Two years ago, a friend of mine had a used Samsung Galaxy S Duos and sold it for thrice its original price. Some people tested the game and enjoyed it, but don’t want to start from the beginning and struggle for a long time to get to high levels (or walk a lot). It is apparent that accounts with Pikachu and not joining any team also are favored over others. And here are some websites and groups you can explore, do some research, and roughly calculate your account value. This website have unique middleman service to guarantee your payment + make it easier for buyers to checkout. From the game category, you can see that Pokemon Go accounts there are few (246 listings until now many of them are SOLD out) in comparison with Clash of clans accounts numbers (84,603 listings).
And you can notice this seller listing his Pokemon Go Account that has Dragonite cp503 for $1000, which is a very high price tag to start the auction. Having an account associated with Pokemon go club is fine, though had your account sold, the buyer may ask you for password changing and so (switch the email to his email if applicable).
I recommend that you establish a number of accounts that you can handle and develop and when you hit high levels start publishing ads about your account.

Stay focused, play safely, walk a lot, lose weight, catch ‘em all and get your efforts paid out amazingly! has launched, a new platform for you to share your Pokemon GO stories, screenshots, and tips to other users. First off, head on over to and create a new account or login with your Facebook account. When you’re ready to see how much money you made, check your Posts page in the menu and watch the dollars grow! Elia Pales owns pretty much every single product Nintendo puts out, and due to his impulsive tendencies, he also tends to purchase every gaming product put out in general. In short words, they want to compete with the elite and they are willing to pay a lot (I really mean a lot) to get a well-established account. Also, buyers have a wide variety of payment ways including and not limiting to PayPal, Visa Card etc.
But if you don’t have a Pokemon Go account yet, better to start a new account with a dedicated Gmail account for the game.
Then, join the Pokemon GO community, along with any other communities you are interested in.

It’s a great way to talk with others in the community and interact with other Pokemon GO players.
So you will not be in a situation to give away your personal Gmail account or suffer from changing password issues.
We now have a way for you to earn a bit of cash to fuel your Pokemon GO spending habits, or your spending habits on anything for that matter.
You need to put each and every detail of your account with several screenshots as shreds of evidence.
He had a Clash of Clans mobile game account installed on his phone and he reached a high level in the game.

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