With the LG G5 coming to storefronts soon, LG has turned their attention to a couple more budget-friendly devices. Normally, low-end devices like this wouldn’t get much attention, but the K8 and K5 have a few things going for them.
By now, you’ve probably spent a good enough time catching everything there is to catch in Pokemon Go. Google has filed a request with the FCC to test wireless fiber internet service in as many as 24 cities.
The latest version of the Android Wear app is notifying users of the Together watch face that Google will officially be shutting it down on Sept 30th, along with the reason why they’re doing it.
A new report on the unannounced 6GB model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 claims that the phone will sell for $916 in China. Sony released its PS4 Remote Paly app for specific Sony devices, but you can actually use PS4 Remote Play on Android device thanks to a modified version of the app.

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You also know that it’s getting much more difficult to play the game without purchasing in-game upgrades.

In addition to the increase in RAM, the phone is also expected to feature 128GB of internal storage. Your articles can be fun and entertaining but you should always have some useful info or something personal that shares who you are as a person. I thought it would be cool to put the Gear 360 inside the feeder and get some close-up views of the birds chowing down.

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