There are literally thousands of sites claiming to be "free Roblox generators" that come up when you search for Robux on any search engine.
If it were really that easy to get free Robux, would there really have to be thousands of sites with different "hacks"? All of these sites are malicious in one way or another and they should be avoided at all costs.
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But what's not great is how many "free Robux generators" there are floating around the internet. And let's not get into The Builder's Club, which requires Robux to get into and is required if you want to sell your own stuff in-game. Roblox hasn't been around since 2006 because people were able to hack it and get free money -- if it were that easy, do you not think everyone would be doing it? With this trap door you can control who gets into your base, and who gets sent to the lava pit.

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