It has been about 5?months since FIFA 15 was released on all platforms but the craze for the game among fans is still remarkable. It has been about 5A months since FIFA 15 was released on all platforms but the craze for the game among fans is still remarkable. Price: 2,600,000 Coins Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in what was the most expensive transfer ever, for some time and his quality justifies the amount Ream Madrid paid Manchester United to get his services. The Group Stages ended with with Day 3 confirming who starts the main-event in the upper bracket and who goes down to the lower bracket. AIGF was officially launched in New Delhi to emphasise on the positive aspects of the gaming industry in India. Complexity and Escape Gaming battle it out in the first match of the International 2016 Wild Card.
International e-Sports Federation announce an exclusive strategic partnership with China's Alibaba Sports Group (Alisports). This year the elimination rounds will be held in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. Pokemon Go is available in selected countries only, so why is it being talked about by millions?

The club has taken a big step forward after recruiting its first eSports player among its ranks. After West Ham United, Manchester United could become the second team to sign a competitive gaming outfit. EA Sports is making lots of changes to Madden NFL 16.  You can now make quick adjustments on defense the same way that you make hot routes on offense. In case you are curious, you can check out the all of the newest Madden 16 details and features here. Before we go, let’s check out one final gameplay video between the 49ers and the Cardinals.
With the Madden 16 season starting to wind down, we are turning our attention toward Madden 17. And we're back now with the roundtable, going to get their quick pick of the headline of the week. The Ultimate Team has brought in new FIFA lovers and has gone on to become a complete sensation this time around. The flamboyant attacker has been at the top of his game for some time now and has been phenomenal this season, scoring goals at will.

Another round of headlines of the Clinton foundation taking foreign money, this time from fifa. The Cleveland police department has accepted tough enforcement on the use of force there in Cleveland.
As you know that city along with Baltimore and along with many others, have been ravaged by an outbreak of unarmed, usually black people being assaulted or killed by the police and, in your interview with martin O'Malley, there of course in Baltimore, he defends his record, but the reality is, the kind of overpolicing, inclination to be suspicious of so many african-american and poor people has led to what is essentially form of terror. The determination of the republican nominee, this week, tale of two polls, quinnipiac shows five republicans at 10% for each candidate. I'm sticking with presidential politics, on the republican side, everybody hates Rand Paul and he loves it.
Which is this week, Rand Paul with his book coming out, getting a lot of controversy on the republican side, by saying that the creation of Isis the republican policies had something to do it.
It highlights the larger debate that's going to run throughout the republican nominee fight.

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