Knowing how to get inspired to write quickly will help you rediscover your creative spark when you feel stuck.
Here, within the space of 5 minutes, something you can use is found: A character motivation, for example, can emerge out of just five minutes of free writing.
A recent or older news article can inspire an entire story, while an incomplete or ambiguous title can inspire you to complete the story in your own creative way. Find images that suggest scenes to you that will occur in your story (for example the child labour image group includes statistical graphs that could be useful for giving a more accurate description of your book’s setting). As you can see from these suggestions, image searches on a very broad topic can narrow down your general areas of interest to some very specific story ideas.
Daydreaming means letting your mind wander and picturing people, places and scenarios that you let come and go with minimum interference. You might find that scenes you start creating unfold in your mind’s eye and become more interesting simply by progressing  according to their own internal logic. Even if you can’t get inspired to write, you likely have desires for either yourself or society in general. Write down a list of things you either actually wish were otherwise or things that could only be true in a world of magic and suspended natural laws. Sometimes a word of advice from a fellow aspiring author opens whole new vistas for your writing.
This idea might sound obvious, but if you talk to people with intent (the intent to find a great story), inspiration will come. Although Morrow’s suggestion refers to writing blog posts, apply the same principle to finding inspiration for book writing.
This course will help you stay motivated to write so you can start and finish writing your novel. An online novel writing course that's tailor-made to get you to actually write that book you've been thinking about.

The approach above is more similar to brainstorming, but you can also use free writing to write narrative snatches of your novel.
You might decide to describe the scene where the staff is going through the tyrant’s headquarters removing mirrors. That’s why picture caption contests are popular, because they let us unfurl the many stories curled up tight as the leaves of a fern inside an image.
They’re also deeply symbolic and suggest to us courses of action or new ways of seeing things in a roundabout way, using the power of storytelling and creative association.
That’s a great way to find inspiration, and it can also remind you of common genre traits to keep in mind and perhaps subvert with your own unique twist.
We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. In addition to getting new ideas and being exposed to great writing styles, it puts you in the mood to write! Sometimes music works wonders and after listening to some grungy lyrics, you get inspired to write a super cool action-packed thriller!
If you force yourself to write about something you hate and you don’t enjoy it, chances are that your readers will sense the same. It could be a subject you want to write about in your book (such as, for example, the danger of vast political power). Want to be in control – a controlling streak, a sense of fear of losing control, the character is afraid of losing control because he grew up in a society where the government curtails the freedoms of the citizens extremely so he is stuck in that way of thinking. They give the fact the heroic individual raised millions for his school district but not the series of small, human events that led up to this moment.
You might not remember dreams often, or you might not find story ideas in your dreams, but daydreaming can provide a similar source of inspiration.
Morrow describes how he asked his readers to tell him their frustrations and how he learned abundantly from the over 300 comments that resulted.

You may want to listen while you write, while others prefer to listen before words even hit the page. Once you’ve found that great idea and you’re truly inspired, you’ll have fun with your writing.
He has passed a law that no other political organization can stand against him, his face has grown set and ugly, mask-like. Very little is given about his backstory, about the community’s struggles and hopes, about the small details of life that would give his story greater emotional power. Sometimes a song can help when creating a main character while at other times it can create an idea for a new story.
Instead of dreading the process you’ll actually look forward to it because, well, you love it.
Take note of how they interact with others and consider these attributes for a developing character in your story. You can try to write a continuous piece of narrative about power or you can just let free associations and disconnected words focused on this idea spring to mind. He ordered all the mirrors in the headquarters removed so he does not see this thing that he has no power over, the face that he can’t see at all times. A ton of young adult authors out there have published successful stories connected to their own lives.

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