to hdfc if anybody fill any information inaccurate, account will not be added as i know but in my case my all entries was correct except one digit error as you are telling us. In most of the cases, I have read on internet that the recipient of the money have agreed for the reversal (We have good people in this world, despite widespread belief that world is evil) . I have never faced any issue of wrongly sending money to strangers account or sending excess money by mistake (One excess Zero in 10,000 and it becomes 1 lac) .. Now, I am in a situation where my account is debited, but there is no transaction showing on UTI. You should read all related terms and conditions of your account carefully before initiating any transaction. Bangkok Bank will be able to credit the recipient’s account in Thailand only when the name and account number of the recipient in the transfer instruction matches the name and account number at Bangkok Bank. You may then withdraw your funds as usual via ATM or any other electronic channel.You can also opt to directly contact the US Government Agencies to send funds into your savings account with Bangkok Bank.
If you own a Paypal account, please login to complete your transaction after you confirm the cost to book with your travel consultant. It’s a universal awareness that there are so many mandatory requisite information criteria; when they not simultaneously completed transaction becomes failed like unmatched IFSC Code , unmatched city and even error of gender. Bangkok Bank is not involved in the provision of internet banking services by banks in the US.*Please click here to view more details abouton USD accounts, terms and conditions of deposit-withdrawal transactions. However, we still need to request that you change your savings account to a Direct Deposit account.
You are aware of that each payment requires differently due days prior to the arrival date of your tour. Before payment, please click to see current exchange rate for reference at Bank of China or Universal Currency Converter. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still pay us at Paypal's website by providing your credit card information.

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