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Like so many other burdensome government regulations, the speed limit was implemented for an entirely different reason than what it is actually being used for.
First, let me point out that if going over a certain speed had a significant impact on safety, auto manufactures would not make cars that are capable of going well over the speed limit, merely out of fear of litigation. So it should be of little surprise, but the big reason we still have a speed limit is not resource conservation or public safety, but giving police busy work that also helps to fill the local treasury. While I would like to see the speed limit scrapped, considering that traffic tickets form the core of a multi-billion dollar industry, there is little chance of that happening, short of some mass movement by the general public. Ok if speed limits need to be raised at 2 am, when people are tired a crap anyways, why do the speed limits need to be raised? You have a very fine article but I suggest you remove the *liter* analogue because it will not fly in court because it goes against reality. No doubt the hits on YouTube reviews for these phones must have also doubled at least from the trend experienced previously on such videos. Back in 1974, when the National Maximum Speed Law was passed, it was passed not in the interest of public safety, but to help conserve gasoline during the midst of the era’s gas shortage.
As many people have pointed out, the German autobahn, famous around the world for it’s lack of speed limits, is famous in Europe for being some of the safest roads on the continent.
As it turns out, people typically drive what they feel comfortable with, or what they feel is necessary, and a pair of numbers on a sign do little to change that. Now as much as I hate that speed limits exist basically to fleece the public of more of our non-taxed money, I can stomach that.

You sir, have the whole thing BACKWARDS: raise it during RUSH HOUR so that cars can get places faster, and lower it at 2 am when everyone is tired as crap.
But i gots a question: Accidents are not just caused by lulled sense of safty, they are cause by distracted drivers. I’d be kidding if I said one of the big reasons I support the creation of viable mass transit is so I can realistically get around without driving. It was notoriously unpopular with everyone from drivers to law enforcement, and was at long last repealed in 1995.
After the repeal of the National Maximum Speed Law, Montana briefly had no speed limit on roads outside of urban areas, and the rates of traffic fatalities and accidents did not change at all. Which is basically the biggest reason why the speed limit fails to make the roads safer, because it flies in the face of basic human psychology. Also, the lilttle country isolated roads are danerous as crap, they have twist turns and deer running across them at night.
Until that day comes however, I am wholly dependant on automobile travel, and bound by the laws of the road, including the dreaded speed limit. Sadly, many states would then implement their own, claiming it was in the interest of public safety, though I’m sure the millions of dollars in fines issued flowing into state coffers provided an addition motivation. Even during the era of the National Maximum Speed Limit law, the rate of traffic accidents was no different than it was before or after, and it even failed at it’s initial goal of fuel conservation.
According to a psychological concept known as risk compensation, the speed limit may lead to more accidents, by lulling drivers into a sense complacency, leaving them less able to react to adverse conditions.
I can understand if the speeder damaged property or personal injuries to someone, but laws already exist to punish drivers for both.

There is little reason why an isolated country road that sees two or three cars an hour should be held to the same standards as a busy city intersection. Also, the cops need their money and maybe the cops like throwing people in jail because of traffic fines, and those poor lonely prisonors need a speeders comapny. Which is rather unfortunate, because as far as laws go, the speed limit is one in dire need of repeal. Speeding on it’s own is as victimless as littering, and to treat it like a criminal act is both hinders the day-to-day life of a (for the most part) law-abiding citizen and fills out legal system with trivial trials that result in easy convictions. By the same standard, the limit should change with the time of day; during peak hours, a low speed limit would be sensible, but at 2am it should be raised. Whatever the case may be, there is little room for doubt that the speed limit has little bearing, if any, on preventing traffic accidents. Most importantly, decriminalize speeding, and reduce it to the fines that come with the ticket already. There’s no reason that an act that harms nobody or nothing, and the blame of which lies with the normal human psyche, should result in either a criminal record or higher issurance rates.

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