For anyone who has done a bit of research, and for current members, it’s no secret that Empower Network is expensive. If both of these methods fail, it you may still be able to block the charge via your bank or credit card.
My research says that if such a well prepared chargeback is filed with the bank, the bank will quite happily refund the money because they then can make pretty hefty charges for the chargeback to the seller.
An additional point here is that if sufficient amount of people ask for a chargeback and provide these details, the banks may ask the authorities to investigate the company being chargebacked and possibly force it to close down and forfeit all income. I’ve written quite a bit in this article and comments, so I recommend you read it thoroughly!
You will need to contact Empower Network, but I’m pretty sure they do not offer refunds for the E-Wallet. I started my own business on the internet in 2010 because I wanted to start every day with a relaxing cup of coffee instead of going to a regular 9-5 job. One of the primary concerns on taxpayers' minds during the tax season is how to get the most money back or pay the least amount of income tax when they file their tax returns. Claim All DeductionsDeductions, in a nutshell, are simply qualified expenses that reduce your taxable income. Fees and dues to professional societies: You might have paid these fees to maintain your membership for professional purposes, such as maintaining a professional certification, maintaining your membership in a civic or public service organization or your membership in a business league. Job search expenses: You can deduct expenses related to job-searches - even if you did not get a job - as long as the job you were looking for is one in your present occupation.
Travel expenses: If you had to travel away from home on a temporary assignment for work, you might be able to deduct related travel expenses. Charitable donations: If you made donations to charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army, the value of the items donated is deductible.
These are just a few of a long list of items for which taxpayers may claim a deduction if they are eligible.
Claim CreditsCredits are much more effective than deductions at reducing your tax bill as they are netted directly against the amount of income tax that you owe instead of merely reducing the amount of income upon which you owe tax.
The Earned Income Tax Credit: This is for individuals who earn less than $9,078 from wages, self-employment or farming. The Child and Dependent Care Credit: This is for expenses paid for the care of your qualifying children under age 13, or for a disabled spouse or dependent, while you work or look for work. The Child Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit: These are available to you if you if have qualifying children, and can be claimed while you claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit. If you are eligible for these credits, they can substantially reduce or even eliminate the amount of tax that you owe and thus increase your refund. Should You Itemize?Something that every taxpayer should take into account is whether or not he or she should itemize deductions. In 2014, there is an adjusted gross income (AGI) threshold phaseout schedule for higher income filers who itemize their deductions.
The Bottom LineThere are special rules that apply to claiming deductions and credits on your tax return.
Russ Whitehurst, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, says that while some schools have been promising to refund money if credit hours don't transfer to another school or if tuition increases after the first semester, he believes Lansing's get-a-job-or-your-money-back offer is a first. Whitehurst says he would rather see community colleges and technical institutions providing more information about program-completion rates among students and their employment outcomes.
But for Lansing Community College, this new and very targeted money-back guarantee may be a stroke of marketing genius. When it comes to scams I am usually on top of my game and can smell scams from a mile, whether that be online or even in person (yes London can be a scary place).
One morning I signed in and found a stunning deal for an iPad 3 for only ?250.00 (bank transfer only) which was just posted in the for sale section.
So I threw an offer in there for ?230.00 stating the seller can post the iPad to me in their own time; it was my lucky day as she accepted the offer!
So I sent over the payment via bank transfer and she mentioned that she would post the iPad to me the following day and send me tracking details. I checked the website on Monday for any activity from the seller and noticed she had posted another deal on the website for a Nokia Lumia 800 phone. First thing I did was search Facebook for the email address the lady used to send me the picture of the iPad.
I also updated the thread I purchased the iPad from and received personal messages from a couple of helpful people pointing me in the right direction for more information on the seller. I decided to give her another couple of days to reply back to me, who knows maybe she became unwell and wasn’t able to respond to me and send me the iPad on time. If you find anything online that is a complete bargain so for example lets take the iPad 3 from my story and put a price of ?100 on that. You can find out if you were scammed by contacting the seller directly asking for an update on the transaction. It would be a good idea to keep payment details and communication between you and the seller in a safe place as you will need this information if things go totally wrong. You can also use the website you found the seller on to sniff out any previous transactions. If you don’t get a response from the seller, then go ahead and contact the police and seek advice from your solicitor. If you saw a real stinker of a movie recently and are still fuming over the dough you lost paying for your tix — I feel you, movie tickets here in SF are upwards of $10.50 now — a new Facebook app can't get your precious time back, but can at least help you get back your money in the form of free movie tickets. Called Payback Time, this app relies heavily on your creative and convincing writing style. The last flop I compromised to see at the theater was "Burn After Reading" and it cost me $14 + a couple bucks for parking. On top of monthly payments of $25 for blogging and $20 for an ewallet payment system, there’s a series of upsells that grow exponentially the deeper you get in. Rather than link to each one, every time I take a piece of information, I will provide all appropriate links below.
If you contact phone support, it may seem like you would get the issue resolved faster, but this is not true. I would start by writing one ticket and specifically mentioning cancellation of all parts of your membership. There are lots of variables here, so I can’t offer this as official financial advice.
If this money is July and you joined in January, the only refund you would be able to get would be the July payment (speculation).

Most likely they will tell you that a refund needs to be initiated from the company and you need to wait, but if more than two weeks goes by, look into upgrading your issue to a fraudulent charge. They do not provide any kind of guidance for proper channels to request refunds, and give you an extra headache by providing horrible customer service. I’ve done the best I can to gather information and provide a comprehensive way to get your money refunded from Empower Network.
I dont care about the 7 dollars they said was charged to my account, but i just want them not to run my card at all. An additional incentive for the bank to grant a chargeback in this case is that competition between banks is pretty stiff those days and a lot of banks already went belly up. At the same time there are a lot who are just learning about it and getting sucked into their hyped marketing scheme of how you can make thousands per month.
I think it will depend on how much money you spent, but we can talk about it through email. With One More Cup of Coffee I hope to help other people learn online business and achieve their own goals.
Unfortunately, many people tend to do little or no research on this topic, which often causes them to pay more income tax than they really owe.
Most taxpayers tend to focus on the common and well know deductions, but there are several uncommon deductions you may qualify for. Be sure to keep receipts for your donated items as the IRS requires that you have written confirmation for all charitable donations.
You may need to meet special requirements for some deductions, so be sure to check and make sure you are eligible before claiming any of these items on your tax return. They can actually provide you with a refund in some cases even if you had no tax withholding from your income for the year. Generally, you should itemize your deductions if it results in a lower taxable income than if you claim the standard deduction.
Following the instructions for filing your tax return can help you to determine these limits. The IRS provides a wealth of information on its website, including complete instructions for filing your tax return with all the supporting schedules.
But that's the sweetheart deal a community college in Michigan has started dangling to try to increase its enrollment. Lansing Community College, the third largest community college in the state, has 30,000 students a year but is looking for more. The money-back guarantee is only open to a total of 61 students in Lansing's pilot program. This kind of transparency would allow prospective applicants to make more informed decisions instead of gambling their futures away. Last August, for example, a graduate of Monroe College in New York City sued the for-profit school for the $70,000 she spent on tuition because she felt the school didn't equip her with the vocational skills to land a job. The school will get to pick from qualified applicants, and may induce some people who never thought of themselves as college material to sign up for classes at Lansing. I rushed to get in there first and as soon as the page loaded I was gutted to find that someone beat me to it and was willing to buy it at asking price considering the seller posted the iPad the same day. So we exchanged personal messages and I asked to see a picture of the iPad before paying; she had a bit of trouble getting the picture from her SD card but eventually emailed it to me.
The next day I didn’t hear back from her which was a bit alarming, but I went through her feedback and saw that she was a bit lazy updating progress on other deals such as a laptop she sold (which was eventually received). I took that as a good sign at the time though so I asked the seller to reply to my personal message via the latest thread she posted. This was a Photobucket account which was used to host the photos, she had posted a photo of her repair receipt for her Nokia phone she had up for sale. I did this around 5-6 times (annoying for the other person I know) but eventually got an email from the lady. She also weirdly asked what bank I was with but I ignored this as this information was not needed in order to receive a payment. So I emailed again giving her a deadline, I told her that if she wouldn’t refund my money by the end of the day then I would go to the police and see my solicitor to escalate this case. It may also be good to consider what payment method is being used – usually PayPal can protect you from scams unless of course you send a gift payment; other methods such as bank transfer, Money-Gram, Western Union can be risky!
This ensures you are happy with the item and it is described accurately before having to actually make payment. They may ask you to pay via Western Union or another method where you aren’t covered. If you get no reply you can look at the seller’s previous feedback to confirm the previous transactions were legit or not and just trying to contact the seller in various other ways. This includes messages to the seller that were ignored as this proves you have been trying to contact the seller after the payment has been made. If you do find them on Facebook this is a good sign, but try and sniff around without contacting the seller directly. If the seller doesn’t decide to play nice you can let them know you will be going to the police and your solicitor in regards to the transaction. As this would become a wild goose chase for the police and they wouldn’t really do much from my previous experiences anyway. Just leave your rant on Payback Time as to why you should get your money back, list the dollar amount you want reimbursed (I'd throw in the cost of popcorn and drinks, but hey, that's just me), then just sit back and leave it to the Facebook community to vote and decide who should get their cash back. Some parts of stories do not have links because they were private conversations, or blog posts that have since been deleted.
He also mentioned that he had to cancel three separate parts of his account with three separate tickets. You will probably get no response, so it is best to also call your bank and block these charges to be safe. Though details were not give regarding exactly what was said to the BBB, it seemed relatively easy to have them contact EN and request a refund. Disputing a charge may cause your credit card to be frozen because of possible fraud (ie someone stole your card) or have other negative affects on your account. If you have invested less than $100 dollars, in my opinion, it’s best to move on and cut your losses. Banks therefore understand that it is better to satisfy the client by granting a chargeback if the client provided evidence of questionable behavior from the merchant. Also the credit card processors will refuse to do business with them when they see the risk of chargebacks, seriously crippling their ability to scam people.

The comments from Empower Network people speak volumes about the type of attitude that gets perpetuated in that community.
To help you avoid making such a mistake, this article will touch on some of the ways you get the most out of your tax return. But 2014 is the last year in which you can take a distribution from your traditional IRA and exclude it from taxation if you donate it directly to charity. And if preparing your return becomes too complicated, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Beginning in May, people who take six-week courses in certain subjects will be guaranteed a job within a year — or else they'll be refunded their tuition money. The new money-back guarantee will apply to the four most in-demand technical jobs in the area: call-center specialists, pharmacy technicians, quality inspectors and computer machinists. And the applicants are expected to be elite and competitive, says Ellen Jones, the college's director of public affairs.
GPA, courseload, etc.) of the program are strict in order to ensure that students who qualify for the money back guarantee are eligible for a job.
It eventually turned out that the seller was unable to do so and so the initial buyer stepped out of the deal! It looked legit as she had great feedback on there previously selling Blu-Rays and DVDs and the iPad was pictured on the same surface as another item she sold.
So I sent her a message on the website and emailed her asking if she had posted the iPad yet and no reply over the weekend.
Straight away I received a reply from the seller apologising and claiming she would send the iPad the same day and send me tracking details in the evening. I did further sniffing around on her Facebook and managed to find out where she worked – another great accomplishment if everything went horribly wrong. It also turned out that the seller tried selling what appeared to be the Nokia phone she had already sold on eBay well so her feedback pointed out.
However after a full week I decided enough was enough and I called her home telephone number. Keep in mind though this would only work with people with hardly any feedback and your account should of course have a lot of feedback to back up you will actually pay once received. You should also consider any custom charges that may be incurred on arrival which might make your great deal not so great after all. There might be a reason why you haven’t received your item yet, such as the item being lost in the post (these things do happen), seller being unwell or just pure laziness.
It would be a good idea to tell them that you have their address, contact details and other evidence (this might even work if you don’t it is worth a try).
If you win over the community with your sob story, you can then cash in your winnings on Fandango and see whatever movie you want — for free! Here are some ways to get out of Empower Network and get your money (at least some of it) back. These were 1) enrollment in the affiliate program, 2) blog subscription & payment, and 3) ewallet subscription and payment. I have disputed charges before with no problems, but cards, banks, and policies vary widely.
I am not associated with EN in any way and do not receive any compensation for writing about them. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. If serious amount of scams of this type gets attacked by significant amount of people, it may even happen that the government officials will start to keep a strict eye on companies to try to pull off a MLM pyramid scam like this in the future. If not, it’s my personal opinion to cut your losses (about $50, including your 1st month of the blog) and move on.
For example, if you file a joint return with your spouse and you itemize your deductions, your spouse must do so as well. This may seem expensive, but it will be money well spent if that professional gets you a larger refund or prevents your return from being selected for auditing by the IRS. So I emailed her repeatedly every day hoping I would get an update on the situation; checked the website for any activity but once again no luck.
This lead to more sniffing on eBay and PayPal which confirmed she had a verified account (meaning her location was proven). No one picked up the first time nor the second time so I then decided to call again in the evening. So I went to the Hot UK Deals website and found that she sent me a personal message telling me she can’t sell the iPad no longer and would give me a refund and some money back for the trouble caused.
Anyway first she claimed she was going to make 2 part payments as her bank account acts weird sometimes. It is always good to use your own initiative to realise when things don’t sound quite right.
If you used eBay you are able to get the sellers contact number by requesting it on the eBay website! In the meantime you will be thinking about it, writing emails, checking bank statements, maybe making phone calls, and definitely checking other blogs to see if someone has a better method. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE! They have to go through employability skill training and attend job fairs, and after they complete one of the six-week training courses, they must prove that they're actively applying for jobs.
I found this awkward and told her to make one whole payment for the full amount which she eventually agreed to. Just goes to show how applying the right amount of pressure and not going overboard can do wonders. For example when I was told that my refund would be made in 2 payments as the bank has trouble, that got my alarm ringing and so I told her I wanted a full payment in one go. A complete waste of money that could have been used towards other things even at retail price would be better than nothing at this point!

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